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Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media


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B2B social media is beset by myths and falsehoods. In this presentation, social media strategist Jay Baer destroys those myths, and shows that B2B social media and B2C social media aren't so different after all.

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Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media

  1. Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media<br />
  2. Jay Baer<br />Social Media Strategist, Speaker, Author<br /> | | @jaybaer<br />
  3. My Customers Don’t Use Social Media<br />Myth Number One:<br />
  4. 81% of U.S. Online Adults Use Social Media<br />
  5. Prove it with Social Anthropology<br /><br /><br />
  6. Social Media isn’t worth the trouble for b2b companies<br />Myth Number Two:<br />
  7. Social Media is MORE Important for B2B<br />Fewer customers overall<br />Considered/researched purchases<br />Longer, more complex sales cycle<br />High impact of search marketing in funnel filling<br />==== Magnification of the importance of customer WOM via social<br />
  8. Social Media Usage is High in B2B<br />
  9. Search and Social are PB&J<br />
  10. How B2C Uses social media doesn’t apply to b2b<br />Myth Number Three:<br />
  11. Everyone is Using the Big 4<br />
  12. Social Media Reality Check<br />Do you have customers?<br />Do you have prospective customers?<br />Do you have employees?<br />Do you have competitors?<br />Do you have a story to tell?<br />==== The mechanics of social media strategy are the same, regardless of company type (tactics may differ)<br />
  13. Rinse, Lather, Repeat<br />
  14. If Nobody Tweets About A cOmpany It doesn’t need social media<br />Myth Number Four:<br />
  15. Make Yourself Worthy of Chatter<br />
  16. Create a Social FAQ<br />Be a question detective<br />Be the answer man<br />Atomize your content<br />Get your customers involved, and sharing<br />
  17. Having a facebook page is a sufficient social media strategy<br />Myth Number Five:<br />
  18. This is Not a Blood Oath<br />
  19. News Feed Realities<br />
  20. Are You Building Your Social House on Rented Land?<br />
  21. Be Tools-Agnostic<br />Share of Search 1999<br />
  22. Using social media for customer service is inefficient<br />Myth Number Six:<br />
  23. Social Customer Service<br />Less than 1% of Twitter users utilize Twitter as primary customer service vehicle<br />Twitter is the bastion of last resort >> high impact customer problems<br />Always be listening<br />Official accounts, with personal touch<br />Set expectations<br />
  24. Facebook too, not just Twitter<br />
  25. Have a Presence, Just in Case<br />
  26. Social Media isn’t measurable<br />Myth Number Seven:<br />
  27. Social Media Metrics Selector<br />
  28. Social Connectivity Among Leads<br />
  29. Social Media-Only Offers<br />
  30. Sales Funnel Actions<br />
  31. Correlation vs. Causation<br />
  32. Questions<br />Now It’s Time for:<br />
  33. Questions and Answers<br />Please submit your questions for our speakers to address<br />To contact our sponsor Genius, go to or<br />To contact today’s speakers:<br />Jay Baer –<br />Scott Mersy –<br />Unanswered questions will be addressed on<br />© 2010, TCG Advisors LLC<br />
  34. Jay Baer<br />Social Media Strategist, Speaker, Author<br /> | | @jaybaer<br />