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Designing A Post Digital Retail Reinvention

The Future of Retail is here. The entire world is a shopping platform and Retailers can no longer see digital and physical store as 2 different business models or even a different department in their organization. The digital and physical world has converged and the difference between winners and losers — are the companies and brands that are bringing digital behaviors into the physical world. This has had a domino effect on the entire industry. Digital behaviors in connected physical spaces are triggering Malls, Retailers and Municipalities to rethink their commercial spaces. Nomadic devices like mobile, connected cars, wearables and social platforms are increasingly playing a transformative role in business.

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Designing A Post Digital Retail Reinvention

  1. 1. digital post digital
  2. 2. IBM Interactive Experience digital is not the destination 2 #postdigital
  3. 3. IBM Interactive Experience the physical space is the new post digital interface 3 #postdigital
  4. 4. IBM Interactive Experience the entire world is a purchase platform 4 #postdigital
  5. 5. IBM Interactive Experience –Paul Papas, Global Leader “The last, best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experiences they want everywhere.” #postdigital
  6. 6. IBM Interactive Experience 6 amazon everything E-commerce is continually picking up speed and reaping market share Source: 2015 Fortune
  7. 7. IBM Interactive Experience 7 $265.9 in- store shopping billion $46.5 online shopping billion physical stores aren’t disappearing Source: 2015 PSFK
  8. 8. IBM Interactive Experience 8 order ahead @starbucks Source: 2015 Bloomberg News anywhere purchase platforms
  9. 9. IBM Interactive Experience 9 Pharmacy Employs Shopper Data And Context To Anticipate Needs @walgreens Source: 2015 PSFK predictive assistance
  10. 10. IBM Interactive Experience 10 connects shoppers to the local farmers and delivers the farm stand to your door. @goodeggs collaborative marketplaces
  11. 11. IBM Interactive Experience 11 less retail space needed digital windows
  12. 12. IBM Interactive Experience 12 enable humans to deliver the experience with the right tools tech enabled service
  13. 13. IBM Interactive Experience 13 in store mode for self service @apple tech enabled service
  14. 14. IBM Interactive Experience 14 the physical experience is written in code #postdigital
  15. 15. IBM Interactive Experience 15 infrastructure and services matter #postdigital
  16. 16. IBM Interactive Experience 16 generate new revenue with by enabling media services opportunity: #postdigital
  17. 17. IBM Interactive Experience 17 Transformation from property company to a post digital media company action: #postdigital
  18. 18. IBM Interactive Experience thank you 18 @jojobickley #postdigital