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Indian mirror magazine


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Indian Mirror Magazine gives you India's latest news on Fashion, Bollywood, sports news and updates on Business news. Best Indian Magazine in Australia

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Indian mirror magazine

  1. 1. IVA Collection TANISHQ Page : 16 by June 2013
  2. 2. contents3. Get To Be Extensively Enchanting Beauty 4. Succeeding In The 1st Job Student 9. Why Fashion Is The New Boyfriend Relationship 10. The Enormous Fashion Trend of The Year2013 Fashion 14. Iva Collection by tanishq 16. Shed Weight Out, Without Work Out Women 21. Purchasing Affordable Ticket 22. Mumbai City Of Dream Travel 26. Highest Paid Player In Ipl Sports 27. Australian Immigration Changes Immigration News 30. Tax Saving Tips Business 34. Top 10 Unsurpassed Gadgets Gadgets 36. Recipes From Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen Recipes ”IMMELBOURNE”!!I am delighted to welcome you to the launch of a new and fresh issue of our Magazine “Indian Mirror” in Australia. It gives me immense pleasure to provide you with numerous interesting articles that I am sure will be of great use to you and you will find them really informative. I would like to emphasize the compelling reasons for the launch of this particular magazine in this wonderful era of lifestyle and fashion. Also, let me add on an ingredient to the moment of your delight by telling you that our addition is provided to all of its reader as a token of our gratitude, we are enormously thankful to you for making us a part of your world! We have provided this edition absolutely non commercial to ensure that we all can celebrate the launch of this magazine with equal glory!! Giving a brief about this magazine, it encompasses different sections for the entertainment of our readers, apart from the amusement bit; there are numerous articles which you will find knowledge enhancing on various subjects. We as a team value your feedback and it means a lot to us, hence we provide all of our readers to write to us in case they possess any strong or minute feedback for our magazine or any of its sections. I as an editor-in-chief would like to thank all of our readers, and hope that our initiative will be long and everlasting. Kuldeep Singh EDITOR IN CHIEF EDITOR IN CHIEF Kuldeep Singh MANAGING EDITOR Sunita CONTENT WRITER Tina Sharma ART DIRECTION & GRAPHIC DESIGN MANOJ K. CHAUHAN CONTRIBUTOR Sabah Hadi, Sanjay, Nav Bajaj, Simran Kaur Gill & Tanishq (Tata Product) MANAGED & OWNED BY Motion Media Group Pvt. Ltd CONTACT US E-mail : CONTACT FOR ADVERTISEMENT TO SALES TEAM E-mail : DISCLAIMER All materials and articles are conceptualized by Motion Media Group Pvt Ltd, It does not guarantee the Authenticity or take any responsibility of (in any way) the material in any advertisement, article or stories . Indian Mirror Australia is only responsible for sales and distribution in Australia. Editor’sNote
  3. 3. These days almost every second person despite of his or her gender is very conscious about appearances, being in a relationship is not only about feeling that compassion for each other but also, looking great or alluring or glamorous the statement, “It isn’t about looks” has now been replaced by “ Looks are equally essential. “So, ruminating, what to do to stay updated with the trend and making yourself look simply stunning? Well, there are no rocket signs about it, in fact it is very simple, take care of the following steps and you will succeed in giving yourself a completely different yet pleasant look, attractive, is the keyword for being glamorous. All you have to do is, make yourself look really eye catching and attractive, be a reason for turning heads of the crowd and not someone being not noticed. Managing Your Hair Hair play a very vital role when it comes to the grooming bit, the more your hair are untidy and tangled, the hideous your appearance will be to others, so, make sure that your hair are nicely done before you are going out for an event, party or a date. Apart from being nicely tangled, make sure that your hair look shiny and glossy, this would enhance the beauty of your hair and will make them look gorgeous. Flawless Skin Your skin should be flawless in order to look attractive, now you might think what is flawless; a skin without pimples, acne, scars or bruises is known to be flawless. So, you must make sure that if you possess any of these problems, then consider a dermatologist and get rid of them in order to make your face look really attractive. Highlighting the Eyes Eyes are known to be the most sensitive organ of the body, also, it is considered a medium through which can look deeper into your soul. Hence, it is very important to highlight your eyes when you start with a makeup. Ensure that you choose nice eye shadows and a proficient eye liner in order to make your eyes look really attractive. Choosing The Right Accessories Well, if you cannot afford to spend much on the clothes then ensure that you choose appropriate accessories that should enhance the beauty of your attire. You don’t necessarily have to purchase expensive jewelry, but it has to match with the kind of attire you get into. Coordination Before leaving for a particular event or a date, make sure that you check that everything is in place, crosscheck even the tiniest bit of everything and ensure that all is good and being aligned with each other proficiently. Show off Your Qualities This is the easiest thing one can do in order to impress anybody, show what you truly are, beware of your innate qualities and show them off in front of others with a lot of confidence and grace. This too, adds on to your glamorous look as body language is equally important as appearance. “Being Glamorous is a dream, but looking Glamorous is something that isn’t impossible.” GET TO BE Extensively Enchanting 5 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  4. 4. The first move in your career is very important, you can no doubt change your domain of expertise or career preference, however, the point is that no matter whatever you are indulging into; ensure that you give your best. School or College era is always cherished by most of the people because out innate capabilities are given a chance during that period, to nourish, to flourish so that when we step into the real world, it does not become difficult for us as we know what we would like to accomplish. After College, the real life begins when one step into the world of employment, or you can stay starts working. During the first few months, it looks like a difficult strife to get the perfect job, but one it is in your hands and you get on with it, it is then you start hearing the music, coming across various challenges, overcoming them, sometimes getting stuck up in them. Here are few tips that can always keep you going in your first job, and will let you overcome the initial blocks of your career: Understand the work culture and the expectations of your superiors: You being new to the corporate world, will have a lot of things going in your head related to your role, however, if you really want to succeed here, then it is better to become a fresh student and unlearn everything, make your mind absolutely blank and grasp as much as you can from your seniors. Get to know about their expectations, share your views but in a polite man- ner and together come to a healthy conclusion which should be beneficiary for both. Hard work: Working hard always lets your senior get to see the positive side of yours and hence they make a positive impression in their minds about you. So, make sure that even if you have to stay a little late to make your boss feel that you are really interested in your job then go for it. Frequent Updates: It’s good to keep giving updates to your boss on a regular basis, this will make him feel that you are really tak- ing interest in your job, again will show up as a positive sign for you. Offer a helping hand: Offering a hand to help others always makes you cre- ate a good rapport with your fellow colleagues, not only this; it is also con- sidered as that you are a great team player. Once you prove yourself as a great team player it then will become easier for you to expect a promotion. Indulge with only positive people: At work, you will get to meet all type of people, some will possess, positive attitude towards life and work, these are the people to be with rather than being with slackers, who always are interested in finding flaws either in the company or in the management. So, if you really wish to grow in life, then being with positive people will always prove out to be your biggest strength. 