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Zarafa Tour 2014: "Where Zarafa can make a difference"


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Presentation about where I think Zarafa can and should make a difference in developping its platform into a complete open, html5, security-oriented ecosystem and platform.

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Zarafa Tour 2014: "Where Zarafa can make a difference"

  1. 1. Where Zarafa can make a dif ference. Zarafa Tour 2014 De Dyck, 18th of september 2014 Jan Guldentops ( ) BA N.V. ( )
  2. 2. Who am i ? ● Historian by education, ICT consultant & researcher by vocation, security guy by accident. ● I owe my career and a lot of the fun in my life to open source ● Linux user for 20 years ( damm I am getting old ) ● Open source is the best way to build own and maintain software! ● Yes I am open source fundamentalist ! ( after hours ) ● Founder of Better Access / BA ● Team of consultants that make a living doing mostly open source projects.
  3. 3. “Zarafa provides open source email and calendar groupware software, Zarafa is the nr 1 MS Exchange replacement with outlook&mobile compatibility.” (Google search)
  4. 4. Zarafa ● Stable, reliable, affordable product ● Great alternative for Exchange ● Nice extra possibilities – Mobile – Webapp – Integration – Etc. ● Reliability
  5. 5. But is this enough ? ● Messaging, calendering and groupware are becoming commodity ● Very difficult to make a difference ● Competing with allmost free out-of-the box SAAS software ● Competition doesn't always play fair ● Easy to convince the techies, no ammunition to convince the people that pay the bills ( CEO / CFO)
  6. 6. Learn from the evil geniuses Source:
  7. 7. Microsoft Lync
  8. 8. How to warn customers against Of fice 365 ● Nomen est omen ● Office 365 so what happens in a leap year ? ● You are locked in completely ● Typical crappy Microsoft issues ● You can't seamlessly upgrade from small business to Enterprise -> Full migration ● Privacy issue
  9. 9. Apple ● Steve Jobs = the ultimate evil genius ● Sells you hardware 20% too expensive but in a cool package ● Lures you into its closed up ecosystem – Apple controls everything you do on the device – You pay 30% sales tax to Apple ● Created a legion of Apple Fan boys and girls that will buy anything they come up with
  10. 10. HTML 5 ● New client-side Lingua Franca for the internet ● HTML5 fullfills the promises Java made 15 years ago. ● Finally an alternative for Outlook ! ● Crossplatform also to mobile platforms ● Masses of cool products being developped
  11. 11. Awingu
  12. 12. s
  13. 13. Use the webapp as the single gateway to a users applications ● Communications ● Add presence, videoconfering, SIP, Chat ● e.g. Spreed ● Integrate with all kind of other Webbased applications ● Alfresco ● CRM-systems ● Etc. Etc.
  14. 14. Create an (open)ecosystem Framework Sales ZARAFA Appstore DEVELOPPER CUSTOMER Quality Control Invoicing
  15. 15. Freedom / Selfdetermination ● Give the enduser back their freedom ● To use software anyway they see fit ● To regain control, ownership over their own data ● To regain their privacy
  16. 16. Thank You Contact us Twitter: JanGuldentops / Twitter: batweets 016/29.80.45 016/29.80.46 Remy Toren Vaartdijk 3/501 B-3018 Wijgmaal