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Wsn Bt

Application of WSN in Agricukture

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Wsn Bt

  1. 1. Aplication of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in Agriculture Precision Agriculture BORATELECOM SL Pza. de Curros Enríquez, 1. Of. 312 36002 Pontevedra T: 986 188 983 E:
  2. 2. WSN in AgricultureIntroduction:  WSN is an acronym for Wireless Sensor Network  Each node of the network is called MOTA  They communicate among themselves and with a gateway  This gateway can be reached from Internet  Manufacturers:  CrossBow:  Libelium:   Mesh networks: 
  3. 3. WSN in AgricultureAplications: Deployment of such distributed sensor networks offers several advantages: ● Diversity, scalability and higher density as compared to spatial centralized ● Self-organizing robust networks
  4. 4. WSN in AgricultureComponents:  The Battery currently have an estimated life of up to 1 year. They are usually Nickel Cadmium batteries.  Microprocessor: the speed is often of several megahertz and has a fairly low RAM (about 256 Kbytes to 256 Kbytes RAM and others to EEPROM).  The Battery currently have an estimated life of up to 1 year. They are usually Nickel Cadmium batteries.  Also used solar panels embedded with specks
  5. 5. WSN in AgricultureComponents (cont.)● The radio: IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee (future de facto standard that combines IEEE 802.15.4 and HomeRFLite above) are the most used● Sensors: are becoming smaller, more powerful and consume less energy.● Software: ● Arduino / Processing to control spots ● You can also use the NESC language (similar to the C language) on embedded operating systems like TinyOS.
  6. 6. WSN in Agricultura Architecture de una red WSN  Wireless networks of motes perform a self-organizing communication  They pass their sensory input and information they receive from neighboring spots to other spots until it reaches the gateway.
  7. 7. WSN in AgricultureMeasurable parameters in Agriculture  Pressure  Temperature  Humidity  Level og solar Radiation  Soil parameters using the right sensors
  8. 8. WSN in AgricultureAplications:  Selective harvest opportunity  Measuring Vegetation Indices  Monitoring Temporal Stability  Harvest  Variability of quality
  9. 9. WSN en AgriculturaAplicación WEB  Posibibility of developing a web application to monitor on a terrain map parameters DIGATIC 1.0 measured  Connecting to a database for storing parameters, historical consultation, etc.  Integration with statistical computing software such as VESPA  Geostatistical analysis by interpolation of the measured points (Kriging)
  10. 10. WSN in AgricultureLimitations:  The motes are components of very limited resources: they have a small CPU and limited storage capacity  Communication bandwidth, limited.  Their lifespan is determined by its ability to conserve energy (not to waste the battery.)  Normal state: in hibernation except when making measurements and transmitting the results
  11. 11. WSN in AgricultureNew aplications Vineyards / Wineries Farm animals E-health: measurement of body parameters in elderly people Home Automation: Control lighting, temperature in each room, etc.