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School Based Management



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School Based Management

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School Based Management

  1. 1. 2013-2014
  2. 2. SUMMARY Lurugan National High School is fully covered and well guided to its guiding principle which is the Vision and Mission of the Department of Education. As it is mandated by the government of Basic Education Act of 2001, Lurugan National High School prepare a School Improvement Plan which was being prepared by the School Improvement Team, The School Planner.
  3. 3. This plan of Lurugan National High School aimed to attain the objectives which to increase achievement rate on the NAT results and reduce Drop-Out rate through the full implementation of (DORP) Drop Out Reduction Program with its corresponding specified intervention such as the Early Implementation of Review of NAT, Home Visitation and other more ways of retrieving the students who are already outside from the school activities respectively.
  4. 4. To consider some of the aforementioned objectives, the school come up to have a plan regarding on the increase of students achievement through the implementation of reducing Dropouts and saving (SARDO) Students At Risk of Dropping Out and provide conducive learning environment by constructing concrete tables and benches under the trees. The 2012 – 2013 (PTA) Parent Teachers Association through the leadership of Nemia E. Librando initiated the construction of Roof Walk a continuing joint project of School Administration and Parents Teachers Association in front of the school premises in order to give protection to the students from any unfavorable weather condition during classes days.
  5. 5. With the full implementation of SBM, the school employed to have the sets of principle which will inform us regarding on school performance status and other related school duties and functions which are important points of information.
  6. 6. •Vision & Mission Statement •School Improvement Plan (Original SIP) •School Improvement Plan (Revised SIP)
  7. 7. •Annual Improvement Plan •Document to Show the Development/Revision of the SIP and AIP -Minutes of Meetings - Barangay Development Plan
  8. 8. •Resolutions •Personnel Handbook •School Manual/Dep. Ed Manual •Compilation of Memoranda Division and Local
  9. 9. •Compilation of Memoranda (Non Dep. Ed) •Compilation of Memoranda (Regional) •Compilation of Memoranda (National) •Organizational Chart with Corresponding Roles
  10. 10. Office Order/Job Description Lists of Homeroom Officers Lists of Officers of the Different Clubs Action Plan (Clubs & Organizations)
  11. 11. •Compilation of communications for request of approval to conduct meetings •Evidences that SIP/SRC/ Performance Indicator is regularly published (School Publication)
  12. 12. Minutes of Meetings -(School Governing Council with attendance sheet, resolution and pictures) -(PTA Assembly with attendance sheet, resolution and pictures) -(Homeroom PTA with attendance sheet, resolution and pictures)
  13. 13. TSNA Result of Teachers Annual Training Design Compilation of IPPD, IPPD Self-Monitoring (by year and by Department)
  14. 14. •List of Teachers enrolled in post-graduate studies •List of Teachers graduated in graduate studies (with Permit to Study) -List of Teachers enrolled in graduate studies (with Permit to Study) •Compilation of Post-Training Reports (with Certificates) •Compilations of Narrative Reports of School-Based Seminars/ Trainings
  15. 15. •List of Non-readers by Grade Level •List of Frustration by Grade Level •List of Instructional by Grade Level •List of Independent by Grade Level
  16. 16. •LP- Topics integrated to the lesson suited to the Community •Poultry Raising •Gardening •Vermie Composting
  17. 17. •Portfolio, quizzes •Report Cards •Meeting Attendance Sheet Minutes Resolution
  18. 18. •Attendance during school activities •School Based Monitoring
  19. 19. •Summative Test •Periodical Test •PHIL-IRI •MPS •FORM 138 and 137
  20. 20. •NAT Results •RAT Results •Schedule for NAT Review •School Reading Action Plan
  21. 21. •Copy of Vision, Mission and School •Letter of Invitation Attendance Pictorials Certificate of Appreciation
  22. 22. A. Beginning & Year-End Indicator •Participation Rate •Cohort Rate •Drop-Out Rate •Retention Rate •Achievement Rate •Completion Rate
  23. 23. B. Academic Achievement •NAT Result •NAT Review Schedule •RAT Result
  24. 24. C. NCBTS •TSNA •IPPD •CIP
  25. 25. D. Fiscal Management •Liquidations •Projects •Property Inventory •Financial Statement (School, PTA, IGP)
  26. 26. E. SBTP •Approved Request Form/Matrix F. Reading Program •PHIL IRI
  27. 27. G. Health Program •Nutritional Status •Feeding Program
  28. 28. H. Monitoring and Evaluation Checklist of Implementation H1. Call up Slip after Monitoring
  29. 29. Indicator 1 Inventory Reports of Physical Facilities Income Resource Generating
  30. 30. Indicator 2 Fidelity Bond Document Plantilla School Layout Brigada Eskwela Assessment
  31. 31. Indicator 2 Work Plan Project Proposal for School Continuous Improvement Development Plan & Policies on Student Behavior
  32. 32. Indicator 3 Feeding Beneficiaries Financial support on Brigada Eskwela
  33. 33. Indicator 4 Regular Resource Inventory Annual AIP Revision/ Adjusted
  34. 34. Indicator 5 Feeding Programs and Support Memorandum of Agreement for Utility P.T.A. Financial Report Stakeholders Support