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Problems in the European Union


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A presentation about recent problems and solution in the European Union

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Problems in the European Union

  1. 1.  The EFSF Measure to save Greece New “problem country”: Spain
  2. 2.  The European Financial Stability Facility It’s heir: The European Stability Mechanism More firepower: 750 billion Euros Help from non EU-countries
  3. 3.  Registered company Best credit rating Provide Greece: 130 billion Euros Takeover by ESM
  4. 4.  The Private Sector Involvement Haircut of about 53.5% Greece Bond Holders A Voting in Athene
  5. 5.  Major European banks Allianze, Axa, Deutche Bank,… The National Bank of Greece German Bank: FMS Wertmanagement
  6. 6.  Property bubble Unrealistic investments Deficits to GDP too high 4.4%5.3%
  7. 7.  Reduce spending cuts Negative influence: health, education,… Unemployment 23.3%10.1% Fitch Ratings: ‘A’’AA-’
  8. 8.  After great effort Progress? Realistic?