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News 01/2008
Reasons to place screen based com-
munication in your stores.
Screens are one of
many       mechanics
Page 2                               News 01/2008

Tasks to be aware of when
launching your screen based network
There ar...
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Catch The Eye News 01 08 Eng


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Catch The Eye News 01 08 Eng

  1. 1. News 01/2008 Reasons to place screen based com- munication in your stores. Screens are one of many mechanics Brand-named stores can utilize to pursue Year 1/2008 their objectives as a March 2008 part of a sales promo- tion strategy. Typical objectives are • Strengthen profile • Increase sales • Increased joint promo- Contact information tion income Jan Balke | SalesDirector • New advertising income • Reduce costs Mobil: 95 25 91 15 • Strengthen implemen- Er skjerm målet eller er det midlet? tation of promotions start point for such in- • Creating interest vestment for Brand- CatchTheEye team mem- named stores. Jon Marius Bastøe | COO • Creating awareness bers are specialized to Mobil: 91 39 43 69 • Deflecting interest from answer latter questions. Key Findings price Our mission statement to • Out of 9 identified zones “Make screen based • Restoring and retaining we found 4 giving positive communication profit- brand perception results able.” Tor Olav Haugen | CEO ”Screens in the store” • Out of 19 screens we identified 5 representing Mobil: 99 22 92 90 What sales promotion shall enrich the shop- more than 95% of the does ping experience – not results • Increasing volume interfere with it.” • Out of 3 screen format we • Increasing trial found 1 giving the best results Visit us at • Increasing repeat pur- Over the past 18 months chase • Out of 30 product catego- there CatchTheEye has ries we found 8 repre- • Increasing loyalty carried out research and English version soon! senting more than 90% of • Widening usage development to identify a the results reasonable and profitable We have scientific grounds to state that screen based communication increase sales volume ! CatchTheEye R&D and services R&D to identify how to launch screens within a brand-named store in a profitable way | R&D to convert a visitor into GRP or CRP “Customer Rating Points” | R&D to calculate advertising revenue po- tential and strategies within a single- or multi narrowcasting net- CatchTheEye AS work | Knowledge and experienced in business models and legal pa- Torvveien 5 pers to sell advertising space within a brand-named environment | 1385 ASKER Sell advertising space within a Brand-named store network | © 2008 CatchTheEye AS
  2. 2. Page 2 News 01/2008 Tasks to be aware of when launching your screen based network There are a number of tasks • The architecture and milestones to obtain • Number of screens to gain good results. This often re- profit quire disposable personnel • Purchase price within the organisation, and Some Milestones external assistance. • Decision-maker and project- owner has made a foundation It’s reasonable to organize such to launch screen based com- THE FOUR PHASES - CatchTheEye AS tasks in a project scalable to the munications actual scope depending on the • Brand-named stores objec- ambitions, number of stores, tives are identified complexity both technical and • Objectives are shown to be commercially etc. provable Q The project team should be au- • Budgets approved thorized according to a deter- • Project team established mined mandate based upon im- • Instructions (milestone/tasks) plementing screen based com- are detailed and approved munication. The team’s compe- • Technical specifications are tence is decisive to carry out the detailed with functions based full potential. Technical provid- upon reaching objectives ers and partners are required in • Made a market survey of po- tential partners and technical I’d love to have screen an early stage due to throw light suppliers for roll-out and on the investment range. (later) operations based communication—but • Invite tenders, and legal CatchTheEye are an independent documents are signed where should I start and player, not providing harware • Roll out plan “who’s doing and software, or having such as what and when” what’s the business a business. This makes it possi- • Turning screens into a com- ble to be an objective partner to mercial sales promotions opportunity? the store– or project owner. product • A structured process is im- How to reduce investments plemented There are some ways of reducing Screen based communication investments: can commence! Once you’re up and running Once strategies and finances • Advertising 34,4% “I’d prefer shopping in a are out of the way, content is a • Entertainment 20,3% • Recipe 25 % store with screen based helpful key to the success ac- communication.” cording to a survey conducted by SeeYou for CatchTheEye. Swedish respondent within ki- 9 out of 10 statements osks highlighted: When asked what contend they find relevant, the Norwegian • News 34,1% respondents within retail high- • Weather 25,3% lighted: • Product information 20,9% • Advertising 18,7% • Product information 32,8% © 2008 CatchTheEye AS