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WordPress Media and Images


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Beginner training on WordPress media and images presented at WordCamp Minneapolis 2016 Foundation Friday. Slides include an introduction to media and images, embeds and uploads, finding images, Creative Commons & Flickr, and managing media on your WordPress site.

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WordPress Media and Images

  1. 1. Overview What media can you use? Where can you use it? How do you get it on your site? Editing tools Best practices
  2. 2. Types of Media Images Video Audio Files Documents
  3. 3. Media Placement Site header and logo Background Favicon Posts and pages Icons, buttons, & other elements
  4. 4. Media Sources Create your own - you hold the copyright Pay for it - you purchase permission to use Ask for it - like “borrowing” a cup of sugar Free sources - pay attention to usage restrictions!
  5. 5. Photo Credits For Upcoming Examples:
  6. 6. Exercise: 
 Download Images
  7. 7. Adding Media To Your Site
  8. 8. Media Library Where all the media uploaded to your site lives.
  9. 9. Exercise: 
 Upload Images to the Media Library & Edit
  10. 10. Adding Media to Posts & Pages
  11. 11. Exercise: 
 Add Images To Posts From URL Media Upload From Media Library
  12. 12. Modifying Images Within A Post or Page
  13. 13. Exercise: 
 Modify An Image In Your Post
  14. 14. Creating Image Galleries
  15. 15. Exercise: 
 Create An Image Gallery
  16. 16. Adding Captions & Links
  17. 17. Exercise: 
 Add Image Captions & Links
  18. 18. Embedding Media Borrowing media from somewhere else to display on your site.
  19. 19. AutoMagic Embeds YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter,, Spotify, SoundCloud, Flickr, and many more. Full list:
  20. 20. Insert From URL
  21. 21. Insert Using Embed Code
  22. 22. Same Result
  23. 23. Exercise: 
 Embed Media in a Post
  24. 24. Media Settings
  25. 25. Featured Images & Thumbnails
  26. 26. Tools to Edit & Optimize Photoshop & GIMP Canva & PicMonkey WordPress Editor iMovie / Windows Movie Maker
  27. 27. Basic Edits Image size / file size Watermarks, logo, and captions Saving for the web
  28. 28. Best Practices Give files descriptive names Use proper attribution Fill in Alt Text every time
  29. 29. Questions & Practice Time