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Communicative approach jean romo


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communicative approach

Published in: Education
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Communicative approach jean romo

  1. 1. Communicative approach Name: jean romo
  2. 2. The Audio-Lingual Method or Aural-Oral Approach  Is a method of foreign language teaching which emphasizes the teaching of listening and speaking before reading and writing.  Was developed in the United States during World War II  This method says that language is a process of habit formation
  3. 3.  Approach Structuralism + Behaviorism  Design Dialogues & drills (pattern practice) practice)  Procedure Main focus = accurate oral performance • Never translate • Hear, speak, read, write • Immediate error correction Accurate pronunciation and grammar Ability to respond quickly and accurately in speech situations Knowledge of sufficient vocabulary to vocabulary to use with grammar grammar patterns
  4. 4. Definition Communicative approach is based in the abilities of the languages in order to develop speech habits with the students.
  5. 5. What is the main aim of the communicative approach? To enable students to use the languages to express their needs and also express themselves because with this approach we can find in our students meaningful learning and real communication
  6. 6. Characteristic -Activities inside and outside the classroom -The teacher’s role is primarily to facilitate communication. -The student have to be concentrate in the subject -Student’s skills -The teacher should be able to use the target languages fluency in a better way -Teaches are facilitator, guide and manage.
  7. 7. Intercultural Approach to English Language Teaching
  8. 8. Nowadays, is fundamental integrate "culture" into the communicative curriculum in order to improve an intercultural approach and emphasize its social functions
  9. 9. The main goal of an intercultural approach is … to improve the ability to understand the language and behavior of the target community, and explain it to member of the "home" community and vice versa.
  10. 10. The intercultural approach give to the English language teachers the possibility of broadening their current methods and re-examine the rationale governing them.
  12. 12. What is it eclectic approach?
  13. 13. Teacher has more flexibility and adaptability
  14. 14. Purpose
  15. 15. The role of the teacher
  16. 16. Robert gagné