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UX/UI Designer &
Usability Specialist
Jennifer Garnett
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
For Children’s Sake of VA ( - 2012
Intake and Compliance Coordinator
• Maintained, created and modified user...
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Jennifer Garnett Resume: UI/UX Designer


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UI/UX Designer resume

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Jennifer Garnett Resume: UI/UX Designer

  1. 1. UX/UI Designer & Usability Specialist Jennifer Garnett Professional Skills Beginner Intermediate Advanced Photoshop Education Iowa State University ( Agnes Scott College ( BA in Psychology Work History Illustrator Balsamiq Axure Mac OSX Windows MS Office Apple iWork HTML CSS Unity 3D PHP Usability Testing Git IDEs Python Social Media Contact me: “Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.” -Dana Chisnell I am passionate about the way people use technology. I love to talk to the users of a product; to understand their desires and frustrations, and to use their insights to create simple, beautiful user interfaces that have a high degree of both desirability and usability. 571-329-3444 Portfolio: MS in Human Computer Interaction Areas of Interest: Usability, User Experience, User Interface Design GPA: 4.0 Member of: SIGCHI, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Courses: Spring 2013 • Computational Implementation and Prototyping in HCI • Design and Ethics • Seminar in Human Computer Interaction • Selected Studies in Graphic Design: Game Design Summer 2013 • Visual Design of HCI • User Interface Implementation for Web Applications Fall 2013 • Cognitive Psychology of Human Computer Interaction • UX Lab Studies: Eye-tracking and Other UX Tools • Special Topics: IxD and UX for Mobile Devices • Seminar in Human Computer Interaction Spring 2014 • Evaluating Digital Learning Environments • HCI Design, Implementation, and Implications • Systems Engineering & Project Management Omnigraffle AOL ( - Present UI/Web Design Intern • Understand and advocate for the optimal user experience, from broad concepts to minute details. • Plan, execute and analyze usability tests for proposed designs and make recommendations for design updates/changes based on feedback. • Produce sketches, wireframes and clickable prototypes for testing and illustration purposes. • Provide production-level support for any UI/design tweaks needed for development. • Make recommendations regarding new UI design layouts to support strategic brand initiatives. • Deliver optimized files according to developer specifications and requirements. • Work directly with product owners and other team members to assist in creation of Executive and Board update presentations. • Produce UX related requirements and translate these requirements into visual concepts. Areas of Interest: Cognitive Psychology Relevant Courses: • Graphic Design • Computer Programming • Cognitive Psychology • Research Statistics
  2. 2. For Children’s Sake of VA ( - 2012 Intake and Compliance Coordinator • Maintained, created and modified user-input forms in corporate Quickbase applications. • Communicated with users to understand needs and provided interface enhancements • Conducted usability surveys • Provided training for users on improved features • Collaborated with technical staff when user-desired changes were out of scope • Familiarized self and coworkers with governmental regulations and standards of care in order to maintain compliance UX/UI Designer & Usability Specialist Jennifer Garnett Work History Bows, Etc. ( - 2007 to 2011 Business Operations Manager Established and maintained e-commerce business, including: • Designed and produced both merchandise and marketing materials • Managed stock and placed orders with suppliers as required, maintaing detailed documentation and checklists regarding supply levels, vendor contact information, and ordering schedules • Handled all production, marketing, and financial responsibilities for the company to include: creating and editing company website, all client relations, and budgeting • Branded company, and designed and maintained website, keeping product descriptions current and accurate by editing HTML, stylesheets, as well as printed copy TraderOnline ( - 2003 to 2004 Manager, Fraud Service Bureau • Identified threats and strategically minimized risks to network security • Utilized our payment processor (ClearCommerce) platform to control risk management by analyzing statistics and developing site transaction and access algorithms • Enhanced team’s web tools and additional materials to ensure effective fraud prevention and detection • Created and maintained the “security center” website, which was used for customer education on ways to minimize their risk ( • Trained team on procedures for fraud prevention, use of software tools, and proper customer service etiquette • Managed up to 35 employees, managed vendor relationships, and established communication with industry groups to benchmark company performance and tactics Projects Mobile Application Design Design for Health and Well-being: Enabl•IT (2013) Used creative IT solutions alongside assistive technologies to produce an emotionally and socially appropriate tool which enables indepen- dent living for persons with cognitive disabilities and language barriers for the purpose of promoting independent living with regard to augmented communication. Specific focus included mobile application to assist persons with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Design for Social Inclusion: Play•IT (2013) Designed an educational experience that mediates social interactions between typical children and children with the developmental disabilities. Web Design & Implementation MyPantry (2013) Website concept, design, and branding. Site built “from scratch” using PHP, HTML, CSS and AJAX. Collaborative project. Concept: “It's often hard to stay organized in the midst of a busy household full of work and activities. Busy people are always looking for ways to make the whole process of menu planning, grocery shopping and organizing their pantries as quick and easy as possible. My Pantry is a tool to help make this as painless as possible. It is a place to easily organize and store grocery lists in such a manner that the task of weekly planning becomes nothing more than making a few quick updates instead of reinventing the wheel each time. My Pantry remembers what you bought last week and from which store so that you don’t have to. Game Design and Implementation Green Machine and A-PAC-Alypse (2013) Web-based games created using Unity 3D as part of a collaborative effort. Responsible for typography, GUI design, and sound effects. Seeds Game design concept document. This document describes the intended gameplay experience. The concept describes the core pillars of the game in relation to the player. Explains the player experience for the proposed design. Describes the game's features at the developer level. Portfolio: 571-329-3444 League management application which enables members to track and view reports on attendance, participation, and eligibility of players. League Assist (2014, In Development)