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lesson 6 educational technology


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Published in: Education
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lesson 6 educational technology

  1. 1. Lesson 6 : “Developing Basic Digital Skills”
  2. 2. As teachers adjust their teaching to effectively match the new digital world of information technology(ICT), they must be clear on what basic knowledge, skills and values need to be developed by digital learners. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. These basic literacy's will not replace the 3r’s: Reading WritingArithmetic
  4. 4. Six (6) Essentials to Equip Students for Success
  5. 5. Solution Fluency This refers to the capacity and creativity in problem solving. It requires whole brain thinking executed when students define a problem, design the appropriate solution, apply the solution, and assess the process and result.
  6. 6. This involves 3 subjects of skills: a.) An ability to access information. Access may involve not only of the internet, but either sources like CD-ROM software. b.)An ability to retrieve information .May includes not only texts but images, sound and video. c.) An ability to reflect on, assess and rewrite for instructive information packages. Information Fluency
  7. 7. Collaboration Fluency To teamwork with virtual or real partners in the online environment, there is a virtual interaction in social networking and online gaming domains.
  8. 8. Media Fluency Refers to channels of mass communication (radio, television, magazine, advertising, graphic arts) or Digital sources. There is a need for an analytical mind to evaluate the message in a chosen media, as well as creative ability to publish digital messages.
  9. 9. Creativity Fluency Adds meaning by way of design, art, and the story –telling to package a message. Templates for ppt. and blogs are available for free access in the internet Font, color, patterns are elements to creative fluency
  10. 10. Digital Ethics Guided by principles of leadership, global responsibility, environmental awareness, global citizens and personal accountability.
  11. 11. Thank You for listening!!!  Prepared by: Jomar Ed N. Cañeso BSE-3D