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Events Management Higher Education: Current issues in the U.K.


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Keynote given at the the 2nd International Planning and Creativity Competition, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China on the 18th December 2020

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Events Management Higher Education: Current issues in the U.K.

  1. 1. Dr James Kennell Business School Tourism Research Centre Events Management Higher Education: Current issues in the U.K.
  2. 2. Deputy Head of Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism 50+ publications –Events Management, Tourism Recent work: • Events and Memory Studies • Sustainable Events • Artificial Intelligence and Events
  3. 3. Events Management Higher Education in the UK Undergraduate (BA, BSc) - 387 courses offered by 105 HEIs (UCAS, 2020) Postgraduate (MA, MSc) – 51 courses offered by 26 HEIs University of Greenwich BA Events Management 2008- MA International Events Management 2010-
  4. 4. Higher Education Value Professionalisation Creativity and Technology
  5. 5. Rapid expansion and lots of skills gaps Higher Education in events expanded alongside this Still a belief in some parts of the industry that everything can be learnt ‘on the job’ Higher Education provides the industry with a workforce who know about strategy, leadership, marketing and much more Is this a generational issue? Or is it about curriculum design? What is the Value of Higher Education for Events? (Fullard, 2019)
  6. 6. Most events management degrees are taught in business schools Industry has huge needs for creative thinkers and creative practitioners Business schools are not very good at this Events management graduates miss out on jobs How do we teach about creativity and technology? (Jackson et al, 2016)
  7. 7. Event Management is an emerging profession It has specialist education, professional bodies, some social standing It lacks consistent and transferable qualifications and progression opportunities When there is a crisis (COVID-19) it can be ignored Are we developing professionals or a profession? (Bladen & Kennell, 2014)
  8. 8. Higher Education Value Professionalisation Creativity and Technology Explain the skills and experience of our students to industry – through events and public relations work Create partnerships between events management faculties and arts and technology faculties to develop new curricula Work alongside industry, as equal partners, to shape the development of a true ‘profession’
  9. 9. 谢谢
  10. 10. References Bladen, C., & Kennell, J. (2014). Educating the 21st century event management graduate: Pedagogy, practice, professionalism, and professionalization. Event Management, 18(1), 5- 14. Bladen, C., Kennell, J., Abson, E. & Wilde, N. (2017) Events Management: An Introduction 2nd ed. London: Routledge Fullard, M. (2019) Event Management Courses: A Degree of Certainty. Conference News. Available from: degree-certainty Jackson, C., Morgan, J., & Laws, C. (2018). Creativity in events: the untold story. International Journal of Event and Festival Management. 9 (1): 2-19