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How to Become a Contributor to Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch & More


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During the past 3 years I've written 200+ articles in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and Time. The benefits I've received from this include a book deal, paid speaking gigs, 1,000% revenue growth at my agency during the first 12 months I was writing, and getting to meet a lot of awesome people.

I got lucky. The opportunity to a contributor fell into my lap. But you can make it happen. This is how.

Update: Due to popular demand I've launched an online course on how to become a Forbes contributor at

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How to Become a Contributor to Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch & More

  1. @joshsteimle How to Become a Contributor To Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch & More
  2. @joshsteimle A LittleAboutMe • 200+articlespublishedinForbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur,Time, TechCrunch,FastCompany. • Founder&CEO,MWI • Author, ChiefMarketingOfficers At Work
  3. @joshsteimle BenefitsFromWriting • My agencyexperienced 1,000% revenuegrowthin12months • Bookdeal • Paidspeakinggigs • Meetingawesomepeople
  4. @joshsteimle Contributorvs.Writer
  5. @joshsteimle Writer • Getspaid • Full-timejob • Referredtoas“staff writer”or “writer”
  6. @joshsteimle Contributor • Not paid • Subjectmatterexpert • Referredtoas“contributor”or “columnist”but not “writer”
  7. @joshsteimle How IGot MyStart • Blogged for10years(nobody cared) • IntroducedtoForbeseditor bya friend
  8. @joshsteimle How toGetYourStart
  9. @joshsteimle 5 Steps to Becomea Contributor
  10. @joshsteimle #1-PickYourNiche Interest#1 Interest#2 Your Niche
  11. @joshsteimle #2-PickYourPub Makesureit’stherightfit IoT startupsin China ≠Entrepreneur ≠WSJ ≠Fortune =Mashable =Forbes =TechCrunch
  12. @joshsteimle #3-UnderstandEditors • Underpaid • Overworked • Juggling 200thingsatonce
  13. @joshsteimle WhatEditorsWant Writing that is… • Correct • Interesting • Appropriate
  14. @joshsteimle #4 -Write!
  15. @joshsteimle WhattoWrite • What youknow • What isinterestingtoyou • What you’veexperienced
  16. @joshsteimle How toWrite Better • • EverybodyWrites by Ann Handley • OnWritingbyStephenKing
  17. @joshsteimle Whereto Publish • Yourblog • Guest postonother blogs • Medium • LinkedInPulse • BuzzFeedCommunity • SlideShare
  18. @joshsteimle #5-Play Tag • Quoteeditors/journalists • TagthemonTwitter • Butdon’toverdoit
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