6 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  5. 5. by Nav Bajaj I believe that having friendships is an important aspect of a teens growing years. Having friends is not as important as choosing friendships wisely. It requires making good judgement, being perceptive and choosing judiciously. Building good and healthy friendships requires effort, commitment and honesty. A healthy friendship will constantly be stretching, growing and expanding. IF YOU RUN WITH THE TURKEYS, YOU WILL NOT SOAR WITH THE EAGLES. The development of a true friendship is a great feeling.There are some friendships that start well but don’t last for long and there are some that seem to withstand everything that comes and end up lasting a long time.True friends won’t bring you down or do things to get you into trouble.The friends who will stick with you through good times and bad times are true friends.A wise friendship is characterized as a relationship between two people and is based on admiration, respect, positivity, courtesy, openness, empathy and support. Just as it is important to make effective decisions about other aspects of your life, such as your diet, fitness levels, tv programs, subjects and many more, it is equally important to make wise decisions with whom you have friendships with.What does a good friendship mean to you? How do you differentiate and decide on whom to further friendships with? There are many ancient spiritual teachings that educate us to choose our company, for it with will define who we become.We are characterized by the company we keep. Bad company potentially corrupts good habits and values.Therefore the company we keep both reflects and shapes the kind of people we become. Despite what we may think of ourselves, we are influenced by the environment we live in and the people we associate with. So if you want to be more hardworking and studious, choose a friend who is hardworking and studious.There is a common saying;“If you run with the turkeys, you will not soar with the eagles.”Therefore, make wise choices starting today! 1Choose friends who share or reflect similar values with you including positive family values. Friends mirror each other.Therefore choose friends who do not have destructive habits. 2Avoid peer pressure. Good judgement takes place in a stress-free mental space. 3Be determined to be your own person and choose friends that respect you for that. 4Find friends with some similar interests. It would be helpful if you had some things in common. Do also choose friends with diverse positive qualities that will lead you to positive growth, who will help you to discover new ways of doing things and help you to overcome challenges in a constructive manner. 5Recognize the differences in healthy and unhealthy friends and decide which friends you want to stay connected with. 6Define and know what you want in a friend. Seek out those qualities.You will appreciate these friendships when you are clear about the important aspects that provide the pillars for a wise friendship. HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN CHOOSING YOUR FRIENDSHIPS. 7 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  6. 6. 8 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013 Bollywood MysteriousandUnknown Factsof D adasaheb Phalke found his heroine - a man called Anna Salunke - at a canteen in Bombay by noticing his hands. Anna Salunke played Queen Taramati in‘Raja Harishchandra’and went on to play several female characters in other talkies. A fter fallout with Ashok Kumar, Devika Rani went on to discover a young pathan named Yusuf Khan and of- fered him‘Jwar Bhata’under the Bombay Talkies banner. Jahangir-Vasudev-and Dilip Kumar-three screen names were offered and Dilip Kumar is what Yusuf chose. A shok Kumar was a lab assistant in Bombay Talkies before he became an actor in 1936. Before becoming an actor, Sunil Dutt was an RJ for Radio Ceylon and dreamt of interviewing his favourite actress Nargis. The interview was arranged but seeing Nargis for the first time in person, Dutt fumbled and could not utter a word in front of her and the interview was can- celled. Eventually, the two fell in love while working together in‘Mother India’and got married. A ctor Dhamendra started his career in films in 1960 in the film‘Dil Bhi Tera, Hum Bhi Tere’. He got paid Rs 51 for the film and a daily breakfast of tea, two toasts and butter. Strictly no jam! D id you know actor Jeetendra started his career as a body double- that too for actress Sandhya in the film‘Navrang’? F rom Slumdog to a Millionaire Bollywood’s evergreen hero and actor of US series 24, Anil Kapoor once lived in Raj Kapoor’s garage when his family and he first came to Mumbai. Anil Kapoor was born in a chawl in Tilar Nagar, Mumbai into a Punjabi family. His father was film producer Surinder Kapoor. Prithviraj Kapoor (Raj Kapoor’s father) and Surinder Kapoor are family friends. Later, the family shifted to a room in one of Mumbai’s middle-class suburbs.Recently, the actor bought a house in Central London, which has cost him around £3 million (above Rs 20 crores) approximately! 8 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  7. 7. T he Kapoor Brothers are a very interesting pact. Here’s why: Most of them used their other names in films instead of their real names. For example- Raj Kapoor’s real name was Ranbir (now his grandson’s name). Raj was the middle name of all the Kapoor brothers. Shammi’s real name was Sham- sher and Shashi was really Balbir Raj. Moreover, Rishi Kapoor or Chintu has worked with 20 actresses who played their debuts with him. A mitabh Bachchan is so punctual that many a times he used to open the gates of Filmistan Stu- dios himself for he used to reach the place before the watchman or gatekeeper. Fans of Amitabh Bachchan built him a temple in Calcutta. The temple has his movies and a lot of info abt him. F irst Color Film Made in India The trend of colour films began very late in India. Kisan Kanya was a 1937 Hindi feature film which was directed by Moti B. Gidvani and produced by Ardeshir Irani of Imperial Pictures. It is largely remembered by the Indian public on ac- count of it being India’s first indigenously made colour film. The storyline of the film featured an exploitative landlord and a good peasant Ramu who is accused of murdering the landlord. The film had 10 songs, which were released by Gramo- phone Records. R ockstar is an Indian musical romantic drama film released in 2011, directed by Imtiaz Ali, starring Ranbir Kapoor and debutant Nargis Fakhri, with music composed by AR Rahman. Rockstar was shot in reverse order because the director didn’t want to spoil the originality of the real hairstyle of Ranbir Kapoor. I n the film‘Heroine’Kareena Kapoor wore over 130 different dresses provided from top designers from all over the world. It has been reported that Kareena’s wardrobe for the film was one of the most expen- sive out of all the Bollywood movies ever created. 9 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  8. 