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Adding pictures to Mini treasures wiki        with help of Pinterest
Pin the photo you want to                                                              use in Mini treasures wiki         ...
Go to Pinterest and    find the pin.
Open the pin and choose Embed.
The pictuers in Mini treasures wiki   are 240px wide (or less) so    change the Image Width(Height will change automatical...
Start editing the page    in Mini treasures wiki.Find the place in page where you want to add the photo.Then Insert -HTML/...
Paste the code here                            you have copied from Pinterest                                   and press ...
The code is now here.       Save.
The photo from the blog post is now shown                                              in Mini treasures wiki..   From the...
With help of Pinterest you can embed almost any               picture from the Internet.As we want torespect thecopyrights...
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Go to Pinterest and find the pin.

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