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The Evolution of SEO - 2014 and Beyond

The world of SEO as we know it is drastically changing. The rise of content marketing, the new consumer decision journey, and Google's ever-evolving landscape are changing the way we think about search, social, content, and consumers. Check out this look forward into the future of SEO and content marketing.

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The Evolution of SEO - 2014 and Beyond

  1. SEO EVOLUTION 2014 @iacquire
  2. Laying the Foundation HISTORY: LAST 36-MONTHS @iacquire
  3. 36-Months of History •  Panda & Penguin •  Google Now •  Webmaster Notifications •  Google+ & +1 •  EMD & QDF Updates •  Authorship & In-Depth Articles •  The Knowledge Graph •  Schema and Rich Snippets •  Hyper Localization •  Big Data & Tools •  Mobile Optimization •  (not provided) •  PageRank Death @iacquire
  4. Let’s Talk Business First @iacquire
  5. The Evolving Role of THE SEO PROFESSIONAL @iacquire
  6. 4 Types of SEO Professionals •  Business Case •  Governance •  Measurement •  Project Management •  Content Strategy Lite •  Tactical Strategy •  CMS & Hosting •  Page Speed •  Asset Optimization (images, videos, code) •  Markup Implementation •  Code and Content Implementation SEO Strategist Content SEO Technical SEO SEO Specialist •  Content Strategy Full •  Content & Meta Management •  SEO Copywriting •  Content Navigation •  Asset Optimization (images, videos, pdf) •  Local SEO •  Mobile SEO •  Video SEO •  Social SEO via iAcquire Research @iacquire
  7. 4 Types of Business Professionals •  Market Share •  Acquisition & Retention •  Trajectory •  Market Perception Ideal (C-Level & VP) •  Department Management •  Vendor Management •  Resources Champion •  Communication Champion Strategic (VP & Director) Organizational •  Acquisition & Retention Strategy •  Voice and Tone •  Channels & Tactics •  Budgeting •  In vs. Outsourcing Tactical (Manager) (Contributor) •  Departmental Individual Contributor • Vendor Management via iAcquire Research @iacquire
  8. Maturity in The Organization Strategic 40% Organizational 30% Tactical SEO Strategist Ideal 30% Content SEO 10% 30% 20% 40% 50% 50% 20% 60% Technical SEO SEO Specialist 20% an iAcquire Guideline @iacquire
  9. SEO Market Opportunity 10-Point Scale 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Small Biz SME Large Biz Agency Consultant SEO Strategist 2 3 8 9 9 Content SEO 5 7 7 10 9 Technical SEO 1 2 6 8 8 SEO Specialist 5 7 8 6 8 an iAcquire Guideline @iacquire
  10. Market Selection is Key to Success @iacquire
  11. Organic Search Matures ORGANIC SEARCH AS A MARKETING CHANNEL @iacquire
  12. The Old Consumer Decision Journey Elias Lewis (Advertising Agency Hall of Famer) invented this model (AIDA) in 1898. via Wikipedia @iacquire
  13. The New Consumer Decision Journey via Google ZMOT 2012 @iacquire
  14. ZMOT Study Says Search Most Pervasive via Google ZMOT 2012 @iacquire
  15. Historically Prevalent Thinking: “SEO Is Something You Do to Your Website After You Build It, or Redesign it.” @iacquire
  16. SEO As a Tactic (Historically) Market Research Audience Decision Journey Competition Content Strategy Voice and Tone Governance Content Plan Measurement Plan Content Management Creation Integration Engagement (Channels) Earned Media Image by iAcquire Paid Media Owned Media @iacquire
  17. Current & Future Thinking: “Organic Search is a Channel That Touches Every Marketing Medium.” @iacquire
  18. Organic Search As a Channel (Future) Market Research Audience Decision Journey Competition Content Strategy Voice and Tone Governance Content Plan Measurement Plan Content Management Creation Integration Engagement (Channels) Earned Media Image by iAcquire Paid Media Owned Media @iacquire
  19. CMO’s Are Getting Smarter About Channel Integration, But SEO’s Have to Push the Agenda! @iacquire
  20. Are Links The Only Way? RISE OF PEOPLE PAGERANK @iacquire
  21. Read a Quote Time “ “ Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance. – The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google @iacquire
