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It's time to own your social community

You can spend your time and money on leased social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or Pinterest...and many companies are doing just that.

But, those communities do not offer a reliable way to communicate with your customers and fans WHEN and HOW you want to.

That's why smart companies are swinging the pendulum back to the "original" social media...back to owned social communities.

More control, more engagement, more reliability. That's the owned social community dynamic. Maybe it's time you looked into this option for your own social media program?

This Slideshare is based on a blog post from Jay Baer on the Convince & Convert blog. (

It's time to own your social community

  1. It’s Time Own Social Community to Your
  2. The days of leased are fading. social community
  3. It’s time to owned re-embrace social.
  4. Before the rise of Facebook Tumblr Twitter & (Popularity Increasing) &
  5. The created in the “original” social media was unglamorous
  6. Yet impactful world discussion boards & forums. of
  7. These online were conversation organized &by hobbyists.for venues
  8. Others were built and brands managed by …
  9. as a special place gather for … to interact.& enthusiasts
  10. Social Communities The Rise ofLeased
  11. As of the world, became de-facto Facebook for swathslarge
  12. calculus the media became more about the business And f(b)= mb2 1 2
  13. less about the social, And media social>
  14. of value all sizes started size of to community Companies (reach)
  15. over intensity of feeling. (engagement)
  16. The swung away pendulum from community, trend rapidly owned social
  17. And with real estate. engaging on leased digital toward consumers
  18. The easy to understand (even in hindsight) rationale behind shiftthis is
  19. of their free time a preponderance spending With customers more & more
  20. of social On a platforms, handful
  21. Why are fish where the fish swimming? not
  22. And why restrict your social initiatives to with engagement passionate interacting advocates?
  23. fans? Why not use the mass of new reach customers & Facebook to create
  24. This is why the concept of organic social media
  25. As a viable acquisitioncustomer vehicle, roughly coincides with
  26. The move toward socialleased communities.
  27. They are strategic co-dependent narratives.
  28. Social Communities The Fall ofLeased
  29. Companies of every inexpensively audiences stripe were able to build
  30. and beyond. Facebook, Using Twitter
  31. Once fully invested game, in the leased social community
  32. were able to reliably their reach Brands audiences for the purposes of
  33. Increasing sales, advocacy. loyalty &
  34. It was times. BEST of THE
  35. We companies, content. not forgot that social platforms are distributors of branded
  36. Once those companies public,started going their legal obligation became to maximize value
  37. For their not you. shareholders,
  38. The rules leased of changed. social
  39. Just like that, reliably the ability to use public social platforms
  40. a thriving manage customer venue To create evaporated. &
  41. All is not lost.
  42. Those successes only communication demonstrate that some pieces of
  43. Can overcome shock.content
  44. still reach swathslarge of a brand’s And audience.
  45. That’s not a customer community,
  46. It’s catching lightning in a content bottle.
  47. Organic dead, isn’treach health but it’s certainly either. picture ofnot the
  48. ?what now So
  49. Social Community A Return to Owned
  50. Take a past. hard look at the History
  51. Build meaningful assetssocial for your brand,
  52. real estate fullythat you own On control.&
  53. social leased social FOR owned work Leased 
 Social Owned 
 Social You work 
 for me now! Make community.
  54. of anadvantages community are numerous: owned social The
  55. enhanced loyalty direct sales business intelligence market research content created/co- created by members
  56. Don’t abandon Facebook, Twitter & other leased social communities.
  57. for support alone they remain venue important. As a critically customer
  58. strategy shifted your What if you ?
  59. audience, leased reach your to Instead of using social recruit, retain &
  60. enthusiastic recruit a community that it to your most Use to join asupporters
  61. particularly Our friends @ do this well.
  62. e-commerce Big Poppa Smokers store & has the definitive for pellet drum smokers.
  63. It also has two thriving, owned communities: Members swap photos, recipes, ideas, product reviews & stories. These forums generate: revenueproduct ideas customers intelligence
  64. Twitter Facebook page Sure, BPS has a the goal account, but differs. & a
  65. Leased Social Goal Build & Sustain Large Audiences f t Leased Social Goal Funnel Traffic to Owned Social = =
  66. fans, leased social Think of for your hors d’ouvres as the
  67. entree. owned social your as the And community
  68. We have used social audience, leased to build an
  69. it’s time to focus true But on community.
  70. reach, passion more than To do so, we have to intensity of get back to valuing
  71. effective re-embrace the terrifically world of And owned social.
  72. Hi, folks. 
 It’s Jay Baer
  73. I wrote a blog post 
 on the topic of owned 
 vs. leased social.
  74. It has examples
 of brands that embrace owned social and do it well.
  75. It has examples
 of brands that embrace owned social and do it well. Such as: • Home Depot • Harley Davidson • Big Poppa Smokers
  76. If you haven’t read it, check it out. Click here.
  77. Ask me questions about owned vs. leased social. Let me know what you think. You know where to find Jay, right? @jaybaer @convince
  78. 602.616.1895   @Convince