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Video Measurement & The Business Value of a View - Social Media Minute


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Social media video analytics: Jan Rezab​ explains how marketers can take advantage of video measurement by monitoring this KPI in the right way.

Hi, I'm Jan Rezab, and this is Social Media Minute.We've been making these one to two-minute clips for last few weeks now and we've realized there's actually no such tool that would measure all the video views as we upload it to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube...And there's nothing that could probably measure views,but most importantly in actually video measurement,most people consider the top line views as views.But those are actually 3-second views.So, if you really want to monitor in the space of social media you can't just look at top line 3-second view, you have to look at the bottom and understand what's going on.Are 5% of people watching it through? Are 20% of people watching it through.Where is your call to action?And every single marketer in the world needs to monitor views only like that.Do not measure views the wrong way any more!There are 3-second views and there are 95% views.There are even 10-second views that might be worth something.Definitely more than the 3-second views.So, marketers, measure views correctly.We're happy to help, but measure views correctly.

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