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Start up innovation culture


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How to build an innovation culture in the DNA of the start-up?

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Start up innovation culture

  1. Building it Right From Day One
  2. Start-up is Like Rafting
  3. You Need Everyone Firing on All Cylinders
  4. Every Turn Presents New Challenges
  5. Everyone Must Have Solution Mindset
  6. - One Lucky Idea - Market Timing - Infusion of Capital Outsider’s Perspective on Start-up Success
  7. Reality… Execution of Thousands of Little Ideas
  8. Every Idea Pushes the Product inch Closer to Success
  9. Successful Products are Collection of Ideas which When Executed Together Create Compelling Value for Customers
  10. Company Culture You’ll get one – whether you want it or not
  11. Didn’t Like the Culture I Got the First Time I was Determined to Do it Right Next Time Result = $1.2Billon Tony Hseih
  12. Every New Hire Influence’s Culture 10th Employee = 10% of Workforce
  13. Hire for the Right Mindset
  14. Build a Culture of Idea Hunters
  15. Infuse Innovation in the DNA From the Beginning
  16. Approaches to Internal Innovation
  17. Hackathons Best When the Problems and Outcomes are Known
  18. Dabble Time Best When Employees are Entrepreneurial and You can Afford Experimentation Time
  19. Kaizen Best When Every Enhancement Matters and Tight on Resources (a.k.a. Start-Up) (Continuous Improvement)
  20. No Idea is too Small Everything can be Improved Innovation is Everyone’s Job Relentless Focus on Value Creation Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
  21. Employees are the Best Source of Ideas
  22. Your Next Billion $$$ Feature You Never Know Which Employee Idea…
  23. “Let the Thousand Flowers Bloom” – Eric Schmidt (Google)
  24. Teach Employees to Spot, Nurture, and Develop Ideas
  25. Employees Often Have Ideas, but Don’t Know How to Channel Them
  26. A Well Designed Innovation Program Encourages More Ideas Ideas are Contagious
  27. M.A.S.T.E.R. Innovation Program
  28. 6-Step M.A.S.T.E.R. Innovation Program 1. Mobilize Toward a Mission 2. Amass Ideas in a Central Repository 3. Support and Educate Employees 4. Triage Ideas for Validity 5. Execute Valid Ideas 6. Recognize Employees for their Contributions
  29. Step 1 – Mobilize Toward a Mission • What is the Mission & Vision of the Program? • What Kind of Ideas You Are Looking for? • Which Business Aspects/Challenges to Focus? • How to Evaluate an Idea? • Who can Participate?
  30. Step 2 – Amass Ideas Easily Accessible System to Capture Ideas
  31. Step 3 – Support Employees Time to Experiment Seed Capital to Test Ideas Ongoing Encouragement
  32. Sep 4 – Triage and Refine Ideas •Idea Screening Team Validate and Refine •Executive TeamPrioritize •Implementation TeamImplement Build Teams to Triage Ideas and Encourage Participation
  33. Step 5 – Execute Ideas Develop Plans and Allocate Resources to Implement Ideas
  34. Step 6 – Recognize Employees Props Wall of Fame Gamification Mix of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards… Emphasize intrinsic rewards
  35. MASTER Bottom-up Innovation Program Methodology for Bringing Out the Innovator in Employees
  36. Engaged Employees Happier Customers Superior Products Operational Efficiencies Top Talent Magnet Results Bottom Line Profits
  37. Powered by Employee Ideas…
  38. A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Bottom-up Innovation Program Read The Bright Idea Box to Learn More…
  39. Thank you! Jag Randhawa Author of THE BRIGHT IDEA BOX @Jag_Randhawa