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International business program offers various benefits including global citizenship awareness


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International business program offers various benefits including global citizenship awareness

  1. 1. International Business Program Offers Various Benefits, Including Global Citizenship Awareness Did you know that the majority of Centennial College’s programs have additional benefits that not only enhance students’ educations but also their personal lives? One such extra benefit is that many programs give students the opportunity to develop a portfolio documenting their engagement with the College’s signature global citizenship and equity competencies. This is achieved through the Institute for Global Citizenship and Equity, which “provides a clustering of energy and resources on global citizenship and equity from which faculty, staff, students, and the community can use to work together in pursuit of new and ongoing projects that explore issues of global citizenship, social justice, and equity.” One undertaking in which this is particularly beneficial is the International Business program. This offering focuses on teaching student’s core business ideas as well as specialized international business topics. As such, they are prepared to pursue careers in the manufacturing and production sector, retail and distribution, transportation or as part of a consulting firm. In these various areas, Centennial College grads are able to fill positions such as customs compliance analysts, import/export documentation specialists, global logistics assistants and inside sales representatives. Among the key duties of these professionals are: processing customs compliance documents, assisting in the transportation of goods to and from locations throughout the world, and taking on a support role in the marketing and sale of Canadian goods in the global marketplace. While other International Business Programs may take an approach that sees students focusing on theory, Centennial College’s offering does quite the opposite. Students obtain hands-on experience through simulated work assignments, case studies, interactive lectures, as well as experience with common software used in the field. Among specific international business courses offered in this undertaking are: International Marketing (first half analyzes trends in the global environment and the impact of these trends on international marketing; the second half focuses on the development of international marketing strategies that effectively respond to globalization); Customs Services and Compliance (emphasis is placed on the current Canadian customs and excise laws, tariff classification, and valuation for tariff purposes, and preparation of customs documentation); Business Communications (students study the behavior of individuals and groups as part of the social and technical system in the workplace. They examine individual and group behavior, communication, conflict and various management styles, motivational techniques and coordination in the work environment and apply these concepts to the development of an organization's human resources); and more. With knowledge obtained at Centennial College, students have the opportunity to apply their Centennial credits towards earning a university degree. They are also able to transfer into the three-year International Business program. With this option, it takes just one additional year of study to have the option to work towards a university degree, pursue professional designations (CITP) and gain work experience before graduation.