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Paraprofessional presentation


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Paraprofessional presentation

  1. 1. They keep the office organized and help all the staff and kids.
  2. 2. She takes care of organizing the office at G.F.S.
  3. 3. She teaches us good study habits.
  4. 4. She helps and has lunch with us.
  5. 5. Our math tutors help make learning fun.
  6. 6. She helps us write in our journals. She helps with spelling.
  7. 7. She helps with reading strategies.
  8. 8. She helps us in the lunchroom and the library.
  9. 9. She teaches us how to stay organized.
  10. 10. She helps us read and write.
  11. 11. She helps us with our lessons.
  12. 12. She brightens each day with her kind support.
  13. 13. They help with our math and reading.
  14. 14. Our reading tutor helps with our reading comprehension.
  15. 15. They help us when we are sick.
  16. 16. Our math tutors help us understand how to solve problems.
  17. 17. She helps keep us safe at recess.
  18. 18. He helps with everything we need to make the day run smoothly!
  19. 19. She helps with our reading fluency.
  20. 20. She helps us keep everything organized.
  21. 21. They help us with our classwork.
  22. 22. She helps keep us safe during lunchtime.
  23. 23. They keep our school organized and safe.
  24. 24. She helps us understand writing.
  25. 25. They help us learn to read.
  26. 26. She helps keep us safe in the hallways.
  27. 27. She helps make difficult tasks easier.
  28. 28. He helps us with computer skills.
  29. 29. They make sure the computers run smoothly.
  30. 30. They help with bus duty and keeping our buildings safe.
  31. 31. They help us stay healthy.
  32. 32. She helps us check out books.
  33. 33. She helps with our jobs. She helps with our work.
  34. 34. She helps us in specials.
  35. 35. She plays Star Wars with us! She helps us understand our work.
  36. 36. They help make lunchtime fun and safe.
  37. 37. They make sure we all have good food to eat.