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Catch The Eye News 2 08 Eng


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Catch The Eye News 2 08 Eng

  1. 1. News 2/2008 How to make money on Digital Out of Home (DOOH) communication ? Deloitte states in their 2007 report that traditional media Year 1 (TV, print, radio, out- door) is increasing with 2 % and shop- May 5th 2008 per marketing is in- creasing with 21% To compare, internet grows by 15% pr an- Kontaktpersoner num Jan Balke | Salgsdirektør Mobil: +47 95 25 91 15 CatchTheEye experi- ence 3 questions the retailer want to have answered before invest- Jon Marius Bastøe | COO ing in DOOH : st Touch Screen—Oxford Street London May 1 Mobil: +47 91 39 43 69 1. How can the retailer ment ? • Restoring brand per- document that this is an ceptions SMART* investment 3. Broadcasting • New revenues in Joint Tor Olav Haugen | CEO 2. How to organize schedule i.e. Which marketing customer and when Mobil: + 47 99 22 92 90 commercial operations? • New revenues from 3. How to make reve- are they in the shop, advertising sales nue on DOOH different customer Monday and Friday ? Other, not measurable Visit us at: When CatchTheEye de- parameters is “feel and fines goals for how to 4. Creative solutions look” , shorter waiting make money on DOOH , i.e. 10 seconds spot or time at register, better we are referring to 30 ? customer experience etc. FACTS screens in stores within *SMART: Specific | Measur- a retail chain e.g. Tesco.Some important pa- The main reason to in- able | Agreed | Reasonable | rameters which we vesting in screen based Time bound CatchTheEye Key Per- have to clarify be- communication is to cre- CatchTheEye AS formance Index's (KPI) fore we start: ate a better experience Do you want to: for the customer Torvveien 5 is proven knowledge about: • Increase sales vol- Many of the chains N—1385 ASKER 1. Screen placement ume therefore chooses to +47 66 90 50 19 i.e. Where and why and • Increase trying start with an commercial how many Screens in • Increase repeat angel , and by that set- which format ? purchase ting the customer in • Increasing loyalty the centre ! 2. Editorial content i.e. • Widening usage What is the distribution • Creating interest percentage between the • Deflecting attention ”Screens shall enrich chains own use , part- from price the shopping experi- ner or supplier use , is • Gaining intermedi- ence – not interfere” ary support © 2008 CatchTheEye AS it news or entertain-
  2. 2. Page 2 News 2/2008 DIWC I TI (acronym for) Damn It We Can T.A.M. It ! DIWCITI is a decision docu- replaced by screens ment made by CatchTheEye (customer newspaper, flyers, which describes the business etc) opportunity for the retail • Cost of commercial operation chain when implementing • Number of screens pr store screen in their stores and • Number of stores how to carry out the opportu- • Number of spots pr campaign nity! The Business opportunity CatchTheEye is using the IRR • Purchase or leasing of techni- method (internal rate of return) cal solution which gives the retailer an indi- • Today's income from pur- Oxford Street—Foot Locker cator of the efficiency of such an veyor, supplier investment! • Increased revenue from screens FACTS CatchTheEye goes through the • New/other revenues The internal rate of return (IRR) is a DIWCITI process together with • Savings by not to distribute capital budgeting metric used by firms the retailer, and within 3 weeks and produce cartons to decide whether they should make they receive a drafted master • Operating costs technical so- investments. It is an indicator of the plan including milestones to indi- lution efficiency of an investment, as opposed cate answers to these questions • Cost of commercial operation to net present value (NPV), which indi- such as: cates value or magnitude. The DIWCITI matrix then • Cost and installation of the gives the retailer a fair over- needed technical platform view of how to launch • Operating costs technical so- lution ...I’d love to have screen • Today's cost of carton produc- tion • Today's cost of distribution and installation of cartons • Today's cost of customer mar- keting which is going to be Q... communication—but where should I start and what’s the business opportunity? A common standard for Digital Out of Home communication? Every branch sets its own standards 3. Editorial content i.e. different 1.Placement and format of the and we do believe that the retail branches identify mutual consumers screens i.e. placement not over chains could be prosperous with which opens for content reuse and cross discussing a set standard for screen steered by gut feeling or “you can put it branding; based communication, mostly be- there”; cause doing this it will affect con- sumer behaviour and the consumer 4. How to communicate with the 2. Technical solution i.e. the chain will have to adopt screen informa- consumer i.e. having in mind that the tion in a new way. makes choices giving large scale bene- consumer always is different within the fits reducing the cost of the commercial hour, day , week seasons and year. Potential issues regarding setting a operations; branch standard: © 2008 CatchTheEye AS