8. As we all know vedic astrology has 12 zodiac signs. On the basis of birth time people get their zodiac sign, which influences their life and nature. Astrologers say that zodiac signs are so effective in making our life, that even what profession is suitable for a native also depends upon the person’s birth sign. SUITABLE STREAMS OF PROFESSION FOR ARIES Mars is the lord of aries. If a native’s kundli has aries sign in its 10th house then he or she gets success in courageous and difficult tasks. Natives of this arrangement in their birth kundli find a profitable and successful profession in defence, police, mining, civil service, politics and medical science. Journalism may also be a favourable occupation for aries natives. TAURUS Venus is the significator of this sign. If the 10th house of a native’s kundli has taurus then he may find a profitable occupation in music and other art forms, beauty, media, advertising, banking and electronics. Commerce and business are also favourable options for the natives born in taurus sign. GEMINI Mercury is the lord of gemini. Astrology says that natives who have gemini in the 10th house of their kundli should take media as a profession. Gemini excels in education, literature, translating jobs, advertising and writing. They are also good in engineering. These people succeed in life by becoming editors or novelists. CANCER The lord of cancer is moon. According to astrology the placement of cancer in the 10th house of native’s kundli is excellent for the medical science profession. The cancer natives may prosper in life if they take occupations like hotel business, bakery, animal husbandry and tea or coffee business. LEO Sun is the lord of leo. According to indian astrological system if leo is in the 10th house of a native’s kundi, then he or she should take up administrative occupations. Share market, jewellery and medicine related business will be profitable to them. Another favourable occupation is production of films. VIRGO Mercury is the significator of virgo. If virgo is stationed in the 10th house of the kundli of a native then he can be an accountant, psychiatrist, clerk, doctor, pilot, editor and writer. Postal service can also be a favourable pursuit. Astrology says that pen, pencil and paper shop is another profitable business for the natives of virgo. LIBRA Acting, law, singing, photography, fashion designing and hotel business are some of the profitable occupations for the people born in libra sign. Astrologers say that furniture business, tailoring may also prove favourable to the people who have libra in the 10th house of their kundli. Venus is the lord of libra. SCORPIO Mars is the significator of this sign. As the 10th house of the kundli is the income house, astrologers say that if scorpio is situated in the 10th house of a person’s kundli then army, defence, railways, telecommunication, navy, insurance sector and medical science are favourable professions for him or her. They excel in mechanical and machinery related occupations. SAGITTARIUS If a native’s kundli has 9 written on the 10th house then it means that sagittarius is on the house. Jupiter is the lord of this sign. If the native is fond of sports and games then sporting career is the best option. Law, education, i.E. Teaching and preaching profession are apt for the natives of this sign. Astrology says that sagittarius natives may find an excellent profession in academic fields. CAPRICORN Saturn is the lord of capricorn. If capricorn then the native stations the 10th house of a kundli may find a profitable source of income in agriculture department, mineral, wooden furniture and iron equipment business. AQUARIUS Saturn is the lord of aquarius. Placement of aquarius in the house of income i.E. The 10th house of a kundli makes its natives suitable for technical and mechanical jobs. They can be good advisors, engineers, doctors, and astrologers. PISCES Number 12 in the 10th house of a native’s kundli means placement of pisces. Jupiter is the lord of this sign. Favorable occupations of the natives of pisces are editor, doctor, and religious teacher. Film and entertainment related works are also good. They may also become good detectives. 10 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  9. 9. 1 Fashion will never leave you if you gain weight. Where your boyfriend might run a mile at the slight glimpse of an extra roll, fashion can adjust to those changes when he can’t. 2 You can always find an outfit or accessory that will make you feel gorgeous. Lets face it men can get quite complacent when it comes to making you feel good and nothing can make you feel quite so gorgeous as that LBD. 3 An outfit will not get jealous if you choose another one! So you decide to go for the pencil skirt rather than the maxi- big deal! Though it has quite the opposite effect when you choose your boyfriends best mate over him.. 4 If you grow bored of a pair of shoes, you can upgrade and its safe to say that its quite another story when it comes to ditching your man for a newer, younger and more attractive model.. 5 Fashion can keep you entertained for hours on end. We have all these magazines, articles, and websites and programmes dedicated and aimed at those fashionistas of the globe. Whilst you can sit and watch Gok at work for almost hours, watching a game of football with the boyfriend doesn’t have the same effect. 6 You don’t have to be the prettiest girl n the shop to have the prettiest arm andy! We all know dating can be a brutal game that prides itself on the motto, ‘every woman for herself’. No wonder that we women can find solitude in shopping. You can walk into a shop and choose the most beautiful handbag- job done. With a man it isn’t quite as simple. “An outfit will not get jealous if you choose another one!” 11 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  10. 10. The trends in fashion keeps changing as per seasons, there are people who are known to be Fashion Bugs, cause they are always keen to know and stay updated on the fashion trends in each respective season. The year 2013 is going through a major shift in the trends of Fashion in Australia. Let’s have a look at what people prefer to wear in order to enhance their beauty and match up to the latest era of Fashion this year. Using both the shades together black and white: Yes, you got to believe this, though this combination has been in the air for quite a long went out of the trend but now, has again come back again. Wearing white and black together will enhance your persona and will make you look gorgeous, no doubt about it. So go ahead and mix and match, fix up something for yourself that has both in picture. Wondering what people are running after and grabbing as their coolest attire, well there is a long list of that, some of which is mentioned below 12 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  11. 11. Chucking Out Blue Red Lip Shades Chuck the old red and blue shades and get trendy by acquiring the latest lip shades, orange or red, this is something that has replaced the old trend as they tend to be the cooler shades responsible for you to look hot. Blue Colored Eye Shadow Wow, just imagine how awesome it would like there on your eyes, especially in this winter season. It will enhance the beauty of your eyes and will make them look smoky. White Is Your Color Just in case you are not willing to mix white with black, then what you can consider as another option is wearing all white, don’t be surprised, it is going to look startling, put it on with the lip shades mentioned above and you will look gorgeous. Vintage Jewelry This is something incredible which is going on this year and has been chosen as one of the coolest trend of fashion this year, Vintage Jewelry, will give you a completely different look, do not avoid picking it up thinking that it looks old, no away this is very much in and desired by most of the people this year. Make Your Fabrics Shine Time to say good bye to dull colors and welcome the new shiny shades in your life. Go and pick up some shiny fabrics, yes, they are very much in and great for your persona. Get Flat Heels Along With Pointed Toes No need to wear big pencil heels now, it’s time say good bye to them, these days what many women are preferring and which in turn has been set up as a fashion trend is, flat heels with pointed toes, go ahead and grab some of them..!! 13 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  12. 