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JP deLange


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7 things you should know about me.

Published in: Career
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JP deLange

  1. 1. "The challenge of leadership: Be strong,butnotrude. Be kind, butnotweak. Be bold, butnotabully.Be thoughtful, butnotarrogant. Have humor,butwithoutfolly.” - Jim Rohn
  3. 3. teachermotivatorteambuilder
  4. 4. enthusiastic organized visionary inspiring creativedependable
  5. 5. What I’m Good At >2 Business Process Analysis & Improvement
  6. 6. Where I’ve Done It Rough Spots
  7. 7. So What’s My Goal?I have a passion for helping people turn great ideas into reality
  8. 8. But Really…Who Am I?Here are 7 things youreally need to know about me that a résumé won’t reveal.
  9. 9. I Like Tough Challenges Baghdad, Iraq Too hard? Too risky?I want the project nobody else wants What excites me? Buildingstrong teams, empowering them to give their best, then leadingthem to success
  10. 10. I Like PeopleCreating synergy motivatespeople to give their best People want their efforts to matter. I seek first to understand before being understood.
  11. 11. Can Do Attitude Half Full
  12. 12. Coolness Under Pressure When it’s crunch time I’m the go to guy I’ve led teams in dangerous places. Iraq Afghanistan Kosovo In times of human emergency I volunteered to help. Haiti Mozambique Macedonia I stay composed in chaotic environmentsMy people trust me to lead them in and out of danger
  13. 13. I Get Results by…beginning with the end in mind creating win-win outcomes putting first things first being proactive making it fun
  14. 14. I Get the Big Picture Anyone can accomplish anything if they don’t carewho gets the credit
  15. 15. Leading with Honor is a Big Deal I am loyalto people I work with and for I have a strong moral compass that guides myactions and decision-making
  16. 16. Let’s Talk About How I Can Make You Successful +1 907.306-8059 jonpaul.delange@gmail.comThanks!JON-PAULDELANGE