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Maker Education Presentation LearnEAST 2014


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A brief look into maker education and one educator's journey to total classroom implementation. Presentation has been edited to remove identity of students.

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Maker Education Presentation LearnEAST 2014

  1. 1. the classroom Make Steam Jacob Lingley Bliss Carman Middle School @jmrlingley
  2. 2. Maker Education STEAM Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics
  3. 3. Maker Education Maker Education is an instructional philosophy that insights a change in how students interact with technology. Students become creators, rather than consumers. Through the creation of physical artifacts, students engage in authentic learning experiences that accesses their prior STEAM knowledge. Students become creators, not consumers.
  4. 4. Maker Education Project Based Learning CodingConstructivism DIY Constructionism Hacking Building Programming Logic Tinkering Entrepreneurship
  5. 5. Maker Education 1758 Education should “allow students to develop freely in nature.” Rousseau 1840 Kindergarten is a place where students are not to be in classrooms, but labs of play. Froebel 1976 Demanded that school officials integrate discovery learning programs. Piaget
  6. 6. Maker Education 1996 “Why should computers in school be confined to computing? Students need to produce some action!” Seymour Papert
  7. 7. Maker Education Students become creators, not consumers.
  8. 8. Make The Journey the classroom Steam From STEAM to Maker
  9. 9. Make the classroom Steam Memphis, TN Sylvia Martinez & Gary Stager (available on Geeky 3D Printer Love
  10. 10. MAKING a plan 1. Does the maker culture already exist at BCMS? ! ! ! 2. What level of maker BBT Art Music STEM technology do we need? ! ! ! 3. How will our teachers Maker Cart 3D Printers SHED integrate making into their curriculum?
  11. 11. Bliss Maker Cart
  12. 12. Tools Tools ordered from
  13. 13. Art Supplies the prettier the better Purchased Locally
  14. 14. Technology
  15. 15. Technology Maker Cart Technology littleBits MakeyMakey Makerbot Replicator 2 Super Awesome Sylvia’s Watercolor Bot
  16. 16. Make the classroom Steam Projects Peers Passion Play -MIT Media Lab Moto
  17. 17. 19. Momentum 20. Pride in Learning Cu rriculum Integration Pride in Learning
  18. 18. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Maker Day
  19. 19. Make the classroom Steam Free Not so Free cardboard old electronics Scratch / jr tinkercad 123D Design thingiverse Invent to Learn MakeyMakey littleBits Arduino Makerbot 3D Printer Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show! Make Magazine
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. MakeyMakey $55 Order in 2 days from:
  23. 23. Educators Discount! $100+ Larger Sets of 18 cost $279
  24. 24. $30+ Basically a Single Program Computer Available for Purchase through
  25. 25. $1500+ Initial cost = most expensive. Plastic ABS Filament costs $0.05/g
  26. 26. Make Let’s make the classroom Steam students creators, not consumers.
  27. 27. Make THANKS! the classroom Steam @jmrlingley