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JLL JF 100 Excercise Bike Manual


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The JF100 perfect beginners exercise bike from JLL. Cycling is a great way to improve your fitness and lose weight at home . Perfect for a low impact workout at home
With JF 100 Excercuse Bike adjustable levels of resistance and many training programmes to keep you motivated this is a perfect way to get back in to shape.

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JLL JF 100 Excercise Bike Manual

  1. 1. TRAINER BIKE Owner’s Manual
  2. 2. Precautions 1) Read all the instructions in this manual and do warm up exercises before using this equipment. 2) This upright bike is home stationary fitness equipment, and also aerobic training equipment that can help you to develop your cardiovascular function. 3) Please make sure all parts are not damaged and fixed well before use. The equipment should be placed on a flat surface when using. Using a carpet or other covering material on the ground is recommended. 4) Please wear proper clothes and shoes when using this magnetic upright bike; do not wear clothes that might catch any part of the equipment; remember to tighten the pedaling straps. 5) Consult your physician and make a suitable exercise schedule before exercise. This is particularly important to people who are over 35 years old or who have prior medical history. In order to attain the ideal exercise result, besides executing a suitable amount of exercise, it is also very important to insist on doing exercise every day. 6) Before exercise, in order to avoid injuring the muscle, warm-up exercise of every position of the body is necessary. Refer to Warm Up Exercises. After exercise, relaxation of the body is suggested for cool-down. 7) Keep children and pets away from the equipment while operating the equipment. This machine is designed for adults only. The minimum free space required for safe operation is not less than two meters. 8) Do not use this equipment one hour before or after dinner. 9) If you feel any chest pains, nausea, dizziness, or short of breath, you should stop exercising immediately and consult your physician before continuing. 10) The maximum weight capacity of the user is 100kgs. Warning: It will be harmful if you disobey the above-mentioned precautions. 2
  3. 3. Exploded Diagram 3
  4. 4. Parts List No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 L/R 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Description Main frame Front stabilizer Rear stabilizer Handlebar post Handlebar Saddle tube Saddle Computer Pedal Crank Front stabilizer end cap Rear stabilizer end cap Carriage bolt Arc washer Cap nut Tension cable Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 4 8 4 1 No. 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 4 Description Sensor wire Connective wire Allen bolt Tension control Flat Washer Nylon nut Screw Pulse wire Spring washer Bolt Handlebar clamp Foam grip Cap Screw Knob Bushing Qty 1 1 4 1 3 3 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 1
  5. 5. Assembly Instructions Attention: Please follow these assembly instructions step by step to assemble this upright bike 1. Install the Front and Rear Stabilizers Fix the front stabilizer (2) and rear stabilizer (3) to the main frame (1) with the arc washer (14), cap nut (15) and carriage bolt (13). 2. Install the Handlebar Post Connect the sensor wire (17) from the main frame (1) to the connective wire (18) from the handlebar post (4). Put the cable end of resistance cable of tension control (20) into the spring hook of tension cable (16). Pull the resistance cable of tension control (18) up and force it into the gap of metal bracket of tension cable (16).Finally, insert the handlebar post (4) to the main frame (1) and secure with the allen bolt (19) and arc washer (14). 5
  6. 6. 3. Install the Handlebar Put the pulse wires (24) through the hole of handlebar post (4) then pull out from the top of handlebar post (4).Fix the handlebar (5) on the handlebar post (4) with spring washer (25) and bolt (26). Then put the handlebar clamp (27) on the handlebar (4). 4. Install the Computer Connect the connective wire (18) and the pulse wire (24) to the wires that come from the computer (8). And then lock the computer (8) on the computer bracket of handlebar post (4) with screws (30) 6
  7. 7. 5. Install the Saddle Post Attach the saddle (7) onto the plate of saddle post (6) with nylon nut (22) and washers(21). Insert the saddle post (6) into main frame (1), and lock it with knob (31). 6.Install the Right and Left Pedals Attach the right and left pedals (9L/R) to the crank (10). The right pedal (9R) should be threaded on clockwise direction. The left pedal (9L) should be threaded on counterclockwise direction. NOTE: The right and left Pedals (9L/R) are marked with “R” & “L”. 7
  8. 8. Warm Up Exercises A successful exercise program consists of a warm-up, aerobic exercise, and a cool-down. Do the entire program at least two and preferably three times a week, resting for a day between workouts. After several months, you can increase your workouts to four or five times per week. Warming up is an important part of your workout, and should begin every session. It prepares your body for more strenuous exercise by heating up and stretching out your muscles, increasing your circulation and pulse rate, and delivering more oxygen to your muscles. At the end of your workout, repeat these exercises to reduce sore muscle problems. We suggest the following warm-up and cool-down exercises: Inner Thigh Stretch Sit with the soles of your feet together with your knees pointing outward. Pull your feet as close into your groin as possible. Gently push your knees towards the floor. Hold for 15 counts. Hamstring Stretch Sit with your right leg extended. Rest the sole of your left foot against your right inner thigh. Stretch toward your toe as far as possible. Hold for 15 counts. Relax and then repeat with left leg extended. Head Roll Rotate your head to the right for one count, feeling the stretch up the left side of your neck. Next, rotate your head back for one count, stretching your chin to the ceiling and letting your mouth open. Rotate your head to the left for one count, and finally, drop your head to your chest for one count. 8
  9. 9. Shoulder Lift Lift your right shoulder up toward your ear for one count. Then lift your left shoulder up for one count as you lower your right shoulder. Calf-Achilles Stretch Lean against a wall with your left leg in front of the right and your arms forward. Keep your right leg straight and the left foot on the floor; then bend the left leg and lean forward by moving your hips toward the wall. Hold, then repeat on the other side for 15 counts. Toe Touch Slowly bend forward from your waist, letting your back and shoulders relax as you stretch toward your toes. Reach down as far as you can and hold for 15 counts. Side Stretch Open your arms to the side and continue lifting them until they are over your head. Reach your right arm as far upward toward the ceiling as you can for one count. Feel the stretch up your right side. Repeat this action with your left arm. 9