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Contributing to WordPress Core


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How to contribute to WordPress core

Published in: Technology
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Contributing to WordPress Core

  1. 1. @jeffikus @diekloon Core Contributions 101 Everything you need to know to start contributing to WordPress core, today!
  2. 2. @diekloon@jeffikus So you like to code huh? If you are already building WordPress products, or clients products/sites with WordPress, why not give back?
  3. 3. @diekloon@jeffikus Where do you start? It’s a bit tricky when you don’t know how.
  4. 4. @diekloon@jeffikus Register
  5. 5. @diekloon@jeffikus Read the documentation
  6. 6. @diekloon@jeffikus Let’s find us some tickets! A short list of places to look.
  7. 7. @jeffikus @diekloon Good First Bugs
  8. 8. @jeffikus @diekloon No Patch
  9. 9. @jeffikus @diekloon Needs Unit Tests
  10. 10. @jeffikus @diekloon Next Major and Next Minor Release
  11. 11. @jeffikus @diekloon Bug Reports
  12. 12. @jeffikus @diekloon Ask in Slack #core
  13. 13. @diekloon@jeffikus Setup your Tools and Environment Vagrant, custom rolled, what should I choose?
  14. 14. @diekloon@jeffikus Testing Unit tests, manual tests, peer reviews
  15. 15. @diekloon@jeffikus Patches Creating and applying patches
  16. 16. @jeffikus @diekloon Useful SVN Commands svn update svn status svn diff svn diff path/to/file svn diff > my-path-file.diff patch -p0 < /path/to/patch.diff svn revert . -R svn revert path/to/file
  17. 17. @jeffikus @diekloon Doing the Github dance Oh yes its true! Much the same as SVN Only differences is the command! git diff —no-prefix > my-patch-name.diff
  18. 18. @diekloon@jeffikus Submitting a patch How to submit your changes to trac
  19. 19. @diekloon@jeffikus Following Up Staying in touch after you’ve submitted your patch
  20. 20. @jeffikus @diekloon All about me!
  21. 21. @jeffikus @diekloon Props page
  22. 22. @jeffikus @diekloon Lets Chat General discussion and questions around WordPress core development.
  23. 23. @diekloon@jeffikus @jeffikus @diekloon @woothemes