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Content the Foundation of your Social Media Marketing - Tips and Tactics to Create and Optimize


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Content Marketing is about creating compelling contagious content and sharing it freely on social networks and blogs.
Content marketing is about attraction, permission and pull, it is not about push
It is about creating compelling contagious content that attracts people and businesses to you.
It is about content that educates, informs, entertains and inspires
It is about providing information that solves problems
It is about getting them to your site and then getting them to take action.
Engage first then get them to
With the ultimate goal is to get them to buy!

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Content the Foundation of your Social Media Marketing - Tips and Tactics to Create and Optimize

  1. 1. Content - The Foundation of your Social Media MarketingTips and Tactics to Create & Optimize
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Introduction “Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003” Eric Schmidt, 2010 (CEO of Google)
  4. 4. What Is Content?
  5. 5. What is Social Media Content Marketing?
  6. 6. Content Types• Videos• Blog posts• Newspaper articles• Magazines• Images and Photos• Instant messages• Text messages• Tweets• Facebook updates
  7. 7. Online Video• 2007 - 8 hours of Video every minute
  8. 8. Online Video• 48 Hours uploaded every minute
  9. 9. Facebook• “250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day”
  10. 10. Twitter• “200 million tweets per day”
  11. 11. Email• “90 trillion emails a year or more than 2.8 million emails a second”
  12. 12. Texts• Text Messages in 2011 – More than 8 trillion
  13. 13. The Challenges• 8 Challenges of Content Marketing 1. Finding inspiration and ideas 2. Creating it 3. Making it relevant 4. Resourcing it 5. Managing it 6. Monitoring it 7. Measuring it 8. Making it “Liquid” and Contagious
  14. 14. The Benefits• Positions “Online” Experts• Optimizes for search (SEO)• Creates an online asset• Educates and entertains• It doesn’t sleep• Amplifies your signal• Connects, engages and sells• Reach a global audience
  15. 15. Tips and Tactics for Content Marketing on a Social Web• What is the Lie Some Marketers Tell You?
  16. 16. Tips and Tactics for Content Marketing on a Social Web• The Lie!
  17. 17. The 10 Commandments of Content Marketing
  18. 18. The 10 commandments of Content Marketing1. Focus2. Goals3. Embrace being a publisher4. Solve problems by informing & educating5. Entertain6. Be human7. Show don’t tell8. Publish everywhere9. Use Multimedia10.Include calls to action
  19. 19. Getting Started
  20. 20. What Content Should Be!1. Great headline3. Easy to read5. Short and snappy7. Visually strong9. Mobile enabled
  21. 21. What Content Shouldn’t Be!1. Boring3. Long5. One dimensional7. Irrelevant9. Offline
  22. 22. The Ultimate Content
  23. 23. The Ultimate Content• Online Video: “Dynamite” Surfing
  24. 24. Online Video: 4 Keys for Viral Video1. Congruency3. Emotive strength5. Network involvement7. “Paired meme synergy”
  25. 25. Video Graphics: Social Media Revolution
  26. 26. Video Graphics: Social Media Revolution
  27. 27. Articles and Blog Posts• Awesome headlines – Tempt and Tease• Great writing – be a story teller, find your voice• Good Structure – Sub Titles, Bullet Points• Educational – How To’s• Informative – News, Facts and Figures• Visual – Images, Infographics, Photos, Cartoons Case Studies: Social Media Examiner & Copyblogger
  28. 28. Infographics
  29. 29. Images
  30. 30. Images
  31. 31. Photos
  32. 32. Photos
  33. 33. Finding Inspiration and Ideas for Content1. Subscribe to the top blogs in your industry3. Read inspiring books5. Switch on your “Multi-Media” mind7. Keep the iPhone handy (notes & photos)9. Turn on the content ideas “Antenna”11. Brainstorming sessions
  34. 34. Creating Multiple Media Content Types• Ask the question?“How can I communicate this with something other than words?”
  35. 35. Creating Content for Multiple Social Networks
  36. 36. Optimising your Content - What do you to optimise for?• Search• Social• Short attention spans• Multimedia world• Mobile platforms
  37. 37. 4 Keys to Optimizing Content1. Ease of Reading and Viewing3. Optimize for Sharing, Subscribing and Virality5. Make it Addictive7. Search
  38. 38. 10 Tips for Addictive Content1. Reviews2. Mega Lists3. How To’s4. Experts and Thought Leader Interviews5. Case Studies6. Negative or Contrarian Stories7. Facts, Figures and Statistics8. News Stories9. Research10.Infographics
  39. 39. Supercharging Content from the Tribe – 3 Key Tactics1. Guest Posts3. Experts5. Thought Leaders at Webinars“Goal is to attract masses of people and deliver highly valuable content”
  40. 40. Promoting your Content – 7 Tips• Remember “Organic is slow” 1. Supercharge it with Paid (SEM and SMM) 2. Promote on Twitter 3. Publish to Facebook 4. Publish to LinkedIn 5. Include Google+ 6. Stumble it! 7. Don’t forget the Visual Networks (Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, Slideshare)
  41. 41. Creating a Content Schedule – Some Ideas!• Content and Platform to publish to Facebook once a day• Tweet 10 times a day• Blog post daily or weekly• Video monthly• PowerPoint presentation to Slideshare monthly• White paper or eBook quarterly• Annual industry research or survey
  42. 42. Creating a Content Schedule: Twitter
  43. 43. Measuring Success• Views• Retweets• Comments• Subscribers• Facebook Likes• Downloads• Leads• Sales
  44. 44. Case Studies: Super Stars of Content
  45. 45. Case Studies: Super Stars of Content• Blog• E-Books• Marketing Hubs – Twitter, Blogging, Lead Generation• Marketing kits• Marketing videos• Weekly marketing video podcast• Webinars• White papers• Marketing studies and reports• Marketing tools – “Website Grader”
  46. 46. Case Studies: Super Stars of Content - Old Spice• Video was their content of choice 1. Keep Your Videos Short and Snappy 2. Advertising into “Content” that is Easy to Share 3. Make you Marketing Content Searchable 4. Everywhere 5. Respond in Real Time 6. Used Other People’s and other Media’s Networks (for free) 7. Use Social Media to Activate Mass Media 8. Keep the Content Pumping 9. Drive Engagement through Personalization 10. If it Works Keep Repeating a Proven Formula
  47. 47. Case Studies: Zappos – Online Shoe Store• The Content – 13 Blogs – Images – Crowd sourced Content with reviews – 50,000 Videos
  48. 48. Case Studies: Mr Porter• The Content – The Journal – Online Magazine published weekly – Style Icons – David Bowie examples of style – Style Advice – Tips on shoes to wear and “the” watch to buy – Style Council – Tapping into powerful networks – Video Manual – Learning the art of smart yet informal dressing
  49. 49. If you still don’t think content marketing is important –consider this…• Coca Cola – The Coca Cola 2020 Marketing Vision – Replacing “Creative Excellence with “Content Excellence”
  50. 50. Case Studies: Coca Cola• 5 Lessons from Coca Cola’s New Content Marketing Strategy – Lesson 1 - Create Liquid Content – Lesson 2 - Ensure your Content is Linked – Lesson 3 - Create Conversations – Lesson 4 - Move onto Dynamic Story Telling – Lesson 5 - Be Brave with Your Content Creation
  51. 51. Takeaways – Think like a publisher
  52. 52. Takeaways – Optimize your content
  53. 53. Takeaways – Market and Everywhere
  54. 54. Takeaways – Create Multimedia to engageeveryone
  55. 55. Takeaways – Be relentless
  56. 56. Twitter: @JeffBullas