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Access Analytic Capability Statement

Access Analytic provides AMAZING Excel solutions that enable companies to grow faster, reduce cost and reduce risk.

Our services include spreadsheet re-engineering, financial modelling, KPI's & dashboards, and data analysis.

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and provide our services using technology platforms such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Spreadsheet Detective and Invest for Excel.

Key Services & Examples:
• Financial modelling: capital raising (debt/equity), transactions (merging, acquiring, divesting), investor readiness, sensitivity analysis, business planning & scenario analysis, project economics. We build models, re-build models, extend models and audit models to provide assurance & confidence.
• Reporting & Analysis: budgets & forecasts, KPI’s, interactive dashboards, scorecards, analysis of big data sets & Board/management packs.
• Spreadsheet re-engineering: providing templates, automating & streamlining end-of-month procedures etc
• Training: range of courses in financial modelling, budgeting/forecasting, Advanced Excel and VBA macros to help businesses learn the “how to”.

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Access Analytic Capability Statement

  1. 1. Company Profile We believe Excel is the world’s best data analysis tool. It’s already changed the world & we’re still only scratching the surface! We provide AMAZING Excel solutions that enable companies to grow faster, reduce costs & reduce risks Assist Growth Control Cost Process Improvement Financial Modelling Reporting Training Reduce Risk
  2. 2. Asia-Pacific Clients Mining, Oil & Gas, & Energy Finance, Manufacturing, Agribusiness & IT Property, Services, & Construction PETRONAS
  3. 3. • Extensive accounting, finance and commercial experience. • Understand business issues  add greater value to your projects. • Other specialist staff available when required. Jeff Robson Wyn Hopkins Masters (Applied Finance & Investment), Excel Expert (MOS) BCom (Accounting & Information Systems), CISA, MAICD, FAIM, F Fin, Author, International Presenter Chartered Accountant (ACA), Excel Expert (MOS), BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management, Author, Presenter Yury Tokarev Chartered Accountant (CA), Excel Expert (MOS) PhD (Finance & Economics), GradDip (Accounting), BBS, Presenter Key Consultants
  4. 4. Automate repetitive manual processes save time & cost, improve accuracy Reduce risk of error in complex processes standardise processes Analyse results to drive decisions rather than just collating and cleansing data Examples • Board/Management Packs • Budget Packs • Integrating Systems/Web • Project & Document Controls • BAS & Tax Automation • Roster Planning • Onboarding • Remuneration Statements • Payroll/Timesheet Automation • Quoting/Costing • Journal Automation • Property Management • Financial Adviser Applications • Workflow & Approvals Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Reporting Training Process Improvement “You and your team are some of the best folks I have met and worked with in Perth.” “In my opinion Jeff, you and your guys have made a great contribution to the Planning and analysis side of our work and have been a great asset to us and of course we get to push the Big Button on your spreadsheets!” Alan, Planning Manager, Multi-national oil & gas client Financial Modelling
  5. 5. Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Reporting TrainingProcess Improvement Flexibility Efficiency Automation Automation Document Control Reporting & Progress Monitoring • Validation of incoming data & comparison summaries on reports at two points in time. • Summarising multiple date fields from 5,000 row documents into Actual v Planned progress charts Workforce Planning and Budgeting System • Auto-population of 200+ Cost Centre templates & automatic collation at Department & Company level • Integrated cost allocation module plus reporting and analysis Cashflow Forecasting • Forecast multiple sources of cashflows based on patterns of historic actuals allowing for non-bank days • Graphical representation of historic and future cashflow patterns at any chosen date. Report Automation • Extract Property data direct from main database. • Flexible reporting on historic and future cashflows • Single source of data entry removing multiple sources of “the truth” Financial Modelling MultipleDaysofTimeSaved
  6. 6. Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Financial Modelling Reporting TrainingFinancial Modelling Process Improvements Accurately analyse the future Run scenarios & sensitivities to test assumptions, business models & show what-ifs P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Financial forecasts for businesses, projects or transactions Best practice development standards Ensuring robust, flexible, user-friendly models Examples • Capital raising (debt/equity) • Budgeting/forecasting • Project analysis • Buying/selling business • Valuations • Investment decisions • Financial products Source Data Manual Assumptions and/or linked to systems Calculations Clearly defined inputs, calculations and outputs. Focus on robustness. Reports Key Metrics EBITDA, NPV Ratios Scenarios Flexible assumptions. Instant Scenario Tables. Version Control “We have hired Access Analytic to construct financial models for a number of clients. They often go beyond expectations, finding useful ways to analyse data and incorporate the resulting trends into 3-way forecasts. Our clients have been blown away by the robust financial models and the insight these models have provided into their business.“ Andrew Birch, CEO, Vantage Performance
