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Lean UX: Building a shared understanding to get out of the deliverables business

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This is the latest iteration of the Lean UX conversation as given at UX LX (Lisbon) in May of 2012. Many thanks to Jeff Patton for the opening imagery.

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Lean UX: Building a shared understanding to get out of the deliverables business

  1. Lean UX: Building a shared understanding…and getting out of the deliverables business UX LX Lisbon, Portugal May 18th, 2012
  2. A tale of two cities……it was (definitely not) the best of times #LeanUX | @jboogie
  3. Building (digital) bridges…turned out to be fairly effective #LeanUX | @jboogie
  4. Aligning corporate strategy with a UX focus…many (expensive) ways to bring awareness #LeanUX | @jboogie
  5. Or the team can spend some time visualizing…to, at least, start from the same point #LeanUX | @jboogie
  6. And we made it easy……to keep the conversation going #LeanUX | @jboogie
  7. And we made it easy……to keep the conversation going #LeanUX | @jboogie
  8. #LeanUX | @jboogie (Jeff Patton)
  9. Visualizing our ideas reveals inconsistencies…between designers, developers, product owners and customers #LeanUX | @jboogie (Jeff Patton)
  10. Regular discussion leads to iteration…with each iteration leading to broader buy-in #LeanUX | @jboogie (Jeff Patton)
  11. Ultimately leading to shared understanding…and team alignment #LeanUX | @jboogie (Jeff Patton)
  12. Shared understanding is the currency of Lean UX…it’s worth its weight in paper, time & productivity #LeanUX | @jboogie
  13. Lean UXInspired by Lean Startup and Agile development theories, it’s thepractice of bringing the true nature of design work to light faster,in a collaborative, cross-functional way with less emphasis ondeliverables and greater focus on the actual experience beingdesigned. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  14. Agile values:Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentationCustomer collaboration over contract negotiationResponding to change over following a plan #LeanUX | @jboogie
  15. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  16. Lean StartupThe Lean Startup has as a premise that every startup is a grandexperiment that attempts to answer a question. The question isnot "Can this product be built?"Instead, the questions are "Should this product be built?" and"Can we build a sustainable business around this set of productsand services?"This experiment is more than just theoretical inquiry; it is a firstproduct. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  17. These are philosophies, notmethodologies. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  18. It goes a little something like this…Do this. Quickly. Many times. Just the UX processConcept Validate Prototype Test Learn Iterate Internally Externally from user behavior #LeanUX | @jboogie
  19. “Go that way. Really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.”-Charles DeMar (Curtis Armstrong) to Lane Myer (John Cusack) in “Better OffDead” #LeanUX | @jboogie
  20. In fast-paced environments, traditional UX is a bottleneck We’re getting in our own way #LeanUX | @jboogie
  21. With interactive experiences evolving rapidlyThe traditional design deliverable is an inefficient obstacle #LeanUX | @jboogie
  22. We have to change perspective on how to “do” UX Today’s markets require a new way of looking at our processes #LeanUX | @jboogie
  23. Designers can’t hide behind their monitor any more! This is a designer-led initiative #LeanUX | @jboogie
  24. Get design work out there. Fast.In public. Yep, where others can see it. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  25. OK. I’m intrigued. But how does it really work?First 5 things you need to do… #LeanUX | @jboogie
  26. Solve the problem togetherAs opposed to implementing someone else’s solution 1 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  27. SketchingIt’s all the rage! 2 It’s Bieber! #LeanUX | @jboogie
  28. Example of sketching at workV1 of the UI 2 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  29. Sketching brings experiences to life faster Launched UI 2 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  30. Prototype it! Build an experience, not a document. 3 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  31. Once validated, demo to the team. …and get everybody started. 3 No additional deliverables are needed! #LeanUX | @jboogie
  32. Pair up! But do it, cross-functionally 4 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  33. Pairing saves time Builds a common language 4 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  34. Pairing sets designers free, man …and empowers developers! 4 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  35. Style guides!The cause of, and solution to, all your UX problems 5 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  36. They’re good for developers too!Creates a reusable asset library and point from which to start 5 #LeanUX | @jboogie
  37. “Speed first. Aesthetics second.”– Jason Fried, #LeanUX | @jboogie
  38. “Going for the bronze.”– A Creative Director I used to work with #LeanUX | @jboogie
  39. “It’s not iterative if you only do it once.”– Stu Eccles, Technical Director, Made By Many #LeanUX | @jboogie
  40. Every design is a hypothesisDon’t design things people don’t want #LeanUX | @jboogie
  41. Validate your hypothesis with customers Keep it light and cheap. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  42. Use data to settle subjective issues A/B testing can settle these “Pepsi challenges” #LeanUX | @jboogie
  43. Form factor is ultimately irrelevantThere are many ways to validate hypotheses
  44. Informal and quick is better than….Delayed feedback loops
  45. It’s not “The Spec” that gives control Lead with conversation, trail with documentation #LeanUX | @jboogie
  46. This is the goal…Moving towards parallel path development and design.
  47. What Lean UX is NOT #LeanUX | @jboogie
  48. Lazy. Sorry. This is not a shortcut. “…the best part … is that the team is doing a F@&K-TON of UX. They document a ton of stuff explicitly on the walls and implicitly in shared understanding among team members.” -Austin Govella commenting on Whitney Hess’s “Why I Detest the Term Lean UX” #LeanUX | @jboogie
  49. The only thing being removed is waste. Leave the toolbox intact. Use the tools as necessary. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  50. This is NOT design-by-committee! That never leads to anything pretty. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  51. Can I make this happen in my organization?Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yessssssssss! #LeanUX | @jboogie
  52. You’re an in-house designer… Start small and internal. Ask for forgiveness. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  53. You are in the problem-solving business and you don’t solveproblems with design documentation.You solve them with elegant, efficient and sophisticated software. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  54. Startups This is the only way to work… #LeanUX | @jboogie
  55. The interactive agency and services world.Tougher sell. Worth it in the end. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  56. Agencies are in the deliverables business.(Focus is on output rather than outcome) #LeanUX | @jboogie
  57. Recapping the “in-house” Lean UX process….Remember? Just the UX processConcept Validate Prototype Test Learn Iterate Internally Externally from user behavior #LeanUX | @jboogie
  58. For services agencies it looks slightly differentGive your clients the power. They like that. Validate ValidateConcept w/client Iterate w/client Prototype Learn from user behavior #LeanUX | @jboogie
  59. Distributed teams do it remotely! If they’re a part of you, it’s on! If not, it ain’t bloody likely. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  60. Is this good for every project? Use it where it makes sense. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  61. Functional, task-flow projects work well.There’s a clear end goal. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  62. Highly experiential marketing projects will struggle.Time to ideate and create options is essential. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  63. What about content heavy experiences?Some up front planning is necessary. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  64. Designers are used to being heroes.Lean UX is distinctly, anti-hero. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  65. Lean UX brings Design Thinking to a broaderaudience.Which creates empathy for:- The customer- The problem space- The design discipline #LeanUX | @jboogie
  66. This is an evolution. Not a revolution. Designers must evolve to stay relevant. #LeanUX | @jboogie
  67. @jboogie Thank you’m writing a book! Pre-order here
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This is the latest iteration of the Lean UX conversation as given at UX LX (Lisbon) in May of 2012. Many thanks to Jeff Patton for the opening imagery.


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