  22. Google AgentRank “ “ Particular embodiments implement techniques for computing agent ranks on the basis of a corpus of content signed by those agents, where the corpus optionally contains explicit links among documents and signed content. The agent ranks can optionally also be calculated relative to search terms or categories of search terms. For example, search terms (or structured collections of search terms, i.e., queries) can be classified into topics, e.g., sports or medical specialties, and an agent can have a different rank with respect to each topic. %2Fsrchnum.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=%2220110289095%22.PGNR.&OS=DN/20110289095&RS=DN/20110289095 @iacquire
  23. Google Has The Best Category System •  Over  2,400  categories  (5   levels  deep)     •  Replaces  old  school  systems   like  SIC/NAICS     •  Built  for  the  web     •  Future  of  authorship  may   align  to  Google  categories   h"ps://   @iacquire
  24. Google AgentRank Agent Rank =??? @iacquire
  25. How Is AgentRank Calculated? Courtesy of Mike Arnesen @iacquire
  26. Matt Cutts Told Us to Expect To See Agent Rank This Year, and Also Reduction of Authors in SERP’s. @iacquire
  27. Authorship In Flux Via Moz Cast data @iacquire
  28. Cutts’ IS Following Through @iacquire
  29. More about AuthoRship JANUARY 2014 IACQUIRE AUTHORSHIP STUDY @iacquire
  30. An iAcquire Study (January 2014) •  Top 70,000 Digital Publications (blogs, magazines, news sites) •  Analysis includes 250-10,000 of last posts (ex: iAcquire Blog ranked 37,651 – we analyzed 250 pages, 8,949 for •  Presence of G+ on page •  Presence of Twitter handle on page •  MOZ Domain Authority @iacquire
  31. An iAcquire Study (January 2014) Image by iAcquire @iacquire
  32. Authenticated Digital Signatures Are Superior To Links. Google is moving from Strings to Things. @iacquire
  33. More About Strings to THings THE KNOWLEDGE GRAPH @iacquire
  34. Current Knowledge Graph •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Movies & Shows People Places Answers Images Weather Nutritional Info Medical Info Comparisons Flights Autos Census Data @iacquire
  35. Future Knowledge Graph? •  Recipes •  Mortgage Rates •  Colleges (EDU) •  Computer & Cell Reviews/Specs * They have experimented with some of these already. @iacquire
  36. Affiliates That Rely on Public Data (Like EDU, Auto, Travel, Etc.) Are in Trouble Long Term. @iacquire
  37. Reviews Are Getting Attention REVIEWS MIGHT FINALLY MATTER @iacquire
  38. Reviews Haven’t Mattered Much 10% via MOZ 2013 Local Ranking Factors @iacquire
  39. Google Places (Reviews) – Newly Launched Yelp Superpages / DEX Urban Spoon Yellow Pages @iacquire
  40. Reviews Will Matter More In 2014 30% MOZ Local Ranking Factors 2014??? @iacquire
  41. Mobile Changed The World MOBILE & THE FUTURE @iacquire
  42. Mobile Makes The Google Dream Real Modality   •  Touch     •  Voice     •  Sight     “a  par&cular  mode  in  which   something  exists  or  is  experienced   or  expressed.”   Context   •  Time  of  Day     •  LocaRon     •  History   Intent   •  Keyword  Intent     •  EnRty  Type     •  Network   “the  circumstances  that  form  the   se9ng  for  an  event,  statement,  or   idea,  and  in  terms  of  which  it  can   be  fully  understood  and   assessed.”   “the  thing  that  you  plan  to  do  or   achieve  :  an  aim  or  purpose.”       Building The Star Trek Computer A  favorite  line  by  Amit  Singhal,  SVP/Google   @iacquire
  43. OTHER PREDICTIONS @iacquire
  44. Rapid Fire Stuff •  “Content marketing” titles will be the fastest growing title in digital. •  “Inbound marketing” will lose some steam. Earned media and content marketing will gain nomenclature market share. •  “Audience segmentation” and “content strategy” will be the CMO’s two hottest buzzwords of 2014. •  Google will make Zagat more like Yelp! for deeper restaurant SERP integration. •  Broad knowledge will kill cheap/ineffective/dangerous SEO tactics. @iacquire
  45. THE END Joe Griffin co-CEO iAcquire @iacquire @joegriffin