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Lean Community Building: Getting the Most Bang for Your Time & Money


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You want to grow your organization's community, but that simply takes more time, money, and general people power than you have access to. Jen walks you through some ways to grow and focus on your community while on a small budget, with limited resources. You'll walk away with tools and tips to help you on your way to community bliss.

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Lean Community Building: Getting the Most Bang for Your Time & Money

  1. Lean Community Building Getting the Most Bang for Your Time & Money Jennifer S able Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita
  2. When you hear “Community”
  3. Yet another buzzword?
  4. Why should I care about building a Community?
  5. They’re Searching for You
  6. All Over the Web @jennita
  7. They’re your Customers @jennita
  8. And They Review you @jennita
  9. They Share Your Stuff recipes/chex-muddy-buddies/
  10. Yep, They Link to You @jennita
  11. They Tell their Friends @jennita
  12. + Stick Around in Bad Times @jennita
  13. They Make Marketing Easier COMMUNITY @jennita
  14. Community!
  15. Moz Then and Now…
  16. A Peek Into the Past @jennita
  17. Lots of Blog Posts… But, not a lot of conversation @jennita
  18. RSS Feed Circa 2008 Not bad, dude! @jennita
  19. Social Stats – Nov. 2009 ~800 “fans” We hadn’t claimed our URL! ~4,000 Followers @jennita
  20. Blog Traffic – Jan. 2010 394,000 Pageviews!!! @jennita
  21. Who Managed the Community? No one… until 2009 @jennita
  22. Let’s Look at Today
  23. A Post From April 2014
  24. Blog Traffic – Sept. 2014 998,046 vs 394,000
  25. Twitter @jennita
  26. Facebook
  27. Google+ @jennita
  28. Who Manages it Now?
  29. Numbers shmumbers… How Do you Do it?
  30. Consistency is Key Blog started in 2004.! By August 2005, Rand alone already had 518 Blog posts.! @jennita
  31. Encourage Engagement @jennita
  32. Increase Engagement Via Email
  33. *You* Have to Engage As Well One of our developers in the comments
  34. Be a Part of the Community @jennita
  35. Follow a Consistent Code
  36. Promote Community Members
  37. All Over the Place! @jennita
  38. Let Them Easily Find Each Other @jennita
  39. Have them Compete
  40. …And Earn Stuff
  41. Have a Plan
  42. Stick to Your Rules Let these be your guide
  43. In the Forum @jennita
  44. In Blog Comments @jennita
  45. On Social Media @jennita
  46. The Little Stuff Counts @jennita
  47. Take it Offline @jennita
  48. IRL FTW!
  49. Have a Personality Don’t be a robot, yo. @jennita
  50. On All Channels @jennita
  51. It’s a Team Sport
  52. Holy crap. That’s a lot of work!
  53. You’re Small, Who Has Time?
  54. Assess Internal Resources
  55. A Blogger in the Midst?
  56. Who Has a Large Network?
  57. Or, a Social Media Enthusiast @jennita
  58. A Dev, to Champion Ideas? Relevant to our interests!! @jennita
  59. All Part of the Community
  60. Now, let’s get sh** done.
  61. Make your content do some of the work
  62. Let’s Look at this Post @jennita
  63. How it Looks in Search Ooooh Noms!!! 449 calories!! Author has other recipes! @jennita
  64. And on Facebook @jennita
  65. What about Twitter? @jennita
  66. Boom. Pinterest. @jennita
  67. Overall Experience? That content is making sharing so easy! J @jennita
  68. How Can I Do That? @jennita
  69. Start With Open Graph
  70. How Open Graph Works On-Page Title + Title Tag! Title When Shared on FB! @jennita @jennita
  71. OpenGraph – ! <!-- Open Graph data -->! <meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" />! ! <meta property="og:type" content="article" />! ! <meta property="og:url" content="" />! ! <meta property="og:image" content=" image.jpg" />! ! <meta property="og:description" content="Description Here" />! ! @jennita
  72. Facebook Debugger! @jennita
  73. Facebook Debugger If your page isn’t showing up properly in FB! @jennita
  74. Facebook Debugger Or you have an old version of the page cached in FB! @jennita
  75. Facebook Debugger Use the FB Debugger to re-cache!! @jennita
  76. Twitter Cards
  77. Regular Text Tweet Snooze... @jennita
  78. Summary Card (default) Community WIN!! @jennita
  79. Summary Card Large Image Community @jennita
  80. Twitter Card Code ! <!-- Twitter card data -->! <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary">! ! <meta name="twitter:site" content="@twitterhandle">! ! <meta name="twitter:creator" content="@AuthorTwitter”> ! ! <meta name="twitter:title" content=”Title specific to Twitter – short works great!">! ! <meta name="twitter:description" content=”Remember this is being shared on Twitter, make it enticing to the FB user.">! ! <meta name="twitter:image" content=”image URL for the image you want to display">! ! @jennita
  81. Twitter Card Validator! @jennita
  82. Add Your Site @jennita
  83. Twitter Card Analytics @jennita
  84. Twitter Card Analytics @jennita
  85. Whew. Now… engage!
  86. Sprout Social Social Inbox! Inbox 0 is the goal! @jennita
  87. Sprout Social Connect Choose what to display! multiple accounts! @jennita
  88. IFTTT
  89. Show Off Pics Better
  90. Read Them When you Can
  91. Backup your Work
  92. Bitly When do we get the most clicks?!
  93. Bitly Find the influencers clicking on your links! @jennita
  94. @jennita TrueSocialMetrics Measure engagement!
  95. Rival IQ @jennita Which content is doing well for “competitors”? !
  96. Start Small. Expand when you can.
  97. Focus on Community… Everything else gets just a little bit easier. ☺
  98. Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita !! Thank You
  99. Tools Mentioned Ø FollowerWonk Ø SproutSocial Ø Bitly Ø IFTTT Ø TrueSocialMetrics Ø RivalIQ
  100. Resources Ø Measure Social – Ø Social Meta Data Templates – Ø IFTTT Recipes for Marketers – Ø Open Graph – Ø Twitter Cards –