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Digital Story Telling & eBook Creation for Teachers


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Digital Story Telling is now easier than ever to do with iPads and Tablets right in your classroom. Mobile devices today can be used to weave together audio, video, images, & text in creative ways. This slideshare will show you how to get students away from consuming content to be creators of content and then publishing it as a digital book. Digital stories can engage students at any grade level while enhancing their writing and critical thinking skills.

Published in: Education
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Digital Story Telling & eBook Creation for Teachers

  1. 1. Digital Story Telling  & Portfolio Creation Using an iPad or Android Tablet
  2. 2. Workshop details • Have a 1:1 iPad classroom • Contact me: • On Twitter: @MrReidWSS • Blog:
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Pull out your iPad or tablet or borrow an iPad 3. Pedagogy 4. Digital Story Telling 5. Q&A 6. Practice
  4. 4. WHAT IS THE S.A.M.R. MODEL? This pedagogy model is an extension of Constructivism Describes how to practically integrate technology into everyday teaching Technology use can move from Enhancing to Transforming.
  5. 5. Model Developed by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura
  6. 6. TRANSFORMATION Collaborate on a document with other students. Students interacting with each other on blogs
  7. 7. TRANSFORMATION Publishing work for global audience Example: Youtube video, eBook, digital comic and more.
  8. 8. “Once students are working at a Redefinition level then teachers move into becoming more of a facilitator and guide. This leads to degrees of students being responsible for their own learning."
  9. 9. Model Developed by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura
  10. 10. Digital Story Telling How to start
  11. 11. Examples. ! What can I make a book on?
  12. 12. Listings in iBook store
  13. 13. Group project and research on the War of 1812 Social Studies 8 ! -class portfolio
  14. 14. Group research at the public library on discrimination in 20th C. My Grade 12 History class created this book on a wiki and it was put together after in iBooks Author.
  15. 15. Individual research on the different parts of the Russian Revolution. My Grade 12 class used the app Comic Life to create comics and then we put them together to share them as a iBook.
  16. 16. eBook " Great Adventure" A By Grade 8's researching Explorers Created individually by students with Book Creator app. Students did their own layout.
  17. 17. Preview - A Great Adventure
  18. 18. How do you make a book?
  19. 19. iBooks Book Creator App
  20. 20. App Smashing Techniques for eBooks + + + + + or = iMovie Adobe Collage Explain Everything Book Creator Green Screen Popplet iBooks By, @MrReidWSS
  21. 21. Publish in iBooks store from both apps on a Mac computer iBooks
  22. 22. What about Android Tablets? • • • • • • • • • Video editing apps available Explain Everything Book Creator -Soon... Many image editing (Skitch) Comic Strip It! Simple Mind Mapping Plus ,any more apps Publish to Google Play Store Getting better all the time, but more difficult right now.
  23. 23. Demo: Book Creator & iBooks Author
  24. 24. Closing & Questions?
  25. 25. Hands on... ! • • Book Creator app iBooks app Book Creator App