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Policy Implementation Process


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This presentation is about methods and techniques in policy implementation.

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Policy Implementation Process

  1. 1. involves all of the activities designed to carry out the policies enacted by the legislative branch. These activities include the creation of new organizations, departments, agencies bureaus, or the assignments of new responsibilities to the existing organizations.”
  2. 2. Establish and staff a new agency or assign authority to an existing agency and personnel. Translate legislative intent into operating rules and guidelines. Coordinate resources and personnel to achieve the intended goals.
  3. 3. Characteristics Requirements Disadvantages
  4. 4. It underlines the importance of initiatives coming from the bottom leading to effective implementation It promotes delegated legislation where local legislatives and executives are given the chance to formulate and implement policies Evaluating the effects of a policy becomes difficult Difficult to separate the influence of individuals and different levels of government on policy decisions and consequences. Characteristics Disadvantages Nature
  5. 5. • This approach is market driven • Decentralized in its process • Emphasize shift from hierarchy to participation and teamwork
  6. 6. Emphasizes on the application of managerial approaches like: i) operational management ii) corporate management iii) personnel management
  7. 7. Policy Implementation Environment Economy Politics Tri-Media
  8. 8. The policy contains unambiguous directives and structures of the implementation process Leaders of implementation agencies possess substantial managerial and political skill and professional knowledge The policy is actively supported by organised constituency groups, legislature and judiciary The relative priority of statutory objectives is not significantly undermined over time by the emergence of conflicting public polices or by change in relevant socio – economic conditions that undermine the statutes' technical theory or political support
  9. 9. Lack of staff Lack of Financial and Infrastructural support Gigantic targets Lack of support from the top Lack of Financial and Infrastructural support Shortage of time
  10. 10. Pressures on implementers Lack of will, motivation, initiative and accountability Corruption and vested interest Lack of team spirit Lack of Financial and Infrastructural support Shortage of time
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