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Businesses Want Results, Not Empathy Maps — #cxtalks Dallas 10 minute talk

While design is becoming ever more important in the business world, we’re at a crossroads where if we can't connect customer understanding to actionable themes or business results we’re going to lose our seat at the table. Customer Experience professionals need to become masters at blending customer, business, and technology to give teams a clear path ahead.

Key Takeaways
1. CX Pros need to get really good at understanding design, business AND technology
2. CX Pros need to get good at connecting customer insights to tangible features and products
3. CX Pros need to help design teams connect to business teams in an effective way

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Businesses Want Results, Not Empathy Maps — #cxtalks Dallas 10 minute talk

  1. 1. Jeremy Johnson #cxtalks BUSINESSES WANT RESULTS, NOT EMPATHY MAPS!
  2. 2. MORE REVENUE REDUCED COSTS TIME TO MARKET NEW CONCEPTS Additional revenue via better experience which drive more customers & sales. Savings via improved processes, systems, via digital transformation. Get to market with the right product or service faster, and hit the mark the 1st time. Identify new concepts and revenue streams that leverage your brand in new services or products. CX is important to your business!
  3. 3. “I have enough empathy maps to wallpaper my office…” “What I need is a plan.”
  4. 4. Many organizations don’t have a repeatable method of revealing customer insights and their journeys to define the right experiences. CUSTOMER INSIGHTS BUILD SEAMLESS EXPERIENCES
  6. 6. CX PROS NEED TO… get really good at understanding design, business AND technology STEP #2
  7. 7. CX PROS NEED TO… get good at connecting customer insights to tangible features and products. STEP #3 Mature Research / Strategy Process Collect Insights & Opportunities Group insights into strategic, actionable categories Tie Categories to Business Drivers Prioritize based on business + customer value, with technology Build out connected roadmap Framework for evaluating and connecting insights to business innovation
  8. 8. CX PROS NEED TO… help design teams connect to business teams in an effective way. • Validating ideas and concepts • Saving money by validating with design prototypes before more costly development sprints • Improving speed to market by meeting customer needs faster • Incorporating feedback • Looking to discover new products and services for customers • Creating a strategy around “How else” or “How better” could we be serving our customers?” • Using insights to drive innovation concepts, based on customer’s needs • Improve Employee & 
 Customer Experience • Determine investment prioritization and MVPs • Help meet key objectives • Build customer understanding and value • Feed Portfolio: Kanban, Vision, 
 WITH CUSTOMERS Increased Revenue Improved Conversion Increased Self-Service Improved User Experience Improve Brand Image Increase Customer Retention Increase Share of Wallet Validate New Ideas Validate Vision Understanding Customer Value Gather Customer Feedback Building Empathy STEP #4
  9. 9. You must Reveal the Reality of your customers via mature methods Customer Insights must be actionable, not philosophical Make sure your CX process is 
 disciplined & repeatable The Customer Experience Strategy must plug into the business & 
 technology strategy Everything must be tied together with a delivery roadmap
  10. 10. VALIDATION BACKLOGS FOCUSED INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT BACKLOG LIVE TEST SPRINT DEVELOPMENT SPRINT DEVELOPMENT Ideas & Insights (AKA Hypothesis) Validated Design Experiments Validated Development ExperimentsBuilding & Evolving Make it part of your company’s DNA — it’s a continual process. experience-driven transformations REVEALING REALITY CUSTOMER BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY experience-driven transformations
  11. 11. Thank you! We wrote the book on helping businesses gain insight from their customers and users — insights that lead to effective, successful launches. Designing Software for People: Application Development in the Experience Age Customer Experience is key for organizations to stay competitive in the age of the customer. Jeremy Johnson VP of Customer Experience 214-228-2894 Hear from projekt202 CEO David Lancashire on growing and driving your business forward in “Ready to Transform your Business?” Looking to Transform your Business?. Download for free: