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Ci powerpoint 350

CI PowerPoint

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Ci powerpoint 350

  1. 1. My Classroom: Miss. Bartee  My 4th grade class has a total of 20 students. My class is made up of 11 girls and 9 boys, and 80% White and 20% African- American.
  2. 2. Topic: Civil War  Analyze the learner: When discussing Civil War in a classroom, I have to take in consideration the maturity level of my classroom and keep the war scenes in videos to a PG rating.
  3. 3. Main Objective  My student’s will be able to explain the Civil War; after researching the Civil War, watching videos, creating posters, and presenting a PowerPoint by the end of the week with 80% of accuracy. Schedule:  Day 1- Cause of the Civil War ( intro notes and videos about Civil War)  Day 2- Timeline of main event’s of Civil War (posters in groups)  Day 3- Important Figures of the Civil War (research in groups)  Day 4- Outcome of the Civil War ( PowerPoint)  Day 5- Presentation Day(PowerPoints in Groups)
  4. 4. Use of technology  In my classroom my students will use the internet to find information on the Civil War, use Microsoft PowerPoint to present it to the class, and watch videos on the Civil War.
  5. 5. Worked Cited  civilwar.htm  