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4 theory audience pro-forma by jack 3

Unit 2

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4 theory audience pro-forma by jack 3

  1. 1. Theory- Audience Jack Morton
  2. 2. Audience Profile for Lego movie • Primary Audience – Both female and male aged 0-14 children • Secondary Audience – Both female and male aged 25-44 adults because the children will bring the adults to see it
  3. 3. Audience Profile for love actually • Primary Audience – Gender will be female because it’s a romance film. The age is 15-65+ because its on channel 4 and BBC around Christmas time and available for free • Secondary Audience – The gender will be male aged 25-65+ because the wife's will want their husbands to watch with them
  4. 4. Audience Profile for iron man 3 • Primary Audience – Gender male and age is 15-24 because it’s a action film • Secondary Audience – Gender female and age 15-24 because the boyfriends will drag their girlfriends to see it
  5. 5. Hypodermic Needle • Definition – Where an audience instantly believes and accepts what is told by the media • Example – Donald trump puts thoughts in peoples heads about building a wall
  6. 6. Uses and Gratifications Information Information • Trailer on TV or on YouTube – give you information on how its going to look • Researching on the internet about the video game – give you insight on how its going to turn out • To learn what the game is about – to see if its to your liking • Researching cheats on the internet – makes the game more fun for the player • Information on where to buy the game – to see if its close to you • Information on what category – this also give you information if the game is suited for you
  7. 7. Uses and Gratifications Personal Identity Personal identity • Improve game play – the game can be very hard and sometimes you need practice • Improve points – The game can be difficult and therefore you need to practice • Improve reaction time – The game can be different and sometimes players are better than you so you sometimes need to work on your skill • Customise your character to your likening – this gives the player a unique look • Gamer tag – this gives the player a unique name and can be noticed • Customise Weapon – to give the player a advantage over players • Customise Load out – to also give the player a edge on other players
  8. 8. Uses and Gratifications Integration and Social Interaction Integration and Social Interaction • Talking about the game – gives the excitement of when it does come out • Talking online – this means you can talk to people online and play together • Playing against each other – this is when players have fun and talk and have fun beating each other • Playing Co-op with each other – this gives more playability to the game and increases fun
  9. 9. Uses and Gratifications Entertainment Entertainment • Escapism – to escape from reality and not to worry about responsibilities • Relaxation – to make the player calm after a stressful day • Competition – to beat other players and be the best • Enjoyment – to have fun and chillout
  10. 10. Consumer Generated Content • Example – Parody of a film on YouTube • What are the advantages to media producers? – They will able to monetize the video and again money – They will also give the film free advertising – They will also get recognition and get sponsors • Why would the audience generate content? – They will feel apart of what's going on – To be able to relate to what the video talks about – To talk to the YouTuber in the comments to feel connected