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How vice appeals to their audience


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How vice appeals to their audience

  1. 1. How Vice Magazine Appeal to their Audience. By Jonah Adshead.
  2. 2. Words, Colours and Fonts. Vice magazine have very different covers from issue to issue and they don’t follow any house style or theme at all. Apart from them all featuring the “Vice” logo in the top left hand corner they are completely different. The covers do however always feature interesting photography or illustrations that are often quite niche, reflecting Vice’s findings that their readers have strong trend setting attitudes and like to know about things before anyone else, and that 89% of readers agree the writing style is different from anywhere else. The covers don’t ever have a consistent colour scheme so doesn’t have a obvious gender target in this sense, but the front covers are often heavily sexualised images of women and this will attract the magazines 63% male audience.
  3. 3. Vice use a lot of images in their magazines and this offers a very visual reading experience with a large amount of pages being completely covered in one image. Vice have a large amount of readers that own digital cameras so this could suggest that they are interested in photography and so appreciate the large amount of photography in the magazine. The images can also help the reader get an idea of what the place or people the article is explaining look like and give them a better understanding of the story being reported. Words and articles are often placed over the images and this creates a interesting and different appearance to the magazine. This reflects the research findings that Vice readers like the different style the magazine has.
  4. 4. The magazine has a large amount of advertisement within it and this advertisement isn't hidden in small bars or columns it instead takes up pages at a time, 77% of readers state that they like this. This suits the demographic of vice magazine, who are “big time consumers” with 83% buying new clothing or accessories every month.
  5. 5. Vice magazine has a very varied and ever-changing visual style from issue to issue, they seem to be more content driven than visually driven, this is evidenced in the more consistent written style throughout the editions. They report on very underground and isolated news stories that you don’t really hear about anywhere else and use up and coming new writers who often have unique and different writing styles.