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SlideShare Experts - 7 Experts Reveal Their Presentation Design Secrets



We held the largest ever Virtual SlideShare Summit a week back, if you missed it here's your chance to hear from the experts once more on some of the takeaways on presentation design and SlideShare Marketing

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SlideShare Experts - 7 Experts Reveal Their Presentation Design Secrets

  1. slideshare expertspresentation design secrets from 7 experts
  2. A COUPLE OF WEEKS BACK… we ran the Largest Virtual SlideShare Summit Ever
  3. Presentation Design & SlideShare We featured 7 World-Class Experts on
  4. live over 4 days Over 550attendees
  5. Here’s the top 7 lessons we heard FROM these experts…
  6. expert 1: EMILAND DE CUBBER @emilanddc
  7. “Know what your intention is in using SlideShare before you even begin. Do you want to find a job or get leads for your business?”
  8. Apply this: Decide on your goal and the action you want to reader to take
  9. Brand buildinglead generation collect emails on landing page share on social
  10. expert 2: ROSS SIMMONDS @thecoolestcool
  11. “Content may be King but Distribution is the Queen… and we all know who runs the house. Make sure you devote MORE time to get your content out there”
  12. Apply this: Have a distribution strategy AFTER building your deck
  13. Where are the 5 places that you’re going to share it? social email community blogs videos
  14. expert 3: SCOTT SCHWERTLY @scottschwertly
  15. “You need to have the hunger or desire to become a thought leader via your SlideShare platform”
  16. Apply this: Think of 5 topics you can cover over 5 presentations
  17. Reuse content from your blog that you know already works with your audience
  18. expert 4: YANCEY UNEQUIVOCALLY @empoweredpres
  19. “People share things that interest them, Not what interests you”
  20. Apply this: it doesn’t always need to be about work, sales, leads and money
  21. Find topics you are passionate about and people will connect with the real you
  22. expert 5: eugene cheng @high_spark
  23. “SlideShare is your gateway, not the end game.”
  24. Apply this: Guide your reader to the sale through your presentation
  25. Create a sales funnel, Implement an email auto-responder so you can sleep at night while it does the work
  26. expert 6: Barry Feldman @feldmancreative
  27. “You need to get in bed with your reader. By this I mean you need to know what keeps them up at night and position your offer as a solution”
  28. Apply this: Research your audience in detail on Quora or Reddit
  29. Learn your specific audience backwards and forwards so you can speak their language + =
  30. expert 7: kenny nguyen @bigfishkenny
  31. “Headlines and thumbnails are everything…that first slide is everything, that thumbnail you choose should be readable and have a catchy headline”
  32. Apply this: Spend extra time testing and creating an amazing cover
  33. Use a tool like Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer and optimise
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  37. want to see how i made this in 2 hours? watch the video