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Component diagram and Deployment Diagram

A brief description of the component and deployment diagram

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Component diagram and Deployment Diagram

  1. 1. Component Diagram A Detail description on Component Diagram
  2. 2. Component Diagram  Called UML component diagram  Used to model physical aspect of any system  Specially forcuses on system componest  Used to model static implemention of any system 
  3. 3. How to DRAW ??  Take stock of everything needed to implement the planned system.  For example, In an e-commerce system,  Take components that describe products, orders, and customer accounts.  Create a visual for each of the components.  Describe the organization and relationships with components.
  4. 4. Elements  Components  Logical Unit Block of the system  In e-commerce system a component can be ordering system, customer or any logical block  Interface  It is the group of operation required by the component  Like “payment”,”order”  Dependencies  It is the relationship between modal elements  Port  Helps to expose the interface
  5. 5. Example
  6. 6. Deployement Diagram  Visualizes the physical hardware and software of a system.  Shows how the system will be physically deployed on the hardware. 
  7. 7. Notations  Nodes  A physical entity that executes one or more components, subsystems or executable.  A node could be a hardware or software element  Artifacts  Artifacts are concrete elements that are caused by a development process.  Examples → libraries, archives, configuration files, executable files etc.  Communication Association  This is represented by a solid line between two nodes.  It shows the path of communication between nodes.  Devices  A device is a node that is used to represent a physical computational resource in a system.  An example of a device is an application server. 
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. Thank You.