12. When it comes to fashion, most of us look up to B-town beauties and hunks. Whatever they wear on-screen or off-screen instantly becomes the trend. They are the trendsetters not just in Bollywood but in the fashion world as well. Let’s take a look at these Bollywood trendsetters. TRENDSETTERSIN BOLLYWOOD 14 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  13. 13. Anything and everything that he wears instantly grab’s attention and it becomes the trend. From heart-shaped Dabangg glasses to Being Human T-shirts, Salman Khan keeps setting the trend every now and then. He is one actor whose fashion sense influences the most. Bhai ka jalwa hi kuch aisa hai! FANS NE BANA DIYA ROMANCE KA BAADSHAH! Shahrukh and romance, the combination is magical, synonymous with success. He is the undisputed Baadshah of romance. One can’t just ignore the passion and romance that Shah Rukh Khan is known for showering in his films! You just love being loved by this romance king. Don’t you agree? She has introduced Bollywood to the world of brands and vintage clothes. She is always dressed to perfection and carries herself with the confidence and attitude of a young princess. When she entered Bollywood industry, she faced a lot of flak for her fashion sense. But, today she is the trendsetter in Bollywood. Her over-sized glasses from‘No One Killed Jesscia’became so popular that even B-town celebs started sporting it. And, obviously it is Vidya who got the quintessential sari back in fashion. She is one actress who never follows any trend but is a trendsetter for many Vidya Balan Shah Rukh Khan Sonam Kapoor Salman Khan 15 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  14. 14. Myriad brands keep trying to get their brand endorsed by a Bollywood Celebrity. You think it’s that easy? No way, many celebrities are really choosy to pick up any brand for endorsement, they do not just look at it and agree, but, take a lot of time to think and pick the best one which can go well with their personality as well as add on a star of beauty in their persona. Many movies while being created are approached by different brands, but only the lucky ones get selected, the one who truly deserves to be in that league. 16 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  15. 15. Talking about this incredible collection IVA, it is based on feminine simplicity , if you will look closely to the design of this great jewelry, it will be described as sober and simple, after all beauty lies in simplicity, Isn’t it? No doubt that this jewelry line is really simple and sober, but the sophistication does not leave its side and hence makes it look really beautiful and elegant, if you are fond of such jewelry and those glittery and heavy ornaments does not interest you, then this is something classic you can pick up for yourself. These glamorous actresses when were seen with these gorgeous jewelry on them nobody could find or say that it did not look elegant on them, in fact it enhanced their beauty. Big, Glittery sets only look beautiful is a myth, as these days the trend is changing people especially females are developing interest in simple yet sophisticated jewelry styles and keeping that in mind this brilliant collection “IVA” was created by Tanishq. So, what are you waiting for, if you have plans of buying an elegant jewelry sets then “IVA” should be your choice because you for sure value attitude, don’t you? 17 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  16. 16. You get embarrassed when everyone around you looks immensely fit and you are the only one, you feel with those extra pounds on. Oh Come on, give it a break..!! No, this is not true at all, there are so many people in this world who are sick and tired of their weight and sometimes can’t handle the rejection they face because of it. It becomes really annoying when people call you “fatty” or “a pumpkin”, well what to do? You can’t really change people, but, what you can change is, yourself, your attitude, your thought process, that it needs a lot of effort and one needs to do intensive work out in order to shed out those extra pounds of the body. No ways, if you are not that work out or exercise freak, its fine, not every person loves working out, and there is end number of ways that allows you to lose weight without exercising, here’s a small list of things you got to keep in mind and then you will be on a roll Switch a Big Boy Burger with Bye Bye Burger: This is self explanatory that you have to stay away from junk food as much as you can, remember, in order to lose weight; you have to eat real food. No one in this world can force you to leave it forever, but there are people who can aware you about its reality, the choice is yours. So, if you need to lose weight, ensure that those tempting French fries, yummy chocolates and pizzas are considered as an invisible object by you. A Beer should not be bearded anymore: This simply means that you need to cut down on all the liquids that possesses a lot of calories, for instance, a beer; it encompasses huge number of calories. Instead, drink fat free juices and ensure that there is a lot of water intake by you. The more water gets in your body, the more fatty acids gets out of it. Cut Your Food Intake: Cutting food intake does not mean that you should stop eating, no, not at all and you should never do this. All you have to ensure is that the amounts of calories you are taking in, are sufficient for you, overeating exceeds the amount of calorie intake and hence result in obesity or increases weight. Goodbye Night Meals: Saying goodbye to night meals means that you are not going to eat at late nights, say just couple of minutes before you sleep. Your last meal of the day should be 2 hours before your time of going to bed. These steps are not all, but are enough for you in case you need to lose a decent amount of weight. Don’t be shy or embarrassed because of your weight, life and circumstances keep changing, so can body weight, all you need to do is stay positive and determined, slow and steady always wins the race. Being overweight is one of the most common reasons of rejection in love as the person admired by you wants an absolutely gorgeous looking person, it is equally a stringent reason for embarrassment, “Ahh These clothes doesn’t fit me anymore, Oh my god look at me, I look so fat, ewwww.” 19 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  17. 17. Myriad people have a strong craving to live a life of a Bollywood Star, well, there are two sides of every coin and so are two sides of the life of these fantastic actors. You can’t even imagine how hard they struggle, their life of course revolved around incredible locations, glamour, travel, but they hardly get time for themselves. Vacation to them is truly a treasure because they enjoy them only couple of times in a year, their work does not allow them to go on great vacations often. So, these idols of yours choose the best of locations in order to enjoy their leisure time, off from work especially, let’s have a look at these wonderful locations: When it comes to going off for vacations these people love to spend some quality time with their adorable partners: One of the most sizzling and hottest pair of Bollywood, Arbaaz and Maliaka Arora Khan recently had announced Maldives as their hottest place for vacation. As this place is full of spectacular beaches, this couple simply loves being there and enjoys a great time every time they are there. Abhishek and Aishwarya got married on 20th of April 2007, the whole country was looking forward to watch their wedding celebration, in fact the city of Mumbai was decorated enormously, and all the media channels telecasted and spoke nothing else apart from their wedding. But, how does this lovely couple like to spend some time with each other? Which is their place of being with no one else apart from each other? This famous couple of Bollywood loves to travel to New York as and when they get the opportunity to; their favorite tourist spot is The Big Apple. Probably that is the place which always helps them relax and enjoy being together. Maldives Newyork 20 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  18. 