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Technology Entrepreneurship Mcity OEP report

Mapping real time info in Google Maps

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Technology Entrepreneurship Mcity OEP report

  1. 1. m Citymobility cityOEP REPORT
  2. 2. Fundamental ProblemObjetivo del Proyecto□ Mobility is a fundamental problem in our cities environment□ According to a study by the MIT in 2006 in New York, 45% of Manhattan traffic is generated by cars traveling to find parking 2
  3. 3. ConceptDescripción de la idea□ The main idea of the project is to create a sensor network that can be modularly scaled with applications that will improve the mobility of citizens in the city Intelligent parking Public Transport Intelligent traffic spaces optimization and management system management system information system 3
  4. 4. IntelligentProyecto spaces management systemObjetivo del parking□ The first application that we will develop is the Intelligent parking spaces management system□ Using a wireless sensor network the system will generate a map in real time in certain areas with a high level of city vehicles that will allow to locate free parking on the surface, indicating drivers equipped with mobile GPS devices who activate the role of parking, the nearest place to park 4
  5. 5. IntelligentProyecto spaces management systemObjetivo del parking□ The system will be updated in real time so that if one free spot is occupied it will redirect the user of the system to the next closest parking space to avoid that 2 drivers are directed towards the same spot□ System efficiency will increase as more drivers use it as it will never lead two drivers to the same square free spot 5
  6. 6. Intelligent parking spaces management system□ The project will be supplemented with the information from the underground parking area, providing the user of the application to be guided to those that are free 6
  7. 7. Intelligent traffic management system□ By using the real time traffic data from Google Maps it will allow citizens to avoid areas with heavy traffic and reach the parking in the shortest time possible 7
  8. 8. Intelligent parking spaces management system Descripción de la idea □ Idea Concept The citizen will know in real time the congestion zones where he is going to The platform will analyze The system will guide theThe sensors will monitor the data and create a real- citizens to the nearestthe parking spaces time map of available parking spot by GPS parking spots It will send the The controller will It will send the information to know what parking information to the citizens and space has been Platform controllers occupied 8
  9. 9. Public transportation optimization and information system□ By using the position sensors on public transport you can know in real time:  The situation of taxis, taxi stops and the direction in which they move in order to intercept them. This can be enhanced with a call application to the taxi company  The situation of urban buses, and the estimated time to destination, showing their exact location on the screen of the device  The Platform will analyze the data and generate reports in real time to the company drivers so they can fit their expectations based on other transports and avoid oversaturation in certain areas  The integration of these data with the information from Google Maps about stops, train stations, subway lines, will provide citizens the broadest choices of mobility in the city 9
  10. 10. Market AnalysisDescripción de la idea□ The global market for wireless sensor networks has reach about 4.6 billion dollars in 2011 from 500 million dollars that the market was in 2007 according to the ON World potential market analysis□ The aim is to implement the solution in Spanish cities before scaling it to the rest of the world□ Given the need for the existence of a critical mass of users in order to assess the feasibility of the solution the potential market in Spain adheres according to the National Institute of Statistics to 145 municipalities with a population over 50,000 inhabitants□ The prototype will be implemented in Madrid  According to the INE data the number of vehicles in the city of Madrid is 1,990,585  Spain in 2009 reached the figure of 9.709.023 smartphones according to the data from the consulting firm Comscore. Which involves a penetration of 28% for those mobiles  Extrapolating that data to Madrid would be reached a figure of 557,363 potential buyers in the city of Madrid for mobility applications 10
  11. 11. Market Analysis – Cost AnalysisDescripción de la idea□ The results are estimated as it follows:  The investments made in the project will be offset by the sale of applications for citizens and licenses to companys  From a potential demand of 557.363 users, are estimated to be early adopters about 60.000 users  With the diffusion and promotion of the product is expected to reach 40% of the potential target within 2 years which would mean 222.945 users of the application by that time  At an estimated price of 11€ per application with an annual renewable fee it will generate profits within 3 years, offsetting the investment in 7 years 11
  12. 12. Market Analysis – Cost AnalysisIncome 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Number of the users of the application 0 60000 220000 380000 420000Price Application and maintenance fee 0 0 11 11 12Net income 0 0 2420000 4180000 5040000Costs 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015Areas parameterization 268323 1325323 0 0 0Wireless Sensor Network construction 123423 3235673 0 0 0Wireless Sensor Network maintenance 0 0 163243 362344 675444Comunications 1453 123543 323534 562344 623756Salaries 1098385 982343 823323 762431 621473Publicity 0 234536 672323 432213 214215Total Costs 1491584 5901418 1982423 2119332 2134888Results -1491584 -5901418 437577 2060668 2905112
  13. 13. Business ModelObjetivo del Proyecto Apps Users Money Data Licenses Money
  14. 14. MarketingProyectoObjetivo del Strategy□ License Model  Every time a smartphone or GPS is sold with our license the application or data will come pre-installed for it s use
  15. 15. MarketingProyectoObjetivo del Strategy□ App Model  Our marketing Strategy will be local focused  We will focus our efforts in going where the customer is so they can see our app exists, and download it (parking spots, bus stops, taxis, subways) Parking App Public Transport App
  16. 16. PrototypeProyectoObjetivo del□ Our prototype will be build in a small zone of Madrid with a high traffic density and lot of parking needs Video demo at venture lab &
  17. 17. Prototypede la ideaDescripción□ In order to achieve the objectives and scope of the idea we will proceed to:  The creation of a platform and an information system that facilitates the creation of modular solutions for smart sensor networks  The development of a highly scalable system that can support massive networks, being able to sustain in a long-term thousands of sensors and actuators  The adaptation of different models of sensors and actuators to the application requirements Data Analysis Events Analysis State of nodes Network Monitoring Application A Sensor Network A Georeferencing Engine Planning system Application B Sensor Network B Monitoring System Sensor Network C 17
  18. 18. PrototypeProyectoObjetivo del□ Means necessary to carry out the idea:SENSOR BOARD It will allow the integration of event plates as well as communications modulesCOMMUNICATION MODULES Communication module protocols: 802.15.4, Zigbee-Pro, RF They will allow the creation of the mesh network of sensors GSM / GPRS Communication module It will allow to make / receive communications, internet connection via TCP / IP sockets and UDP / IP, SMTP service and FTP service GPS positioning module It will define the latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading, date / time of the node
  19. 19. PrototypeProyectoObjetivo del□ Means necessary to carry out the idea:EVENT BOARD I will allow the capture of information from abroad to integrate it into the sensor boardGATEWAY It will transmit the information received by the nodes to the central servers so that the information is processed by the information systemCE NTRAL SERVERS They will allow the storage of data to be processed by the information system
  20. 20. Funding ProyectoObjetivo del □ As a project that is part of the smart cities initiative we intend to present it to the seventh framework programme □ That will allow us to cooperate with other European companies, giving us the possibility to expand the project to other European cities in a short term once the prototype is build □ Once the prototype is build, we will present it to the Industrial Technology Development Centre so we can get the necessary funds to expand it to other zones and cities □ That, will give us access to the Technology Fund from European Union FEDER funds dedicated to the promotion of R&D projects in EU
  21. 21. Mcity