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Industrial Design Vs. Design Thinking

Slide suggesting comparing industrial design and design thinking. Lets discuss.

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Industrial Design Vs. Design Thinking

  1. 1. Industrial Design ≠ Design Thinking Traditionally engage in late phases of product development (after R&D and strategic decision making) focused on the solution
 e.g product development, gestalt professionally trained (8.000h +) traditionally focused on expressing themselves visually, idea generation, product-user-testing high ambiguity tolerance,
 creative confidence, no process needs to engage with diverse experts, little formal team process, can work autonomous user, technology and/or meaning centered Ingo Rauth, 2017, Engaged early on to do user search and concepts development
 focus on problem framing and rough concept development learning by doing focus on user research, problem framing and idea development, idea- user-testing process as guideline and fallback 
 team play is a must, some specialize
 in facilitation 
 user-centered shared mindsets & language
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