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Dumb Martian 
The title is very ironic because at the end of t...
● women’s emancipation, since slavery was practiced when Duncan bought Lellie to be 
his slave and married her to escape t...
By: Silvestre Braun, Rosario Segura, Rosario Vago, Gonzalo Criniti, Lola Villegas
Argento and Juana Perez Muniz
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Dumb martian presentation (1)


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Published in: Education
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Dumb martian presentation (1)

  1. 1. Dumb Martian    Title  The title is very ironic because at the end of the story the writer make us understand that the                                      “dumb” one wasn't the martian, it was Duncan. The martian was very intelligent in fact, the                                moment she started reading us readers could see how smart she was. On the other hand,                                Duncan was dumb and arrogant because he underestimated Lellie, but he shouldn't have.     Characters  ● Duncan Weaver: He bought Lellie to her parents and treated her very aggressively.                          He worked as a station officer on Jupiter IV/II. He thinks he is intelligent and Lellie                                dumb and stupid, however, it's the other way round.  He was a bully, bossy, abusive, aggressive, intolerant, selfish, arrogant, mean and racist  He felt threatened by  Alan   Lellie locked him out of the space ship, killing him  He is the perpetrator of the story because he abused Lellie and he was responsible for                                Alan´s death.    ● Lellie: a martian. She is very small and was hardly more than one and a half meters                                  tall. Her eyes were unnaturally round and large so that she always looked innocence                            and surprise, stupid, dumb. However, in the end of the story we realized she wasn’t                              as dumb as she seemed to be. She acted as if she was not intelligent so that people                                    didn’t see her as a “threat” although we know she was.  At first, she was the victim because Duncan bullied and insulted her. The fact that she hadn’t                                  been taught anything made the situation unfair because she wasn’t able to defend herself.                            However, at the end of the story she became one of the perpetrators, because she killed                                Duncan. That’s why she is a developing character.   ● Alan Winter: Was a man who came to Duncan’s station to do some tests on the                                rocks. He was a gentleman, helpful, loyal, trustful, warm hearted, respectful, reliable                        and a kind man, because he treated Lellie the way she should be treated. He taught                                and explained her new things. He told Duncan that what he was doing to Lellie was                                wrong, in an ironic way. This made Duncan furious and mad.  He is another victim since he was left to die just because he was teaching Lellie the way she                                      should be treated. He was just doing the right thing, and Duncan killed him because he was                                  jealous.         Setting  Setting in time: future because there are spaceships  setting in place: in Mars (where his Company’s agent was) and Jupiter (the second largest                              moon of the fourth moon)      themes  ● revenge, since, at the end, Lellie killed Duncan as revenge for everything she had                            gone through and because he killed  Alan.   
  2. 2. ● women’s emancipation, since slavery was practiced when Duncan bought Lellie to be  his slave and married her to escape the anti slavery­law. Also because he was  against the knowledge of Women’s rights being imparted into Lellie as he didn’t want  her to protest or confront him  ● education since Lellie used her knowledge, which was taken through reading books,  to kill Duncan.    ● Prejudice, because Lellie is stereotyped as if she was a dumb martian     tone  The tone of the story is affected by Duncan´s point of view. He retells the story with                                  arrogance, disgust, annoyance and plotting.    atmosphere  The atmosphere is filled with tension because after Duncan had killed Alan, he was very                              worried of what Lellie was going to do since he thought she could take revenge    point of view  3rd person narrator restricted to Duncan because we, as readers, only know what Duncan                            knows. In two parts of the story, however, we see Lellie´s point of view    message  The message of the story is that we don’t have to judge people over their appearance. We                                  do not have to stereotype, because Duncan thought Lellie was a dumb martian, but at the                                end, she proved she wasn’t. Duncan was the one prejudiced for stereotyping. So we don’t                              have to stereotype because at the end, the ones who were stereotyped, are going to                              surprise us    vocabulary (connected to crime and the law):  Bruise: an injury in which the skin is not broken, often characterized by ruptured blood                              vessels and discolorations  Quarrel:​ A reason for a dispute or argument  Hesitate:​ to wait in uncertainty  Swell up:​ to expand abnormally      plot  Duncan Weaver worked as a station officer on Jupiter IV/II. He bought a martian called Lellie                                to go with him as his companion. He thought martians were a stupid and dumb race, so he                                    treated her in a very unfair way: he bullied, insulted and abused her. One day, a man whose                                    name was Alan Winter came to the station to do some tests on the rocks. He treated Lellie                                    the way she should be treated and taught her what freedom really meant. Duncan got angry                                with him, so he left him in the space to die. As they continued living as they usually did,                                      Duncan thought Lellie had forgotten that he had killed Alan. However, she didn’t forget it                              because a few months later she left him outside the spaceship. Duncan died, because he                              ran out of oxygen.          
  3. 3. By: Silvestre Braun, Rosario Segura, Rosario Vago, Gonzalo Criniti, Lola Villegas Argento and Juana Perez Muniz