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Education 402


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Education 402

  1. 1. Jyn A. Heli April, 2, 2017 Course: MAEM-1 Dr. Elmer Caimo Escala EDUCATION 402 (Semi-final Examination) School Management Information System Justify the value of: - Building a shared vision, reinforced by a common purpose for people to excel and learn. - Sustaining a competitive advantage through school people - Taking time to communicate desired objectives of the and the benefits expected - Understanding what development work is required and the assistance to help achieve their work objectives. - Undertaking training and personal development relevant to their professional practices - Reviewing effectiveness towards attainment of organizational and personal objectives. Provide specific example for each value with the output of engagement towards organizational excellence through people of the people, and by the people. ANSWER: - Building a shared vision, by strengthening ties and work force among workers for example in our school (Tayabas Western Academy) we are bound by our duties by administrative support that all individual has a great role to mobilize; professional learning community is adhered every month and we share common belief and wisdom. Excellence we mean that everyone. Commitment by all members of the school community to its caring ethos and academic traditions. - Sustaining competitive people; sustaining by effort and collaborative manifestation through initiative and by being sensible towards values formation. - Most managers know that training is essential for team success. But many don't take the time to understand team members' individual needs, even though it is the only way to ensure that their people have the skills and knowledge they need to perform well and meet their objectives. Likewise, undertaking training through related seminars and forum will yield good practices like what we do in sharing of information during PLC’s in TWA. Essentially, we require ourselves to be a team member and a manager so empathy develops. Reviewing team members' job descriptions; Meeting with them; Observing them at work; Gathering additional data; Analysing and preparing data; Determining action steps.
  2. 2. - Organizational effectiveness measures the big-picture performance of a business, across a broad range of criteria. Financial performance, long-term planning, internal structure, and adherence to core values may all be critical components in understanding organizational effectiveness which are embedded in our institution. To get a clear idea of an organization's effectiveness, it is important to create a clear list of criteria to assess. No two organizations will have the same list of criteria, which is why many for-profit and non-profit groups measure effectiveness through self-assessment. Employees and institutional personnel are often in the best position to intimately understand the needs, goals, and performance of the school.
  3. 3. Jyn A. Heli April, 2, 2017 Course: MAEM-1 Dr. Elmer Caimo Escala EDUCATION 400 – (Preliminary Examination) Management of School Finance The objectives of this course include the budgetary concerns of an institution by: - Controlling the development of the resources allocation system and ensuring its consistency with the institutional aims and objective; - Maintaining a sound system of accountability for the effective use of school resources by means of clear managerial structure, an incentive-driven resource allocation process and internal academic and financial audit offices; - Allocation resources in relation to both teaching and research needs and performance; - Diversifying sources of funds of other than public purse; and - Observing accounting processes to ensure that school activities are assessed and undertaken in full knowledge of courses. Come up with the financial system for enumerated objectives to put into practice and/or actualize the budgetary policy of the institution. The suggested policy herein is established: - First, by controlling the development of the resources and achieving objectives, the latter should focus on planning on pros and cons and ventures to be aimed; - Integrity and values is observed - Officers who have given special task are bounded with corporate attachment for liability; - Planning for resources on what should be given priority; - Improve the accuracy of your financial planning processes and achieve downstream visibility into investment performance - Shorten planning cycles to cut time and cost ; - Use analytics to keep investment plans and budgets on track; - Reporting to concerned teachers and staff.
  4. 4. Jyn A. Heli April, 2, 2017 Course: MAEM-1 Dr. Elmer Caimo Escala EDUCATION 400 (Mid-Term Examination) Management of school finance Financial information is needed to support the resources mobilization efforts of the school organization. Such information is useful for identifying the best resources of funds and effectively managing the school’s financial resources. Information needs relate mainly to the following operation: - Cash flow projection - Budget allocation and mobilization - Financial position of the school - Accounting and financial policies Being engaged in the school budget for efficient and effective use of school resources, share the best practices of your school in terms of the identified and specified information needs. ANSWER: The institution where I am currently employed used to delegate tasks as to the matter of finances in strict confidentiality; when it comes to cash flow projection the institution relate financial agreement through consensus of the group concerned i.e. during our 89th Foundation Day flow of cashes must go to our respective treasurers and in come our organizational adviser will approve necessary request slip in ours and in turn purchasing needed goods and receipts will turn over to our organizational auditor. Budget allocation and mobilization – in my case, it is thorough by administrative prerogative and as such they present to us the prospective needs as well as the concern of all stakeholders… our school really allocate resources to the least point but with expectation returns. Financial position of the school is in finest veracity meaning the accumulated funds where currently used in building infrastructure for our incoming senior high school, akin to the policy the position, to the position of my school is above average when it comes to stabilizing monetary funds since it is private institution stockholders are bounded such future projections of our school. As of the matter of accounting and financial policies, we teachers from Tayabas Western Academy have no direct participation in financial matters, since there is trusted and appointed financial secretary who is in charged in aforementioned tasks. He collects, administers receipts and receivables in every student, and we teachers are tasks to monitor our students’ compliance in that matter.
  5. 5. Jyn A. Heli April, 2, 2017 Course: MAEM-1 Dr. Elmer Caimo Escala EDUCATION 401 (Semi-Final Examinarion) (Current Trends, Issues, Concerns, Problems and Challenges in the Philippine Education) Collaboration is a crucial factor in the attainment of the institutional goal and objectives. As such teamwork on team building is the common trust in facing and handling the educational challenges. These are 5 M’s or concerns to be worked on in the school organization: Manpower (Human Resource Development)] Money (Financial Concern) Materials/Machines (Information Communication Technology) Method (Promotion Plan) Market (Students/Stakeholders Satisfaction on Education Service) Complete the information by filling up the given format. What to work on? Why do it? How to do it? MANPOWER Inevitable connection since the link between manpower and company projects is fairly simple: Manpower is proportional to productivity. The more people are available to work, the faster projects can be completed or the more projects a company can take on. Conversely, a lack of adequate manpower prevents businesses from completing tasks. The lack of productivity translates into a reduction in revenue and profit, which in some cases means the business can't stay operational. By initiating the plan and promoting the skills that we have to motivate the competency of employees and of course more training to keep track innovative techniques. MONEY Important capital that we enliven to, and by events and tasks being uplifted money involvement is a must, so consideration on the matter of financial system is a concern for everyone. Address the needs and plans to be budgeted according to the needs of agendas; financial concerns are administered by communication of the employees and administration; I will encourage the dissemination of work flow and its liabilities.
  6. 6. MATERIALS/MACHI NES Good relationship to school and employees start with a good resource so Depreciation and market value changes through time so proper decision platform should be done religiously by making it sort to the most used and least use. METHOD Promotion is a key element in putting across the benefits of your product or service to the customers. Well-designed marketing and promotional strategies ensure long- term success, bring in more customers and ensure profitability for businesses. By means of advertising the different school in Candelaria especially the primary levels since through that way the market industry of my school will elevate. MARKET It's widely known and touted that an unhappy client will tell far more people about their experience than a happy person is so satisfaction guarantees the success of such business Since I’m in a private school I will provide the suggestion box to establish rapport within workers and employers and see to it will materialize; voice of the people is an utmost concern for all.