18. Paris, which is known as the city of love, and is also known for its astounding culture and heritage, is preferred by one of the most enchanted couples of Bollywood Shahrukh and Gauri Khan, as their favorite holiday destination. They love spending time there with their kids and keep visiting to this beautiful place every year. Bong bombshell Bipasha loves Goa. She could actually live there as she visits it two or three times a year. Many of her films such as Jism, Jodi Breakers, and Dum Maaro Dum were shot in Goa and they serve as work-cum-holiday experiences for her. She hogs on seafood and burns the calories by running on the beach, swimming for two hours, and doing yoga. She also loves Bali and Cyprus. Who is not aware about this wonderful couple who has recently been married? Despite of their busy schedule, both Kareena and Saif take out some time for their vacation and like to visit Swiss Alps. When Kareena was once on this television show “Coffee with Karan”, she had called Switzerland as her second home as she loves to be there whenever she gets an opportunity to. Goa Switzerland Paris 21 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  19. 19. Signing up for e-mail notifications about low fare deals: You have to be a good planner before becoming a great traveler, which means that all your trips need to be planned at least three months in advance, finalize a destination and ask for the best deals so that you can be notified about the markdown air fares of your desired destination. Getting to know about the affordable air fares way in advance can help you plan your trip accordingly and proficiently. Awareness about affordable air fares You can be enormously informed about the occasions when different airlines offer great discounts on the air tickets. For instance, be curtained that the air fares will be high during the weekends as many people prefer to book tickets during that period, hence what is suggested to you is, in case you are expecting affordable air fares being offered then choose to travel on weekdays, you can get your tickets booked for a Tuesday or Wednesday, this might save you a decent amount on your air fares. Don’t Unsubscribe from the E-mail alerts Getting a ticket once booked on an affordable price does not mean that you would not need it again for any destination, you never know when you get to travel again and hence make sure that you keep the e-mail alerts on in your e-mails so that you can keep being notified about various schemes and discounts being offered on air fares, you never know this might help you in future. Air Fare Calendar: This is one astounding thing that can help you get the best deal on your air fares. All you have to do is choose the desired destination and month for your trip and get the best deals for yourself on the air fares. This is one of the best way to find out the most affordable prices and can help you get to know about air fares of numerous airlines, hence it will make easier for you to choose the best deal being offered in there. Mann Travels is known for helping people enrich their travelling experience and making it glorious for them. For number of years they have been established in the domain of travel and their foremost goal, which is customer satisfaction, made them stand out from the competition and has enabled to improvise. Are you fond of travelling? Willing to spend some quality time with your loved ones at a destination of your choice? You may splendidly plan your vacation; however something that might cause a block or becomes a reason of concern for your trip, is the ticket fare. Do these high range air fares haunt you? Well, there are certain ways that can steer you towards your dream destination, that too, with an affordable ticketing facility. Following certain steps can always make you get the best deal and air fares, which will add on as an ingredient of delight for your trip: 23 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  20. 20. Isn’t it ironic that the city which hardly sleeps is still called the ‘city of dreams’? There is often a debate on whether Mumbai is a suitable place to live in; whether it’s a city of dreams or a living nightmare? For now, let’s concentrate only on what makes Mumbai tick. Gateway of India Situated close to the waterfront in South Mumbai, this is a monument stretching to a height of 26 meters. It gets its name because it was the first monument seen by visitors arriving by boat in days gone by. The Gateway steps lead down to the waterfront, where one may choose a boat ride to Elephanta Island. It is made in Indo-Saracenic architectural style elements, derived from the Muslim architectural styles of 16th century. Beaches Juhu beach is located in the central suburbs of Mumbai. Dawn and dusk are the perfect times to visit it where splendid views of Mother Nature are on full display. There are ferry rides, horseback rides, merry go rides for children, local street food such as bhel puri, chat, shevpuri, pav bhaji and stalls. Many Bollywood movies have been shot here and if you are lucky you might spot one making your visit even more memorable. Then of course is the love- struck Marine Drive running along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea from Nariman Point to the foot of Malabar Hill, passing Chowpatty Beach along the way. The sunset view is amazing as are the lovers who you can find in plentiful numbers. A stroll down Marine Drive is possibly the best way to discover Mumbai. It is also one of Mumbai’s busiest roads. The Chowpatty Beach is situated at the northern end of Marine Drive in South Mumbai. During the day, you can rest under the shade of small trees and as evening dawns get transformed into the world of people, balloon sellers, ferry rides and food kiosks. Children can enjoy pony rides and ferry rides. Enjoy the antics of monkey-trainers, snake charmers, contortionists and professional masseurs. There are stalls that offer local delicacies like the Kulfi, Pani Puri and Pav Bhaji. You can even get an astrologer to size up your future. All good fun! Bazaars Chor Bazaar: Literally meaning “thieves market, ” Chor Bazaar is situated on Mutton Street. Open from Saturday to Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm, it is the right place for those who are in search of antiquities. Here, one can find paintings, old maps, gramophones, clocks, glass lamps, handicrafts, ceramics, brassware and much more. Needed in plentiful is the energy to rummage around and haggle for a bargain. Those not interested in buying can simply enjoy a leisurely walk which leads one to the Gol Deoul or the circular Shiva temple. Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the month of Aug.- Sep., as the birth anniversary of Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom. The festival is so popular in Mumbai and the preparations begin months ahead. Images of Ganesha are installed and elaborate arrangements are made for lighting and decoration and celebrations are held for 7-10 days. The Chaturthi is the last day dedicated to the elephant-headed god, and thousands of processions converge on the beaches of Mumbai carrying the idols of Ganesha, to be immersed in the sea. This immersion is accompanied by drumbeats, devotional songs and dancing and marks the end of the festival. Text | Sabah Hadi 24 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  21. 