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DevOps - Be Careful What You Wish For


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DevOps - Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. 1. DevOps Be Careful what you wish for .... Keynote theme c/o - furnace -
  2. 2. who is envato? Envato Marketplaces Tuts+ Microlancer
  3. 3. our marketplaces
  4. 4. So Are We “Doing” Devops? The DevOps Checklist Infrastructure as Code so pretty hip right? Multiple Deploys a Day Push button Deploys by Developers Ops and Dev share first-line support No Ops or Dev Silos our devops guys
  5. 5. and at scale? Or are we just another “Ramen Noodles” eating Startup deploying 20 times a day but with no customers? ... off the charts hip now! •1 product sold every 10 seconds (> 8000 a day) •100m page views a month •10m+ app server requests a day •50+ virtual Machines •Themeforest - 4th largest Rails site in the World (GitHub is the 5th)
  6. 6. what if there was more to the DevOps checklist? We are historically Not Awesome at ... DR Planning and Practice Infrastructure Capacity Planning Reviewing Health of the Environment Incident and Planned Outage Processes Incident Root Cause Analysis and Long Term fixes Decidedly less cool
  7. 7. so, What is it to “Be” DevOps? It’s about Culture and Mindset and not only tools and activities Its about 2 cultures coming together Working side-by-side Respecting and complementing each others skills and mind sets and Trusting each other
  8. 8. the merging of 3 brain hemispheres Dev Creator of Change •Motivated by Creating •More change is better •Focus on short term OPS Change Controller Risk and Growth Manager •Motivated by Stability •Less change is better •Controlling immediate •Long Term Thinking •Reducing Risk and Cost •Planning for Growth change
  9. 9. to become only one! Dev OPS Creator of Change •Motivated by Creating •More change is better •Focus on short term Risk and Growth Manager •Long Term Thinking •Reducing Risk and Cost •Planning for Growth The Baby Change Controller •Motivated by Stability •Less change is better •Control change The Bathwater
  10. 10. what should we have done differently? •Grew Dev Capacity and not Ops Specialist Capacity •Too Dev-biased when prioritising tech work •No Ops voice in strategic planning •Ops stuff we did tackle was “dev-friendly” e.g. Puppet •Too focussed on the Now rather than 3-5 years •Brain atrophy of the Ops right side brain •Now playing catchup on Infrastructure and Ops work
  11. 11. our learnings In Embracing “Being” DevOps DO use tooling and automation to de-risk and enable rapid change prefer But DON’T neglect that part of the Ops mindset and culture that allows you to plan for and manage risk and growth as your business scales
  12. 12. the end Questions ... Keynote theme c/o - furnace -