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3 cs to declutter


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Take from the e-book, De-cluttering Your Life From The Inside Out, 3 tips are presented to successfully clear and manage clutter.
The book can be accessed on Kindle - here is the link:

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3 cs to declutter

  1. 1. The 3 Power Practices toDe-Cluttering Any Space Do the 3…
  2. 2. The 3 Practices1. Contain… Everything must have a home Staples Binder clips Paper clips Rubberband It can’t grow and it can’t escape.
  3. 3. The 3 Practices2. Categorize Assign it a family name Group it with like items
  4. 4. The 3 Practices3. Colorize Give a category a color COLORis the ultimate tip! Even with a messy desk...something large enough – with a bright colorcan be spotted.
  5. 5. So what are the 3 practices... successfully managing clutter?• Containerize• Categorize• ColorizePOWER TIP:Make these habits!