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Substance D world-plone-day-2017

Short introduction about Substance D

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Substance D world-plone-day-2017

  1. 1. SubstanceD World Plone Day 2017 Tokyo 2017-4-26 Yusuke Muraoka
  2. 2. Who? @jbking ( ) IoT , , OpenStack, Zope
  3. 3. SubstanceD Latest Release 1.0a1 2015/04/17
  4. 4. Famous of Authors Chris McDonough Author of Pyramid, Supervisor, Deform, Colander, Repoze Tres Seaver Author of CMF
  5. 5. Architecture Overview Comparison ZODB Zope CMF/Zope Plone WSGI Server Pyramid SubstanceD
  6. 6. Strong Points Build Site Tree Structure as Filesystem Admin UI Object Level Security System Dynamic CMS
  7. 7. Like Plone
  8. 8. Strong Points(2) Text indexing Workflow Undo Visibility Control by Property Sheet
  9. 9. Like Plone
  10. 10. WTF!?
  11. 11. Difference Make App on Pyramid SubstanceD Many Usable Products Hard Learning Curve for Development Well Documentation Easy Learn Plone
  12. 12. Many Usable Products User Happy Difference Make App on Pyramid Plone SubstanceD Hard Learning Curve for Development Well Documentation Easy Learn Everybody Happy User So So Developer Hard
  13. 13. Cons Low Development Activity Still Young Python3 ... No Japanese Resources AT ALL
  14. 14. Summary You have choice :) SubstanceD is A Choice of Them Up to You