21. Crawford Market is a colourful indoor market. It’s a blend of Flemish and Norman architecture with a bass relief depicting Indian peasants in wheat fields just above the main entrance. The frieze was designed by Lockyard Kipling, father of the famous Rudyard Kipling. Across the road stands the Kiplings’ cottage. The market reminds one of Victorian London, with its sweet smell of hay. It was formerly the city’s wholesale produce market. Next up are the bazaars of Kalbadevi, north of Crawford Market. The narrow lanes of this area are flooded in by laundry-draped chawls, and people power brings Mumbai’s traffic to a standstill. It is a different world to the space, orderliness and modernity of South Mumbai. Religious Magnificence If you want a taste of religion with a touch of breathtaking view, there are two places in Mumbai to go to. First is the Jain temple on Ridge Road, Malabar Hill where the opulent architecture is sure to leave you speechless. It is breathtakingly adorned from the interior with intricate carvings and frescoes on the walls. The Haji Ali Mosque is another such marvel where the rocks exposed at low tide behind the mosque are a favourite spot to catch sea breezes. Situated on an islet near the coast of Worli Mumbai, it is a masjid and dargah, popular with people of all faiths. More than anything, go for the view of sheer splendour and aura. Other attractions worth seeing Flora Fountain: a stone fountain situated in the Fort Business district in South Mumbai made completely of imported Portland stone. The Bhau Daji Lad museum: Initially names as Victoria and Albert Museum, it is situated on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road. It is the oldest museum in the city. Fashion Street: Housing more than 140 clothes store, it is ‘the’ place to go for, you guessed it right, fashion. It is located on MG Road. Fort: If you want to see the European roots of the city, go here. It is the established commercial centre of Mumbai, among them the Bombay Stock Exchange on Dalal street. Malabar Hill: The Hanging Gardens (or Ferozeshah Mehta Gardens) on top of the hill, offer a panoramic view of Bombay over the Arabian Sea - the bay, the colorful Chowpatty Beach immediately below, and the imposing buildings of Nariman Point reaching for the sky. The “the Queen’s Necklace” at night is a beauty to behold. Prince Charles Museum: This museum, built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture to honour king George V’s visit to India has three main sections: Art , Archealogy , & Natural History. It has a fine collection of Chinese Jade pieces, oil paintings & miniature paintings. Film City: Film city is where you will find stars, stars and more stars in absolutely broad daylight. It is closed to visitors, but special permissions can always be obtained to check out the action. Getting there There are many airlines flying to Mumbai, so getting a flight on any day of the week is no hassle. Emirates, Gulf Air, Jet Airways, Oman Air (starting from an economical £360 return trip) are just a few of the airlines to choose from. Where to eat The road side snacks aside, there are plenty of high- end to affordable places to eat in Mumbai. Go to Khyber for Punjabi and North Indian dishes amongst Afghan-inspired interiors. The food is some of the best the city has to offer. The other North Indian restaurant is the Gaylord and for Mughlai treat go to Delhi Durbar. SWATI and Soam are two restaurants in South Bombay which offer delicious Vegetarian food. For sea food try the Trishna in Colaba. Where to stay Near the Airport For the ardent traveller, looking for a place to stay near the airport or Central Mumbai is a good option. Near to the airport are AB Executive Apartments and The Emerald. Sahara Hotel and ITC Maratha are some other comfortable hotels. Colaba Here you will find all ranges to suit your mood and budget. In the five- star category, there is The Oberoi, Taj President and the historic Taj Mahal Hotel. A short way across the city centre is Marine Drive that has Marine Plaza, The Oberoi and InterContinental. Many budget and low-range hotels and lodges have opened shop behind the Taj Hotel. Juhu Juhu boasts a string of flashy four and five star hotels. In the expensive range is JW Marriott and The Leela, whereas the more affordable ones are the beach facing Tulip Star and Holiday Inn. For those on a budget there is Sea Princess, Ramada Palm Grove and Sun-N-Sand, which are packed during the entire year. There are some more cheaper options behind the beach area. 25 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  22. 22. What our stars like to drive From Shah Rukh Khan to Shahid Kapoor, every Bollywood star seems to have a fetish for luxury wheels. Let’s take a look at the most expensive and the most coveted line-up of cars that belong to stars. Amir Khan Akshay Kumar 2008 Porsche Cayenne, Honda CR-V, Bentley Continental, Mercedes E-Class 2011 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Rolls-Royce Ghost Bipasha Basu Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Beetle John Abraham Audi Q7, Yamaha R1, Yamaha MT-01, Yamaha V Max, Maruti Gypsy Sanjay Dutt 2010 Rolls-Royce, Ferrari 599GTB, Audi A8 W12, Audi R8, Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport, Bentley Continental, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 26 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  23. 23. Hrithik Roshan Shahid Kapoor Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche 911 2012 Range Rover Sport, Mercedes E-Class, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, Jaguar XK-RS Ajay Devgan 2010 BMW Z4, Audi Q7, Mercedes S Class, Range Rover Vogue, Toyota Celica Amitabh Bachchan 2007 Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage R Sunil Shetty Hummer H3 Salman Khan 2010 Range Rover, 2011 Audi Q7, BMW X6, Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki Intruder 27 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  24. 24. Indian Premier League, known as IPL, is the most awaited event every year, many admirers of this wonderful sport cricket, look forward to watch IPL and enjoy the thrill created by it. Every year huge number of players participates in this stunning event supporting their respective teams, and the extremely fun part is to watch the enthusiasm of the crowd. We all are well versed with the facts of how the teams of IPL were created, but do you know how much do these startling players earn or get paid for their performances? No, well, then let’s have a look at this list of the top ten players and the amount they earn by participating in this immeasurably exciting event Glenn Maxwell This astounding player is an Australian who was picked up by Mumbai Indians for an enormous amount of $1 MILLION. No doubt he is being paid the highest sum of money till now as we all can see his great performances during the IPL matches. Hope to see him perform- ing congruently. Kane Richardson This player isn’t that famous but somehow had made into this list of the top rank players in terms of being paid in the Indian Premier League. Kane was picked up for $7,00,000 by Pune Warriors. This player too belongs from Australia and is also going through a huge list of expectations from his team members. Chris Morris This South African player was hired by Chennai Super Kings for the amount of $6,25,000. Sachithra Senanayake There are lot of Sri Lankans to be seen on this list, fantastic, anyways another Sri Lankan who is known for his bowling capability was picked up by Knight Riders for $6,25,000. Jaidev Unadkat He was grabbed by Royal Challengers Bangalore for the amount of $5, 25,000. Ajantha Mendis Ajantha Mendis is a a wonderful Sri Lankan spinner and usually his bowling is stated as a “Carrom Ball.” This player was picked up by Pune Warriors for the sum of $ 725,000. The team of Pune Warriors has a lot of expectations from this Sri Lankan Spinner. Abhishek Nayar The first Indian guy in the list of highly paid IPL Players, Abhishek belongs from Mumbai and was picked up by Pune Warriors for a huge amount of $6, 75,000. Thisara Perara This Sri Lankan player who is known for his fast bowling was picked by a team of Sun- risers which originates from Hyderabad. He was offered $6,75,000 in order to get him as a team member. Dirk Nannes He is a part of the double times winner Chennai Super Kings and was picked up for the amount of $6,00,000. It’s great to see this bowler who was a part of both the team of Netherlands as well as Australia, being given a lot of credit by IPL. Manpreet Gony Last but not the least, Manpreet, who has played for Chennai Super Kings ha s been grabbed by his home team King X1 Punjab for the amount of $5, 00,000. 