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Descriptions Persons


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This is a practice.

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Descriptions Persons

  1. 1. Juan Camilo<br />Juan Camilo is a boy, he isaround ten yearsold. He iswhite. He is short and thin. Hishairis short, straight and darkblond. He eyes are darkbrown. Hislips are thin. He isfrom Medellín, Colombia.<br />Juan Camilo iswearing a orange a t-shirt, <br />ablue jeans and white and darkbluetennisshoes. He wearsglasses and<br />
  2. 2. He is a man, he is in his late 40s. He ismediumheight and chubby. Hishair short and black. Hiseyesare elongated and black. He isfrom Medellín, Colombia. He iswearing a light green t-shirt, a blue jean, gray and red tennis and cap. He wearswristwatch.<br />
  3. 3. Ismael<br />Ismael isoldman, he is 58 yearsold. He iswhite. He istall and thin. He hairis short, straight and salt’n’pepper. Hiseyes are blue. Hislips are thin. He has a beard. He isfrom Medellín, Colombia.<br />He iswearing a darkyellow t-shirt,bluejacket, blue jean and blackshoes.<br />