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Get ’Embed’ with Your Librarian! Meeting the Needs of Students Online


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Presentation for the 2013 Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians: What do you do with students you rarely see in the library? University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has a growing adult learner population, most of which take classes solely online. Reaching these students can be challenging. Librarians conducted an assessment of adult students to investigate their needs. This session will focus on the assessment results and the outreach plan put into place. It will highlight several initiatives, including the embedded librarian program, marketing efforts, and learning tools geared towards online and adult students. Based on feedback from students and faculty, an increase in reference questions, as well as high usage statistics from librarian-created tutorials and discussion boards, the outreach plan is working. Come and learn about these best practices for online and adult learners and share your ideas, as well.

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Get ’Embed’ with Your Librarian! Meeting the Needs of Students Online

  1. 1. Meeting the Needs of Students OnlineGet ‘Embed’Your Librarian!withJoe HardenbrookInstruction & Reference LibrarianCofrin Library, UW-Green KasuboskiDistance Education & Reference LibrarianCofrin Library, UW-Green
  2. 2. embedded?Why goonlineRapid growth ofprogramsadult studentsReturningwith different needsvaryingStudents haveskill levelsextendLimited staff toservicesExpectation of services@ time & place of needstudent & facultyCurrent efforts not meetingneeds
  3. 3. UW-Green Bay6,700 studentsAdult Degree& NursingOnline classes: mostlyMSW & HealthInformationTechnology75 % onlineSummer classes:traditionalSome online optionsforstudents
  4. 4. Adult Degree Program900+ studentsBachelor of Arts,Bachelor of Applied Studies,Bachelor of Business Admin.onlinewith some other formatsMostlyMix of full-time & retiredfaculty, and adjuncts
  5. 5. Nursing Programs4 programsUWGB participates insoon-to-beRN to BSN3 differentcompletion degreesFaculty may not beUWGB-basedonline programMSN- Fall 2013
  6. 6. Collaborative ProgramscomplexityAddedEach institution hasits own procedurescontact?Who do youLibraryWhat can the do?
  7. 7. Learning StylesVarying tech skillsSage on the stagevs. Guide on the side“Chunking” info into manageable bitsLibrarypoint ofhelp atneed
  8. 8. Teaching StrategiesTimely response toquestions & concernsessentialdoneto get the taskGive students what they need Interactivity is key
  9. 9. Computer Lit v. Info Litinformation literacyComputer literacyis not their skill levelFaculty & studentsoverestimatedue toWecker study: Some students withless knowledgecomputer skillsadvancedshallow processingmoreacquire
  10. 10. Survey – Spring 2011informationProvidewhat services are usedAssesswhat is neededFind outGage knowledgeof library servicesStudentSurvey FacultySurvey
  11. 11. Student SurveyawarenessLack of Problems withfull-text articlesLibrary infoMoreneeded in coursesintro
  12. 12. Student Survey
  13. 13. Faculty Surveyciting sourcesStudents need helptoolFaculty need aLibraryfamiliarize themselvestowith theintrocomponent should beLibraryadded to courses
  14. 14. Faculty Survey
  15. 15. Morepromotionof libraryservicesResearchassistanceavailableevenings &weekendsIncreaseuse ofEmbeddedLibrarianMore onlinetutorialsMorecitationassistanceIncrease useof libraryresourcesfor studentworkOutreach Plan
  16. 16. Embedded Librarianfaculty in D2LwithPartnerPilot ProgramDiscussionForumsto the LibraryPuts a Name & FaceapproachFlexiblecomponent is keyResearch
  17. 17. BenefitsPersonalConnectionSelf-ConfidenceBuildsproactiveLibrarian can bewith issuesDecreasefaculty workload
  18. 18. Degree Library Guide
  19. 19. Adult Degree Library Guide535 viewsFall 2011613 viewsSpring 20121856 viewsFall 20121424 viewsSpring 2013 (to date)
  20. 20. Student Library Guide500views since Fall 2012Nearly
  21. 21. Course Research GuidesHuman Biology 102:Intro to Human BiologyHuman Development 336:Gender DevelopmentAcross the Lifespan5,129viewsFall 201021,070 viewsFall 201144,455 viewsFall 2012Stats
  22. 22. Citing Sources - NoodleToolsfeedbackSurveyFrequentlyasked forPilot year
  23. 23. TutorialsCaptivate& iMovieServicesSkillsDatabases
  24. 24. Tutorial PlanningHighImportanceEvaluatinginformation foundon websitesHow to identify if asource is scholarlyHow to citematerials properlyMediumImportanceChoosing relevantlibrary databasesChoosing correctsearch terms andkeywordsHow to locate afull-textInformation onplagiarism andacademic honestyLowImportanceSearching forarticles in a librarydatabaseGetting materialsnot owned byCofrin LibraryFinding a book inthe library catalog
  25. 25. MarketingPilot ProgrammeetingsDepartmentNewsletters & EmailMarketing GraphicsStudent Orientation
  26. 26. Advocating for SupportdedicatedHavingpeopleFundingallocationaskLibrary leadershipneeds tostoryTell yourdataDemonstrate with
  27. 27. rightTargeting thecoursesRetentionSkillsassessmentAssessmentof servicesVirtualoffice hoursSynchronousabilityPortalTutorialcollaborationFacultyGoing Forward
  28. 28. Sharing & Questions
  29. 29. This presentation uses Creative Commons images available from Flickr: “Like”: “Abstract Fabric Swirls Background”: “8th Floor, Looking Towards the Northwest”: “Cofrin Library on a fall morning”: “Tools of a midwife”: “Branches”: “01.12.11”: “The Chalk Board (104/365)”: “Mac Keyboard”: “HELP POINT”: “Survey Says…”: “070305”: “Shelving”: “The Adventurers”: “Questions”: Sources