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No More Cruise Control: Driving Change with Students, Staff, and Space


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Presentation info: Adapt or die. It's a mantra we hear, but libraries have always been about change. The key now is to be in the driver's seat. Librarians from Carroll University will discuss four ways they have embraced change: 1) a workflows assessment to analyze staff duties, 2) a ʺkindness auditʺ to examine barriers to library services, 3) an enhanced patron count to determine how to best utilize library space, and 4) a survey to report how students use the library. Combined, these initiatives position the library as a change maker. Learn about these practices and take the wheel to share your experiences with change, too!

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No More Cruise Control: Driving Change with Students, Staff, and Space

  1. 1. No More Cruise Control Driving Change with Students, Staff, and Space Photos courtesy of Pixabay - Creative Commons, no attribution required, unless otherwise noted. Joe Hardenbrook Carroll University @mrlibrarydude
  2. 2. Our Roadmap Workflows Assessment Kindness Audit Enhanced Patron Count Survey
  3. 3. Carroll University ● 3,503 students ● BA, BS, BSN, MBA, M.Ed., MSN, MSE, MOT, DPT ● Top Majors: ○ Exercise Science ○ Nursing ○ Psychology ○ Biology ○ Business Administration
  4. 4. Change is Your Competitive Advantage
  5. 5. Library Staffing
  6. 6. Library Staffing
  7. 7. Library Staffing ● Director duties: BRITTANY ● Liaison duties (Research assistance, Info Lit, Collection Development: ○ Art: SUSAN ○ Graphic Communication: NANCY ○ Music: JOE ○ Theatre: BRITTANY ○ Photography: SUE ● Archives: SUE ● ContentDM sys admin: JOE ● Website: JOE ● Digital signage/web graphics: JOE ● WebOPAC sys admin: NANCY ● Security Cameras: BRITTANY ● Patron Count Records: CAROLE ● Reserves: CAROLE Impact of the loss of one position
  8. 8. Workflows Assessment
  9. 9. Workflows Assessment What do you do? What would you like to spend more time on? Is there anything you should invest less time in?
  10. 10. Workflows Assessment Staff buy-in needed Assessment, NOT evaluation Budget-conscious universities
  11. 11. Workflows Assessment
  12. 12. Workflows Assessment
  13. 13. Workflows Assessment Example
  14. 14. Workflows Assessment What did we learn?
  15. 15. Kindness Audit Image source: “Random Acts” by mtsofan. Flickr Creative Commons:
  16. 16. Kindness Audit What is it? Wayfinding Signage Spaces Furniture
  17. 17. Kindness Audit How do you do it? Things I like Things I don’t like Things that surprise me Things that confuse me Things I have questions about
  18. 18. Kindness Audit Instructions
  19. 19. Kindness Audit Things I don’t like
  20. 20. Kindness Audit Things I don’t like
  21. 21. Kindness Audit Things I don’t like
  22. 22. Kindness Audit Things I don’t like
  23. 23. Kindness Audit Things that confuse me
  24. 24. Kindness Audit Things that surprise me
  25. 25. Kindness Audit Things I have questions about
  26. 26. Kindness Audit Things I like
  27. 27. Kindness Audit Things I like
  28. 28. Kindness Audit Things I like
  29. 29. Kindness Audit Things I like
  30. 30. Kindness Audit - Changes
  31. 31. Kindness Audit - Changes
  32. 32. Kindness Audit - Changes
  33. 33. Kindness Audit - Changes
  34. 34. Kindness Audit - Changes
  35. 35. Kindness Audit - Changes
  36. 36. Enhanced Patron Count and Student
  37. 37. Enhanced Patron Count Why did we do this? What is it?
  38. 38. Enhanced Patron Count What did we record? Data entry: Qualtrics survey form bookmarked on iPads
  39. 39. Enhanced Patron Count ● Computer-group ● Computer-solo ● Eating or Drinking ● Resting/Sleeping ● Phone Use ● Socializing ● Staff interaction ● Study-group ● Study-solo
  40. 40. Enhanced Patron Count Additional staff observations Furniture Technology Infrastructure Noise PatronsExample
  41. 41. Student Survey Compliments the Enhanced Patron Count Why did we do this?
  42. 42. Student Survey Qualtrics survey 70 questions Survey Questions ● General Building ● Physical Materials ● Electronic Materials ● Library Technology ● Furniture ● Learning in the Library ● Noise Level
  43. 43. Student Survey What did we find out? What do you feel is the purpose of the library in your life? ● A place to study ● A place to focus ● A place to complete academic work ● A place to be productive ● A place to meet up with people ● A place to research
  44. 44. Student Survey Anything in the Library that prevents you from completing your academic work effectively? Noise Space Weekend hours Infrastructure Furniture
  45. 45. Changes
  46. 46. Changes “Whiteboards everywhere!”
  47. 47. Changes More comfy lounge furniture
  48. 48. Changes No more “creaky” chairs When you think you have enough outlets - add some more!
  49. 49. Changes Got water?
  50. 50. Changes Request for microwave & refrigerator Additional group study rooms Soundproofing study rooms
  51. 51. What’s Next?
  52. 52. Questions and Sharing Joe Hardenbrook Carroll University