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Music of the Cordillera,Mindoro, Palawan and Visayas

Music of the Cordillera,Mindoro, Palawan and Visayas have similarities in terms of function of music in their daily lives. Music is often used in rituals and ceremonies. Most of their musical instruments are made from materials found in their locality.

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Music of the Cordillera,Mindoro, Palawan and Visayas

  3. 3. Musicof thecordillera maybe categorized into: A. VocalMusic B. InstrumentalMusic C. VocalEnsemble withinstrumental accompaniment
  4. 4. A.VOCALMUSIC 1. Ibaloi Badiw – a style of singing without prior preparation or practice in leader- chorus form
  5. 5. 2.Owiwi(Kalinga) -Lullabies 3.Dagdagay (Kalinga)- Infancyrelated songs 4.Oppia(Kalinga)-Infancyrelatedsongs 5.Langan Bata bata(Tausug) -Infancyrelatedsongs 6.Bua(Subannen)-Infancyrelatedsongs 7.Kawayanna(Kalinga)-Infancyrelatedsongs VOCALMUSIC
  6. 6. 8. Hudhud(Ifugao) - Epic-poetry which is recited andchantedduring occasionslike : • theharvestingof rice • Weddings • FuneralWakes • Bone washing(bogwa)rituals VOCALMUSIC
  7. 7. Characteristicsof VocalMusic 1. Melismatic - Vocal passage withone syllable - Sung against several notepassages 2. FreeMeter -musical meter withouttimesignature
  8. 8. B.InstrumentalMusic The function of instrumental music of the Cordillera is similar to his/her vocal music. Instruments are played during ceremonies, rituals andcelebrations
  9. 9. 1.MetalInstruments-gongs a. GangsaToppaya - Gongsplayedbystriking withthepalmwhilerested onthe lap.
  10. 10. b.GangsaPalook - gongs are struck or beaten with wooden mallets while held by the left hand. thisisusuallyplayedby men.
  11. 11. 2. BambooInstruments a.Bungkaka orBilbil -played by striking against the palmofone hand. philippine.html
  12. 12. b.Tongali - a nose fluteplayed withthe extremeforward edgeof the right or leftnostril
  13. 13. C.Tongatong - are bamboo tubes playedby stomping each againstthe ground. instruments.html
  14. 14. d. Ulibaw -a mouth resonated bamboo played with a flexible tongue fixed at one end toa surrounding frame lecture/page/2/
  15. 15. e.patteteg - bamboo of different sizes for varied timbre that is split in half and is struck by a wooden stickwhilerestedonlap
  16. 16. C.Vocal Ensemble withInstrumental Accompaniment Vocal ensemble is performed during courtship usually in song - debate form accompanied ifferent instruments suchas: –Kuglongwhichisa 2 stringedlute:and –saluroy(polychordalzither)
  17. 17. Vocalensembleisperformedduringcourtshipusuallyin song-debateformaccompaniedbydifferentinstruments. 1. Antang( Manobo) - MatchMaking 2. Sindaay,Tarasul(Tausug)- Greetingsand advice duringwedding 3. Tamuyog,Dango, Oggayam- greetingand advice during Kalinga Wedding 4. SalidummayandDangdayang-ay- entertainment
  19. 19. Similiar to Cordillera Music, the Music of Mindoro is used for communication with the spirits in ritual and worships, weddings , works, courtships, festive occasions and lullabies.
  20. 20. A. VocalMusic 1.Marayaw - songusedtocommunicatewithspirits inrituals for healingthesickandprotectingthe community 2.Pamuybuyen -legend
  21. 21. 3.AMBAHAN •composed of a seven syllablelineending in rhymes •oftenusedinparenting,incourtship, andby visitorsto ask for food •textsarecommonly writtenonbamboo •oftenchantedwithaccompanying instruments s/the-philippine- star/20171105/283038349812448
  22. 22. B. InstrumentalMusic 1.Kudyapi - isa lutewith longneckand hastwo strings that run from the necktothe baseofa resonating chamber
  23. 23. 2.GITGIT(Lute) - an instrument with 3 to 4 strings with a wooden body andhuman hair forthebow
  24. 24. 3.Kalutang - a pair ofequal-sized wood strucktogether.
  26. 26. Palawan music is characterized by imitation of sounds from nature and the environment. It is also highly influenced by thenativelanguageof theprovince
  27. 27. A. VocalMusic 1.Kulial - it is a lyrical poem expressing love. his/her vocal music is accompanied by kusyapi (two stringed lute) and playedby man andpagang (bamboo zither)playedby woman. 2.Tultul - it is a chanted vocal music about epic heroes and usuallychanted at night endingatdaybreak