28 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  25. 25. Australian Immigration Changes Australian Immigration Changes It has been announced that the fee for each Australian temp orary work ‘457’ visa will rise from AUS$455 to AUS$900 from 1st July 2013. The announcement was made by the Australian Treasurer (as the Finance Minister is called in Australia), Wayne Swan as part of his 2013 budget. The change is expected to raise nearly $200m in revenue for the government over the next four years. Mr Swan delivered his budget on Tuesday 14th May 2013. He said that Australia faced tough times and austerity because of a AUS$17bn hole in the country’s finances. The Australian government announced in March that, over the same four year period, it would give $3.4m to the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman to ensure that Australian employers do not abuse the 457 visa system. Duncan Fraser, president of the Australian National Farmers Federation has said that the increase is likely to make it harder for Australian agriculture to get the skilled labour it needs. He told the Australian broadcaster ABC that the change would make it difficult to ‘get skills out to country areas where we can’t source those skills locally’. Higher fees may be ‘a disincentive to employers’ He said that the higher fees were likely to be a ‘disincentive for employers’ and said that it was ‘a concern’. It is likely that other employers’ associations will also criticise the move though The Migration Council of Australia, an organisation which works to ‘enhance the productive benefits of Australia’s migration and humanitarian programs’, had called for an increase in the fees. The Temporary Work (Skilled) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) visa, better known as the 457 visa, is the main visa for skilled workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis. It enables Australian firms to employ overseas workers to work in occupations which are on Australia’s Consolidated Shortage Occupation List (CSOL). In order to allow a foreign worker to apply for a 457 visa, the Australian employer will first need to apply to sponsor the overseas worker and then nominate the overseas national. The worker will then apply for a 457 visa. 457 visas allow foreign workers to stay and work in Australia for up to four years. Australian government claims ‘rorting’ is widespread’ In February both Mr O’Connor and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard claimed that there had been widespread abuse (or ‘rorting’) of the 457 visa system. They said that the 457 visa was being abused by unscrupulous employers to employ low-wage foreign workers at the expense of Australian workers who remained unemployed. Mrs Gillard promised to ‘put Aussie workers first’. Mr O’Connor claimed on Australian TV in March that about 10% of all 457 visas were obtained by rorting though he later had to admit that this claim had been ‘a forecast’ and was not supported by any evidence. Mr O’Connor said that 107,000 457 visas were issued in 2012. The Australian opposition claims that Mrs Gillard’s Australian Labor Party government is whipping up hostility to the 457 visa in an attempt to attract votes in the Australian general election which is to be held in September. If you would like to apply for an Australian or New Zealand visa, can help. is a specialist visa consultancy with nearly twenty-five years of experience dealing with visa applications. We can help with a wide range of visa applications to your country of choice. Please feel free to contact us for further details. AUSTRALIA TO DOUBLE FEE FOR ‘457’ TEMPORARY WORK VISA IN JULY 29 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  26. 26. Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has announced changes to the 485 Post-Study Work visa which will allow some graduates with advanced degrees to remain in Australia for up to four years after completing their courses. The 485 visa was introduced in 2007 and allowed graduates to stay and work in Australia for 18 months after graduation. From 23rd March a new regime has been introduced. Now, some graduates who were granted their first Australian study visa after November 5th 2011 will be able to apply to stay for longer. Graduates with bachelors’ degrees can now stay for up to two years, those with a master’s degree can stay for two or three years and those with doctorates can stay for four years. 485 visa now split into two streams The 485 visa has now been split into two streams, the Graduate Work Stream and the Post-Study Work Stream. Applicants for both streams will have to meet the following criteria. • Must not have previously held a 485 or 476 visa • Be proficient in English to the ‘competent’ level • Be able to prove that you are of ‘good health’ • Studied at a qualifying Australian institution in Australia for at least 16 months finishing within the last six months. The Graduate Work Stream is for graduates who have gained a qualification qualifying them to work in an occupation which is on the Australian Shortage Occupation List. To qualify you must • Have a degree in a subject closely linked to your profession (e.g. pharmacist with a pharmacy degree) • Have been assessed as competent by a suitable assessing authority and have received a letter confirming your competence. Graduate stream visas will still last for only 18 months from the date of grant. Post-study work visas will last up to four years The Post-Study Work visa is for graduates in any subject and will allow graduates to stay in Australia and work for up to four years. In order to qualify for this stream you must • Have received your first Australian student visa after 5th November 2011. • Hold a qualifying qualification. This will be a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a doctoral degree from an Australian university or other qualifying educational institution. Under the Post-Study Work Stream, the visa will be valid as follows: Applicants may apply to bring dependants with them. If you would like to apply for an Australian or New Zealand visa, can help. is a specialist visa consultancy with nearly twenty-five years of experience dealing with visa applications. We can help with a wide range of visa applications to your country of choice. Please feel free to contact us for further details. AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRATION ANNOUNCES CHANGES TO 485 GRADUATE WORK VISA Qualification Validity (years) Bachelor’s 2 Bachelor’s (Hons) 2 Master’s (coursework) 2 Master’s (extended) 2 Master’s by research 3 Doctorate 4 31 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  27. 27. Well it is fast approaching that time of year again, but don’t despair it is not too late to maximise your tax, we asked our tax accountants to come up with 10 tips to maximise your refund this year! We hope this helps, over the long term being smart about your taxes can make a huge difference; don’t pay tax to the government if you don’t need to! 1.Keep track of business car use, (preferably using your diary or a log book) some many people say they don’t use their car for work and yet when quizzed make trips to the bank, office works, picking up interstate staff from the airport, attending seminars and work functions etc. These small and sometimes infrequent trips can easily add up to several hundred dollars of tax deductions, especially if you keep track of them properly. 