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Huawei - Mobile Networking evolved


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Presentation For Mobile Monday in Bangkok by Michael MacDonald, CTO of Huawei South-east Asia

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Huawei - Mobile Networking evolved

  1. 1. Mobile Networking Evolved Mike MacDonald CTO Huawei Southeast Asiafind me
  2. 2. Mobile Internet Traffic Growth Total global handsets that are smartphones in 2010 Tablets connected to the mobile network in 2010 Percent of mobile Average mobile Increase in average Number of mobiletraffic that was video connection speed for mobile connection only Internet users by in 2011 smartphones in 2010 speed by 2015 2015 Cisco VNI Golbal Mobile Traffic 2010
  3. 3. $400 m USD in 24 hours
  4. 4. buys andintegrates it
  5. 5. Tale of the tape < $50 USD ARPU > $5 USD < 70% Internet > 30% < 100% Mobile < 100% < 50% 3G > 15% < 80% Laptop > 15% < 90% Television > 20% < 200% Bank Account > 50% < 70% Credit Card > 15% But what does this mean?
  6. 6. The Four Screens Quality of Experience Fixed Fixed mobile Mobile 2G DSL 3G PON LTE WiFi
  7. 7. Technology enablers Collaborative • Everything must be sharable • Socially connected at all times Mobility • Real-time feedback Cloud from community• Compute power in • Enabled with ultra • New market for the palm of your broadband apps with privacy hand • Apps become device features• New “info on the independent go” mentality • Synchronization of• Window to content webscape goes with • Downloading you becomes streaming
  8. 8. How? Shameless branding (for the app provider) What? Thought nugget you want to shareWhen?Moment ofbrilliance Where? So friends know where to find you and give youWhy? Who? a high 5Boring gap between beers, Friends Lulls in conversation, unwillingly Commercials tagged
  9. 9. Things that just make sense• Mobile eCommerce is hot• Real-time data synchronization is a must• Content management apps for video• Personalized search for “My Internet”• Applications must be mobile• Unique mobile only apps
  10. 10. Thought nuggets• In Asia, smartphones/tablets WILL BE the laptop• Mobile connections far surpass fixed by 10:1 in Asia• Apps must support mobility, collaboration and cloud• Video is the most bandwidth heavy content• Synchronization is imperative for cloud to work• Any socially connected app must support:
  11. 11. Changing lives with technology
  12. 12. Internet video is now over 1/3 of all consumer Internet traffic not including peer-to-peer video“ Over-The-Top…consists of content and applications in a video environment where the delivery occurs over an alternative means than the main video delivery infrastructure. - Wikipedia 2010
  13. 13. by the numbers More than 7 billion More than 190 million application installed devices shipped globallyThat’s almost 1 app for every That’s more than all Wii, Xbox person on the planet 360 and PS3 consoles globally - or - - or -The average number of dust The average number of germs mites on a typical bed transmitted during one kiss
  14. 14. The cloud concept • Delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided as a utility over a network • Does not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services Simply put…the cloud makes things easier!
  15. 15. Demystifying LTE• Several versions of HSPA actually provide bandwidth equivalent to LTE• Wireless technologies are spectrum limited• LTE offers new spectrum and hence more bandwidth• Per user bandwidth is still best effort based on congestion in that cell sector
  16. 16. Keeping up with the Jones EIR AuC GSM circuit Abis switched BTS BSC MSC GMSC UE HLR SGSN GGSN UMTS Iub HSPA NodeB RNC HSPA+ MS S1-CP eNodeB MME HSS PCRF MS X2 S1-UP SAE PDN eNodeB SGW GW GW MS ASN CSN ASN BS BRAS GW SS
  17. 17. It’s complicated...but 3GPP Rel 11+ 336Mbps 3GPP Rel 10 @20- 40Mhz 3GPP Rel 9 168Mbps @20Mhz 84Mbps 3GPP Rel 8 @10Mhz 3GPP Rel 10 42Mbps 3GPP Rel 6/7 ~1Gbps @5~10Mhz 3GPP Rel 9 @100Mhz 3GPP Rel 5 21/28Mbps 300Mbps @5Mhz 3GPP Rel 8 @20~40Mhz7/14Mbps 86Mbps @5Mhz @10~20MhzWith the exception of an ITUbrain-fart in 4Q10, thecurrent consensus is that"the ITU does not view LTE,WiMax and HSPA+ as 4G”
  18. 18. The lowdown• So yeah...LTE could be faster and will approach 1Gbps in the future• BUT...there are only a handful of phones capable today with most devices being laptops via LTE dongles• Smartphones won’t overtake laptops on LTE until 2015• LTE will not be a significant change in mobile networking
  19. 19. Huawei Prospective Phones will be the universal device for all applications, keeping you connected all the time, everywhere Improved screens, faster networks, and powerful chipsets will bring online real-time interactions in HD, including multiplayer online gaming Content sharing will enable seamless interaction between intelligent devices and home appliances such as TVs and sound systems
  20. 20. Media AnywhereTV Everywhere • Multi-screen switch with TV, smartphone, laptop and tablet • Differentiated VASs, Applications, Advertising, Family Community, and Content Management Interactive Gaming • Cloud gaming solution for low-cost high- value service • Real online game experience $400 million USD in first 24 hours
  21. 21. User Centric Experience Value Growth Rich Communication Solution Service Flexible charging and control Convergent communications, capability based on factors personal information storage, such as traffic, duration, and social networking event, content, bandwidth; services based on mobile and packages them into subscribers’ real socialdifferentiated services & tariffs relationships to meet demands from different users Digital Shopping Mall Focuses on social networking services (SNSs) that are based on integrated address books; making good use of carriers large install base
  22. 22. Intelligent Devices • Affordable smart phones to stimulate MBB growthMobile WiFi LTE Router • Amazing Intelligent Devices to drive user’s ARPU Dongle • Blazing fast multimode dongles for HSPA/LTE • Pocket WiFi for additional value add service LTE Smart CPE Phone Media Tablet