  28. 28. B.InstrumentalMusic 1.Bagit - is an instrumental music played on the kusyapi, showing rhythms movements and sound of natures like rustling of leaves,running water, chirping of birds, monkey,snakes, etc. -musical instruments are made up of bamboo, wood, stringsandmetals
  29. 29. 2.Basal - is a gong ensemble consists of set of one or two big gongs, agung and a pair of small ringedd gongs, sanang, and drum called gimbal.
  31. 31. Music from the Visayas is generally viewed as influenced by the Spanish colonial music tradition with its use of the guitar and its vocal / choral and instrument. While most folk music from the Visayas was influenced by the introduction of Christianity, fusion and mixture have marked the character of the para-liturgical music used in different festivals. There are still existing ethno-linguistic groups from the Visayas who continue to nurture and practice music dating from thepre-Spanishperiod.
  32. 32. Musical style of the Visayans is a song-and- dance debate between a man and a woman known as balitaw. The theme is about love and marriage usually performed by singers, dancers andactors. A. VOCAL MUSIC
  33. 33. 1. MatudNila- VisayanLovesong 2. Rosas Pandan- VisayancourtingSong 3. Condansoy- VisayanDrinkingsong 4. IlongaBata- Children's song 5. Dandansoy- Ilonngofarewellsong 6. Ili-iliTulogAnay- Ilonngolullabye 7. Akokinisi Angi- VisayanWorkSong 8. SiPelimon- VisayanWork Song
  34. 34. Instrumental music shows a rich diversity in the musical culture of the region. The different ensembles, with their respective sounds reflect not only the enthusiastic musical involvement of the people of the Visayas but also their sentiments, way of life, and interactions with their environmentand other people.eso B. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
  35. 35. 1. Rondalla  a string ensemble originating from Spain played with a pick or plectrum.  many Filipino musicians were able to lead the way in Rondalla Ensemble and one of them was Juan Silos Jr., who is known as “Father of Rondalla”.  from the Spanish ronda, meaning “serenade”  Its origins were in the folk playing bands of stringed-instruments that were played using the plectrum (pick) such as the piccolo, Bandurria, laud, octavina, guitar; bajo de unas (double bass), and often, a drum for percussion.
  36. 36. RondallaInstruments
  37. 37. Bandurria -isa 14 stringinstrumentwith 16 fretsandshorter neck. -itisthesoprano instrumentof the rondallaandusually playsthe melodic lineof the composition.
  38. 38. LAUD - comes from a spanish wordwhich meanslute -itisa plectrum-plucked chordophone that has 12 strings in pairs similar to the bandurria butwitha longerneck
  39. 39. OCTAVINA - hasa shorter neck compared tothe guitar, with14 stringsad 16frets -itserves as thealto ofthe rondalla
  40. 40. GUITAR -isa popularmusical instrument classifiedas a chordophone instrument with usually having6 strings -itplaystherhythm or beatof the musicalpiece.
  41. 41. BajodeUnas -is the largest among the instruments in most stringed ensembles - evident by its thick strings,largebody,and lowtones. -The number od strings varies from the standard 4-stringed to the rare 6-stringed, and can have pitches three octaves lower than middleoctave. -itplaysthebass part ofthemusicalpiece.
  42. 42. 2.TULTOGAN • The word “tultugan”is actuallyan indigenous term for bamboo drum. • isa bambooand drumensemble used by the natives for communication. • -to produce sound, the body of the bamboosare being struck with a stick.
  43. 43. 3.BINANOG -isa gongdrum, wooden percussion ensemble. -usedto accompanya dance movement imitatingthe flightof the hawk
  44. 44. Thankyou!

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Music of the Cordillera,Mindoro, Palawan and Visayas have similarities in terms of function of music in their daily lives. Music is often used in rituals and ceremonies. Most of their musical instruments are made from materials found in their locality.


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