2.Have a filing system (even if it is the proverbial shoe box) for your work related receipts, things like note pads, pens, home office equipment, postage and income cases even magazine subscriptions are tax deductible. Also compulsory or protective clothing. Again many small receipts when kept quickly add up. 3.Structure your investments to maximise their tax effectiveness and invest in tax effective assets to begin with, if you think your tax bill will be high this year or you want to really maximise your refund there are a range of investment strategies to achieve this like pre-paying the next 12 months interest on your investment loans(s). 4.If you want to study for work and your boss thinks it is a good idea get them to write a letter supporting your study, the ATO is getting stricter and stricter on work related education deductions. 5.Keep all of your medical receipts; did you know that if you spend over $1500 on medical expenses in a year the ATO will give you 20% of the excess back? It is amazing how many people do not even know this rule exists. 6.Keep track of home office use, just like you car it is amazing how much time we all spend working these days including checking e-mails and doing research after hours and on the weekends, if possible keep a diary of your home office use. 7.Salary sacrifice into your super, super is a tax effective vehicle and by paying your salary into it with pre-tax dollars you are saving yourself tax and boosting your super balance. 8.Start investing in tax advantaged investments, you can start by using our online tools to do a budget and see how much money you have available to invest, then look at the many tax advantaged investments and investment strategies available. Ask yourself would you rather invest your money or pay it to the government? 9.Keep track of all work related events and functions during the year, there are often deductions related to these events even if the events themselves are actually free. 10. Lastly if you are still worried about your tax bill or would like some personal advice book in to see one of our tax advisers, contact us at IC Business Solutions 32 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  28. 28. This astounding glass has the capability to work on your voice commands, you can ask it to make videos or give you navigations when required. No doubts that this particular product is steep, but, along with this it gives you lot of features of fiddle with and get the best out of this wonderful gadget. Another addition to the Apple’s invention in the domain of Smart Phones. We all are very much aware of the fact that apple launches a new phone every year; however, this phone is not ranked that high due to its high ranging price with not very pleasing features The screen of this particular I Pad is expected to be clearer as compared to the screens of other I Pads; this is will be a great reason for the users to enjoy its custom. Apple’s Mystery Product is known to be one of the finest products being launched in the year 2013, and hence, is the reason of being added in this list of superlative gadgets. One and an important reason for this is, that it will include Siri as its main component 36 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  29. 29. This gadget has been admired by people up to a huge extent and is recommended as a must buy for the year 2013. The AMD Processor is its driving force which has made people go crazy about this gadget, because this has enhanced the gaming feature of the Play Station,this was something which was waited by people who are really fond of Play Station. Razer Edge is also affordable console that can play the latest games. The thing which is proved out to be its unique selling point is its capacity to run on the full version of windows. The screen of this 55 inch television (as boasted by the brand) promises to provide great sharpness and color if we put it into comparison with other LED Televisions. It is a 7 inch tablet which has turned out to be a completely handy gaming device and a reason for people or we should say Gamers’ delight. Though this product has not officially been announced by Microsoft, but myriad people in the market are already talking about this wonderful gadget “XBOX ONE.” It will encompass great features and along with that a slimmer design which will enhance its beauty. Here comes another incredible smart phone being launched by HTC in the year 2013, it is said that this particular phone will have a better luck than I-Phone 6, due to its startling features. This smart phone will possess sleek design, with a 4.7 inch 1080 p screen and an ultra pixel camera. Myriad people are looking forward to the launch of this wonderful gadget 37 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013
  30. 30. Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today. He is Chef extraordinaire, TV show host, author of best selling cookbooks, restaurant consultant, co-owner of TV channel and winner of several culinary awards! He is living his dream of making Indian cuisine the number one cuisine in the world and empowering Indian women through power of cooking to become self sufficient. By Sanjeev Kappor - Master Chafe, Author, Television Host, Reach him at Ingredients •Green chillies (Bhavnagri), 8 slit and seeded •Gram flour (besan) 1 cup •Baking powder 1 teaspoon •Asafoetida 1/2 teaspoon •Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon •Salt to taste •Oil 1 tablespoon + to deep fry •Mustard seeds 1/2 teaspoon •Garlic,crushed 4/5 cloves •Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon •Potatoes,boiled 2 large and mashed Ingredients Basmati rice, soaked 1½ cups Boneless chicken, cut into 2-inch pieces 400 grams Oil 3 tablespoons + for deep-frying Onions, sliced 4 large Potatoes, diced 2 large Garlic paste 1½ teaspoons Tomatoes, chopped 2 medium Roasted cumin powder 2 teaspoons Red chilli powder 2 teaspoons Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon Ginger, cut into thin strips 1 inch Yogurt 1 cup Salt to taste Kewra essence a few drops Garam masala powder 1 tablespoon Method Take gram flour, baking powder, asafoetida, red chilli powder, salt and approximately one cup of water in a deep bowl and whisk well to make a smooth batter. Set aside the batter for about ten minutes. Heat one tablespoon oil in a pan, add mustard seeds. When they splutter add crushed garlic and sauté on medium heat till fragrant. Add turmeric powder and the mashed potatoes and mix well. Add salt and mix. Take it off the heat and set aside to cool. Divide the mixture into eight equal portions and stuff each portion into each chilli. Heat sufficient oil in a kadai. Dip the chillies in the gram flour batter and deep fry till golden and crisp. Drain and place on an absorbent paper. Serve hot. Method Drain the rice and cook in four cups of water and salt till three-fourth done. Drain. Heat the oil in a kadai; add three-fourths of the sliced onions and deep-fry till golden. Drain on absorbent paper. Deep-fry the potatoes in the same oil till light brown. Drain on absorbent paper. Heat three tablespoons of oil in a deep pan; add the remaining onions and garlic paste and sauté till lightly browned. Add the tomatoes and cook till the oil separates. Add the chicken, roasted cumin powder, chilli powder and turmeric powder, and sauté for five to six minutes. Add enough water to cover the chicken and simmer till three-fourth done. Add the potatoes, ginger strips, yogurt and salt and cook for another five minutes. Arrange the cooked rice over the chicken pieces. Sprinkle browned onions, kewra essence and garam masala powder over the rice. Cover and cook for twenty minutes over medium heat. Serve hot with raita. Mirchi Bhajiya Mumbai Biryani 38 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013