  7. 7. Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Financial Modelling Reporting TrainingFinancial Modelling Forecasting & Capital Raising Budget Systems AutomationModel Audit Sample of Recent Findings: • Aeronautical client: $800m error • Logistics Operator: 150 High Risk items identified • Major Infrastructure Equity Raising Model: 28 High Risk items identified Other industry results: • Magellan Fund: $1.3b profit was a $1.3b loss! • TransAlta Corporation: $24m write-off • C&C Group: shares fell 15% due Excel error • Credit Suisse: fined $9.5m over Excel errors 90% of Complex Models contain errors. Stop them becoming problems! Our experienced staff and specialised auditing software ensure you can make decisions with confidence Process Improvements
  8. 8. Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Reporting Training Reporting Dashboards • Automatic updates • In-built Alerts and Checks for accuracy • High quality output to engage audience Power BI • Business Intelligence built into Excel • Handle huge amounts of data • Agile reporting implementation – save cost & time • Cloud-based for multi-device, mobile access Finance, HR & Operations • Board & Management Reporting: data-driven decisions • Sales Analysis: x-sell, up-sell, new markets, competitors • Cost Analysis: optimise, re-use, wastage • HR: statistics, culture, productivity • Operations: productivity, process flows, efficiencies “Jeff and his team at Access Analytic have the ability to take complicated information and make it meaningful and useful. They know more about using Excel than anyone and they can either do the analysis for you, or build tools so you can access the information easily. If you need to better understand your numbers, they can help.” David Beard, HR Specialist Process Improvements Financial Modelling
  9. 9. Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Reporting Training Reporting Dashboard & Power BI Finance, HR & Operations Confidence Aqwest • Corporate reporting system, with interactive selection of KPIs • Linked directly into database with on demand refresh capability Chevron People Dashboard • Summarise multiple elements of headcount stats and personnel profiles • Built in data validation and easy updating of new departments / cost centres • Data imported from source system reports, charts and reports update automatically Centurion Garage Doors • Series of dashboard reports for Board & senior management • Business overview for monitoring & exception/variance analysis • Expanded to provide filtered information to branch managers Process Improvements Financial Modelling
  10. 10. Power Query Extract & Transform Power Pivot 3D Map Combine & Calculate Visualise & Drill Down Excel Interface Power BI Visualise, Distribute & Interact On-premise & Cloud Data Databases CSV, Excel “Any Source” Millions of rows Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Reporting Training Reporting Dashboard & Power BI Finance, HR & Operations Confidence Process Improvements Financial Modelling
  11. 11. Power BI: would you like to do this?
  12. 12. World-leading Technology Gartner Feb 2016 BI & Analytics Platforms
  13. 13. Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Training Training • Excel, VBA, Power BI, Financial Modelling • Boost staff productivity & efficiency • Customised  more effective • Groups of 4-30 staff • Half/full day format in your office • Often 50%+ less vs public courses In-house Training Process Improvements Financial Modelling Reporting
  14. 14. Assist Growth Control Cost Reduce Risk Reporting Training Training Best PracticeProductivityTailored courses Woodside • Customised 5-day training course for all new analysts to teach the Woodside approach to modelling Chevron - Excel Productivity Programme • The essential guide to Excel’s capabilities, presented in a practical and easy to understand format Financial Modelling • Learn how to build a financial model from the ground up, run scenarios & analyse the results Excel Super User • An advanced course that’s actually advanced! • Advanced functions, introduction to VBA, Power BI, advanced techniques (note VLOOKUP is not “advanced”) “Highly recommend attending this course, Jeff Robson is very approachable and knowledgeable.” "There were a lot of practical examples that could be brought into my daily work. Good & clear explanations of difficult concepts...I'm impressed by the instructor's professionalism & clear explanations of functions that I've never heard of that I could use." “Wyn was a great facilitator. He was engaging and made the topic interesting and relevant to our roles. This was definitely the best Excel course I have been on.” Process Improvements Financial Modelling
  15. 15. Access Analytic is a strong team with decades of experience in: • Accounting and corporate finance • Consulting to medium and large organisations • Auditing and risk analysis
  16. 16. To learn more about how you can grow faster, control costs and reduce your risks, contact: Jeff Robson Access Analytic Solutions Pty Ltd Suite 143, Level 1, 580 Hay Street Perth, WA 6000, Australia Phone 08 6210 8500 (within Australia) +61 8 6210 8500 (from overseas) 0412 581 486 (within Australia) +61 412 581 486 (from overseas) Email ABN 64 091 625 697, ACN 091 625 697 Contact Us